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My Disk Server, File Server Software

Located at, my disk server is a Java coded application that runs easily and is compatible with virtually ANY system. It can run on Linux, Macs, and Windows, and has several look and feel themes that allow you to customize this versatile software in however format you want. The main purpose of this program is to host files for access by friends, and it also has the ability for public file sharing AND private file sharing. These files are simply hosting on your computer, and accessed by whomever wants the files or is authorized to get the files. There is room for expandability with plugins, and these plugins are avaialable by donating just a small amount of money, around 5 bucks. I love this software, and it has given me the ability to host files and retrieve them later. You can make multiple accounts, and each user can have different access rules, so if you dont want someone going into your personal files, you can stop them. Other cool features include a host cloud that shows other hosts, so you can see what else is being hosted and who else is hosting things. Also, there is a Wake ON Lan feature that can power on your computer remotely. It can be internet launched, or it can be downloaded. And, what I think the best part is, there is the ability to run the program silently in the background, so you arent bothered when someone wants to download your files. You can link directly to a folder or file, so it can be used as a simple file host. Plugins offer advanced functionality, from a guestbook on your server page, to the ability to host a web server, meaning a entire website, right on your computer. Other plugins allow music files to be sorted into albums, and hidden files to be not shown.

This great software, accessible at, allows you to host any files that you desire right on your computer for easy access.

Here's an example of why you might need it: say you went to work or school, and you left an important word document at home. No biggie. Just use the power on host to turn on your computer remotely, and then if you have mydiskserver on autostart, it will startup, and in a few minutes you will have access to that word document.

There is even a private hub, so if you dont want anyone to know you have a server, put it on the private hub.

You can even access Mydiskserver files on your PDA, cell phone, laptop, or any device with internet functionality.

This is FREEWARE MAN...the best part...
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