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Best Messenger

what is the best im messanger in your idea ?

i use trillian for my yahoo and msn id.
cos there trojans to hack yahoo id in yahoo messanger but there is no one for trillian
what is the best messanger in your idea?
Honestly I find having a chatroom setup on my website more usefull then any messenger that is out there at the present time. Not only more private but gets the guest more interested in the site. Just my two cents worth. Wink
I am Use a chat software like shoutbox only. Cool
I've been using Trillian since like .5.
I really love what I can do with it.
Sure it lacks a bit of what each individual messenger offers.
But who really needs to be BUZZ'ed?
I've heard of Miranda, and that looks pretty good.
Except it lacks a few things I find convenient in Trillian.
Meta-contacts for one.
But that's just me, I'm picky with my software. Rolling Eyes
Gaim was also just too fat in the GUI for my tastes.
There's supposed to be a few more multi-protocol messengers, but I haven't tried them all.
I just stick with Trillian because it does what I need it to.
MSN Messenger gets more annoying with each new version. I gave up on it since version 6.1 if I'm correct. Too heavy and too much annoying features. Webmessenger is good, but on Linux computers I usually just stick to Gaim. People always get surprised when their fancy features don't work with me...
I use Windows Live Messenger with Windows. I don't like it. I think that I'll try to find better messenger soon. I also use Gaim with Ubuntu and I like it. Easy to use and doesn't work 100%:ly with other MSN/Windows Messenger. It's easy way to say "No!" for web camera.
Me gusta Yahoo Messenger es al mas liviano y muy completo.

I use Yahoo Messenger and I'm globally satisfied about the new compatibility between YM and Windows Live Messenger.
i've been using msn messenger live only ..

nv heard of trillian.. izit a combination of all the messenger out there ?

wahaha ..
Well, for me I don't use a specific software unless I need it to communicate with others on this service. In other words, I use Y! to talk to Yahoo users Laughing , and MSN to talk to MSN users Laughing . I use Y! more than MSN and ICQ, but what I really like about MSN is PRIVACY compared to yahoo and ICQ. You will never find someone talking to you that you don't know or just sending a buzz randomly Mad to online people.
i use only yahoo and nothing else... dont find msn comfortable to use.
I am a yahho messanger fan. If u have not tried new yahoo messanger for mac 3.0 just get it. Its really nice. Soon voice suport will be added to it. Also one can talk to MSN users too using Yahho msgr.
I'm using gaim internet messenger. 8 messengers in one and it's smaller than Yahoo and MSN messengers as far as I know. Also offers automatic spell checking.
Has anyone tried using myJabber? I used to login to AIM / ICQ, MSN and Yahoo separately because different clients would prefer different messengers. I tried GAIM and trillian too they but did not prove good to excite me.

Then I decided to use myJabber and since then I've stuck to it. I can login to all sort of messengers at the same time and now I wish it had support for Skype login too. If someone knows of a plugin for skype & jabber please update me too.

If you have yet not tried using myJabber, go get it.
Though many people prefer Windows Messenger, I think that MSN Messenger is the best.
I use Yahoo, Msn and Gtalk bt am satisfied with yahoo. the compatibility between yahoo and msn is very good.
Because the integration with the webmail, I think that Google Talk rules!!
In second place I put the Yahoo Messenger.
msn becuase it lets me talk to my girlfriend Smile
{name here}
I don't have any use for a messenger: I have my own IRC channel for TCYN and use Opera to access it.
Ima give a shout-out for GAIM!
Adium, hands down if you don't need video. If you want video, then I'd recommend Skype, since it is cross-platform.
I use Miranda because it's extremely light and customizeable with tons of plugins. You can run it off a USB drive. No installation required.
I love using Kopete in Linux as my messenger. I was using GAIM, and while I didn't really have any grumbles with it, I found that Kopete tends to offer me more functionality.

Of course, GAIM does also work on Windows, so if you're using a dual boot, or virtualised PC, it offers some alternative benefits.
Usually i use trillian, really not bad, msn yahoo and all that stuff + mIRC but when talking to fellow msn'ers i find it a little lacking in features ( especially the emoticons ) so i switched back to msn.
I use windows Live messenger, and i have no complaints about it.

I found that trillian didn't have the features that I wanted to use.

Otherwise TRillian was alright for checking on msn + Yahoo at once
I like Yahoo with Voice Beta. Its gives all I want in one place with lots of features which I don't find annoying but actually find quite useful.
i used Yahoo! voice beta but it was giving me lots of probs like frequent restart, WLM many times did not sign in... hence switched over to meebo and trillian!!
I agree with previous people that msn messenger has gathered quite the arsenal of loud, animated weapons of annoyance. It never ends. I liked it way better with just the standard emoticons & thats it.

As far as web-messengers go I'm curious as to which one is the best and especially if anyone knows of any lower-profile ones that arent so popular and therefore maybe slip by my school's ever-strengthening surf blocking! Sad Other than it being blocked there, judging from the ones I've tried I like meebo the most by far.
I loved trillian. I used it for a while but I stopped because I had incidents with Trillian where it didn't send over IMs that i sent out. It was uncomon for it to happen, but it got frustrating and eventually I stopped using it. The logger in trillian is probably my fravorite feature. For now i'm the newest triton beta for AIM.
im using both of them yahoo messenger and msn live messenger. both of them nice.espacially yahoo smileys are so cute. and there are lots of new smileys not shown in the yahoo. you can find them on net.

I am having ID's in more than 5 messenger service. I usually log into all the messenger separatly.

Few days before my friend told me that there is a website called meebo which will allow to login 4 messengers with one id (AIM, Yahoo, MSN and GTALK).

I tried it. Really it is very very nice and having cool features such a language change.

So my vote is for meebo only. The website address is
Most of the messengers mentioned in this thread are compatible with MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and Jabber/GTalk. These are Trillian (heavy but good compatibility), GAIM (balanced; good for install-and-go users), and Miranda (light; good for customizers). There are others, but those are the main ones.
msn is best
I use Messenger Live with Messenger Plus! Live installed.

Messenger Plus has heaps of cool features including tabbed browsing, html chat logging, contact cleanup and this cool thing you can put your contacts on your desktop.
i using yahoo messenger, and i think this is a best messenger for me Smile
Gaim, because it's open-source, low-memory, supports native smilies, has a spellchecker and is realy uncluttered.
I think everybody forgot something here, XFire, the IM program of choice for gamers! And that's my vote.
I have all Yahoo , MSN and Skype but i prefer yahoo and skype. Still Skype is the best for voice chat. this MSN live messenger sometimes doesn't load. gives errors. I wonder is this Gtalk specially its voice chat capability. I haven't used it yet.
yea i like the yahoo smileys the best... all of the other messenger's smileys suck... like aol and msn's..... yea they suck big time!
gTalk is the best, I think. Smile
Still Yahoo Messenger is the best for me. . .
I wote for Kopete, because it is now best for me. Fast, clear, easy to use, multiprotocol, opensource.
I can't recieve and send files via ICQ protocol, but I'am behind NAT Very Happy so, it don't mind.
If possible ,I prefer to use Google Talk.
It is small and good to use.
On my computer, either of Trillian, Miranda IM, Yahoo! Messenger, or Meebo.

On my cellphone, mig33. The ONLY J2ME chat client I've seen that looks and works good.
I'm using messenger live. Not too bad. The share folder is great but 25% of the time, the synchronization semms to hang up. It take a lot of ressource beside the olders versions of messenger.
Arno v. Lumig
I use GAIM when I'm on linux, I've tried Psi (Jabber client), but never really got it to work. I've tried several Jabber servers, added contacts but they all seemed offline.

On Windows I'm still using Windows Live Messenger, and I HATE it. I'm not on Windows that much anyway, so I don't care.

I just stick to AIM or Trillian. If I use AIM I almost always use it with DeadAIM or middle_man or something like that.
I think Window live Messenger is the great. It have a lot of option to customize and easy to use too.

So if you got Messenger Plus too it will be a lot of option more.

The Best is Window live Messenger. Razz
I'm using Windows Live Messenger with MSN Plus. Have tried AIM, Trillian, GAIM, etc but I'm way too used to Windows Messenger to stop. It helps that they've been adding a lot of the features I liked in the other messenger systems.
i use GAIM in linux and google talk in windows. i consider gaim as one of the best though yahoo messenger is also very good. even skype (voip) can also be used as a good messenger.
I used to Yahoo messenger,ICQ messenger and others.but MSN messenger is best for me.all of my friends use MSN messenger,and MSN messenger is very useful.Skype is better for voice calling,MSN messenger is good for typing:)
Well, I have MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, and Skype. I tend to not use either ICQ or Skype (since there aren't too many users). Anyway, I like MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk. MSN and Yahoo are filled with features (though, sometimes they don't work). Google Talk is great, even though it lacks a lot of features such as video, emoticons, etc. However, Google Talk is the only one to have never given me any problems. It's integrated into your Gmail account and all your chats are saved in you Gmail account. Along with that, Google Talk has the fastest startup time and it's not "annoying" like some other IM's.
gaim in linux. sometimes, i use kopete but seldom though. yahoo messenger when in windows. just those three. suffice already.
googletalk... it's very compact, with only basic functionality and that is all i need... VoIP works very fine and chat has some interesting options (like animated smilies)... it is constantly checking for a new version (unintrusive, ofcourse) and updates itself regularly... you just keep getting suprised when a new option is available Smile recently i found few sites out there with some extensions, skins and similar, so it's customizable too...
it is also very handy if you have a gmail account for monitoring... i used gnotify before for this, but it was bugging me because it didn't have auto login... googletalk fixes that...
I like Yahoo messenger more and i keep using it regularly. I ahve stopped using MSN messenger long ago.
The options that yahoo messenger provides and also as more and more audibles and emoticons are coming up using it.
These emoticons and audibles are very cute and nice to hear and also there are many of them which suit to almost every situation.
And the best part is these audibles are coming in different languages also....
I'm on a Linux box

Most of the time i use Gaim because it can handle everything i need.
except for webcam and talk through microphone via msn.

for that i use Amsn or skype
depending on what mood im in at that moment.
I have used Trillian once before. It's quite cool and the good thing about it is you only need one messenger. But at the time it has no graphic input feature like MSN messenger where you can draw things.
this is my oppinion
the best paid messenger:
1. trillian, for ease to use and customization

the best free messenger:
1. miranda, full of customiztion
2. gaim

the best web based messenger:
1. meebo
2. ebuddy
am using messenger live couse it so nice with good themes

and good service

and i still using it couse all my friend using it and now u can chat with friend with yahoo account on it

and u can use offline message who need more can use skybe or some thing else but i dont want more this service
I am a skype fan
Trillian is the best in my experience, after it is configured, but I have tried to set up PSI (although it does not keep my contacts how I would like them in the list). Still, I found that Trillian was the best if you like idling on your accounts. I prefer not to run it, as most of the time I have no use for it.
None is bet of best, but currently skype is my choice
Im using miranda and skype on windows and kopete on linux
Yahoo messenger and with the new voip features things are even better. I like being able to use video, voice, text chat, or voip all in one place. others will like to specialise in different programs but I really coudn't be bothered.
i am using gaim, coz of support win and lin...

by the way don't anybody knows messager that supports chat protocol for unix-like systems?
Whats about Miranda? Its Open Source, has a lot of Addons, can handle ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo etc. Protocols in parallel, and has a lot more Stuff like Skins, Styles, etc. Im using it, and though it has not the full compatibilities with those Protocols / Messengers, its enough to chat, send files n the rest of the basic features of a Messenger. So if u didnt know about it, just google, Wink.
I use google talk. It work just good.
I use Yahoo Messenger as it is the most pouplar and most used one among my friends. The voice chat feature has improved and the audibles are cool Very Happy

For good qulity voice chat i go for Skype. Unbeatable voice quality. Skype rulez the voice chat.

I do use Gtalk and MSN messener at times
windows live messenger is the one for me. I may consider using google talk but I've got no contacts Sad
Yes. Windows Live messenger is the one for me too. Although I do use gtalk to contact some of my 'stubborn' friends who doesn't want to convert to msn.
Freelance GD
I love MSN Messenger as it is the best Messenger I have ever came across. Right now I am usign MSN Messenger 8.0 and its awesome. I can chat with my yahoo contacts without signing in to Yahoo Messegner. Its really cool. MUST USE.
I use trillian b/c I use MSN, Y!, ICQ and AIM. Not using 4 programs for all that.
I use Google Talk, Skype for VoIP, and Gaim in linux (using jabber account).
I use the perfect combo Miranda IM & Skype. This fulfills my needs. Because it allows me to use the 2 major protocols i need a does not display annoying adverts.
I used to try some jabber based software (PSI), but a after a sudden and hard to explain loss of my profile i gave up.
I use AQQ, Skype for VoiP, in Linux use Gajim Smile
am a new user of miranda, in fact MirandaPortable
msn, yahoo, irc...
and it has all ! ive never liked the smilies and all that stuff and miranda sems to think the same !!
mine is windows live messanger. it is fast, reliable

Windows live messanger ROXX!!! Cool
Trillian is the best and you know it. I use MSN, Yahoo, and AIM all at the same time and it keeps them neat and organizred in one window. TRILLIAN ROCKS AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
I use both MSN n Yahoo a lot. New version Yahoo messenger for mac is reall kool and looks native.
I am happy with it.
I use the XFire instant messenger for gaming. For general use, I use Miranda.
cool ive never tried either of those, i didnt know anyone actually used them, i'll try those here in a few months
Those who don't like Miranda haven't given it a chance. It's low-profile, highly extensible, and doesn't require installation. You can use it for practically anything.
mine is windows live messanger. it is fast, reliable

Fast and reliable, just like everything microsoft makes? Yeah, right Rolling Eyes

I think people need to give gaim more of a chance. The new beta5 has smooth scrolling, a much-enhanced appearance, spell-checking and is open-source. The advantages of the last point are a complete torrent of user-created plugins, with high-level access to gaim's internal structure. Seriously, the fact that O NOES IT IZNT SHINY!!!11111oneone should not affect your decision on a _functional_ piece of software.
I used windows live messenger. I would like to use yahoo messenger but I have no contacts and since I can talk to yahoo contacts with WLM I'll rather use WLM
I used windows live messenger and Skype. It's too trouble for using too many IE.
I am fan of icq 10 years now
At those years was a revelution
simplyw00x wrote:
mine is windows live messanger. it is fast, reliable

Fast and reliable, just like everything microsoft makes? Yeah, right Rolling Eyes

I think people need to give gaim more of a chance. The new beta5 has smooth scrolling, a much-enhanced appearance, spell-checking and is open-source. The advantages of the last point are a complete torrent of user-created plugins, with high-level access to gaim's internal structure. Seriously, the fact that O NOES IT IZNT SHINY!!!11111oneone should not affect your decision on a _functional_ piece of software.

well said! I happen to love gaim, and i just dloaded the new version a couple of days ago and it runs smoother than the old version! Razz I like it.
I prefer to use IRC, but if I had to use another client, It would have been AIM.
As for messengers it depends on what kind of a taste one has. and also depends on where your contacts are that is what messenger they use. I myself use both Yahoo and Msn Messengers and do not use those multi messenger things . I just don't like their looks whether its gaim or trillian. The new versions of both Yahoo and msn messengers are nice looking and working fine for me. So they are my first choice.
Does meebo count? Smile otherwise Gaim all the way!
I am not very particular about these messanger. The only service I am using is Yahoo MEssanger, I don't chat on other services such as IRC, MSN and AIM. I guess the reason that everyone I know uses YM so therefore I am not much into the new services. YM does everything for me Very Happy
According to me, the best messenger is MSN. Do u know why..? Becoz i m using it for many days i havent reveived any spam or something on it and also only known persons can pm me... Its better to be in safer side than using some junk messengers like yahoo which i hate the most... becoz of its rubbish...
keshav123ks wrote:
According to me, the best messenger is MSN. Do u know why..? Becoz i m using it for many days i havent reveived any spam or something on it and also only known persons can pm me... Its better to be in safer side than using some junk messengers like yahoo which i hate the most... becoz of its rubbish...

What is junk and what is rubbish about yahoo? Is it because it advertises it's partners? MSN DOES THAT TOO. Open your eyes man.
i use MSN Live and Yahoo Messenger ... but MSN has this great program called Messenger Plus! which has a lot of cool functions (the best is auto-responder) and it doesn't crash the original program ... u should try it Cool

Trillian™ is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities not possible with original network clients, while supporting standard features such as audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, server-side contact importing, typing notification, direct connection (AIM), proxy support, encrypted messaging (AIM/ICQ), SMS support, and privacy settings.
I'm using Gaim/Miranda. Miranda is VERY customizable. I don't use Windows Live Messenger because it will somewhat hang if you have a very LARGE contact list.
I thing MSN is the best. It skin very pretty, and it is easy to control. A account can save 500 msn account, also, it is free to anyone. So I like to use it, all of my friends use MSN to chating more Yahoo! or telephone.
I'm using miranda im. Well, it's very customizable and it has lots of plugins too.
Hey there are no public chat rooms on my yahoo messenger for mac beta. Will there be chat rooms available in final relaease like those in yahoo messenger on windows?
I tried using iChat but not enough impressed with it.
I think gtalk is undoubtly best. clear and simple. Using jabber protocal, it can connect to almost all the third party instant messager. If you like to use multiple instant messager together. I recommend gaim. It's free and is with high quality.
i like Gtalk and MSN messenger live
Personally, I really like Gaim. It has all the simplicity of AIM's IM client, but can handle multiple accounts (MSN, ICQ, Gabber, Yahoo, GTalk, etc.).
i used to be a trillian-fanatic. but now im a gaim-proponent. gaim runs much faster and is open-source and cross-platoform-compatible.
I like MSN because it is a wonderful and beautiful IM software. It is free for people. So, everyone in the world like using MSN. I also suggest you to use it.
I used to use it all. Trillian, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, MSN. I got rid of all of those expect the, now named, Windows Live Messenger. I like it, has a nice interface. I like the new versions and features that come out with each version. Plus all of my friends use it. I find it's the most popular with the online community. I also use IRC as well.
Windows Live is kl but u can stop thinking that before windows live came out msn yahoo and all the others were the same
I also use Gaim, the beta version. It's pretty great but it certainly has its faults. The beta crashes on every other close for me Smile but that's fine, it's beta. In linux, i used to use text-interface clients like naim and pork. That was on my old 90 MHz/32 MB RAM computer though, now i'm all gaim.
I prefer gaim quite a bit. I try to cut down on how many messengers I use... so I try to only use the AIM service.
I love use Windows Live Messenger 8.1 BETA. It is because I can use it to talk with my MSN friends and Yahoo! Messenger friends. Also, the skin of Windows Live Messenger is very beautiful. But Windows Live Messenger now only use talking with text without it can not send any files or use webcam talking. What Messenger you use most???
I have been trying out Adium for last 4 days. So far it has been really. It is amazingly customizable. I can login to my google talk, yahoo, msn and aol accounts in one go. it displays the list of my frends there in single window only. But how do I talk (like google talk on windows) using Adium on os x?
Only messaging programm spoiling my HDD is XChat.
<3 qnet
I think it is windows live messenger. The reason listed here:
The first, now I can use wincdows live messenger to talk with my Yahoo! friends. It can install less software- Yahoo! Messenger.
Second, I can use sharing folders to share my files like photos, and others. It less many time for uploading and downloading files.
And so on.
What is your IM software??? I want to know!
I like GChat, but I barely use it at all.
I use only Yahoo Messenger because all my frinds have accounts @yahoo... I like Teamspeak for voice quality...
Psycho_X52 wrote:
I use only Yahoo Messenger because all my frinds have accounts @yahoo... I like Teamspeak for voice quality...

anyone tried skype? is it good? what are its weakpoints if any? what are its strong points if any?
The Best IS Aol With The spyware removed & msn my main 1 Cool
I love skype for the voice rules ..but it is too bulky

Mostly i use Gtalk , nice sweet small but usefull peice of software
I usually use MSN and yahoo messenger,but I have few friends.
i've been using msn messenger live.
all my friend using msn messenger live.
Trillian to me. I'm a junkie for having multiple accounts and multiple people on different providers, so I found it more convenient.
For normal chatting i use Yahoo messenger but for Voice chatting i prefer Google talk. I have used Yahoo messenger for voice chatting but i found that it was very inefficient. So most of the time for voice chatting i will use google talk. I also like the features of Google talk and its GUI.
I use Windows Live Messenger, its the one everone else I know uses so its either that or Trillian, which i'm not a maassive fan of.
Google Talk is the best , as it is elegant and efficient with a plain and great look .

It even supports Google Chat Rooms .
Well, I use Yahoo Messenger & Live Messenger(even though I don't IM much), but I'd say Google Talk is one of the best, since it's simple & elegant and you can make it work with Yahoo/MSN/ICQ/AOL, also mIRC users can use Bitlbee a very nifty "tool".
djcaution wrote:
I agree with previous people that msn messenger has gathered quite the arsenal of loud, animated weapons of annoyance. It never ends. I liked it way better with just the standard emoticons & thats it.

Loud animated weapons of annoyance! I love it! hahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard all week Laughing

I use Windows Live messenger, but I agree that the winks etc are weapons of mass annoyance.
After months of using it, I must say Gaim 2.0beta
the best features for me are:
- many user accounts (I have 2xICQ, Sametime and Jabber)
- I can collapse all accounts of one person into one line (if he talk to me from jabber or ICQ it is still the same window and the same message history)
of late i find gaim to be better than most other messengers (since im on linux, and dont have much of a choice) As i use both yahoo and gtalk frequently, and gaim can connect to both easily. Sure the interface isnt as tacky and "nice" as the others, but it serves me well, and unlike yahoo has never crashed
photon wrote:
of late i find gaim to be better than most other messengers (since im on linux, and dont have much of a choice) As i use both yahoo and gtalk frequently, and gaim can connect to both easily. Sure the interface isnt as tacky and "nice" as the others, but it serves me well, and unlike yahoo has never crashed

If you mean Gaim 1.5 I agree
But Gaim 2 is completely redesignet and UI has no mistake (better then miranda, ICQ5, kopete, SIM)
I prefer ICQ 2003 beta version because it lets me know when person gets message and when not... but other messenger work not good with me... person with whom i am chatting sometimes doesn't get messages and messenger doesn't show me that... usually such problem with MSN and yahoo... also I use MyspaceIM
I use Gaim. I don't get all the annoying advertisements you get with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, or etc. I also personally like Gaim a lot more than any of those other messengers. Trillian is too big I think, and not use it anymore.
I used gaim a long time ago when i working at computer, its a nice to people who work and cant use messenger.
But i think The latest version of the Msn Messenger is better, OK have some bugs, but have a lot of utilities. I liked!!
I've never worried about the best interface or most user-friendly. I use AIM purely for the fact that it's what all my friends use.
I use Windows Live Messenger because I don't need 100 colors, 5000 smiles and 300 winks. The only problems is that many people use Messenger plus so it's very hard to read nicknames which include colors
I am using only Google Talk on Google's own client now.

Earlier I used to use Trillian. Now I use Gaim for Windows occasionally as my multi server supporting messaging client.
I use GAIM. Very Happy I have friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM and even ICQ on occasion. Does the job beautifully. Very Happy
I use QQ ICQ MSN Gtalk Yahoo etc. the best in this 5 is Gtalk I think,but I have few friends who use it.In China we all use QQ.
I use mainly AOL Instant Messenger and Gtalk, occasionally MSN, but infrequently. I used Adium for a while (as I've been using a Mac as of late) but I find that it's just easier to use meebo (located here) which is an in-browser program that lets you use AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, or MSN all at once (if you get a meebo account you can just use that versus picking and choosing which account you want to use). I think it also supports ICQ and Jabber, for those interested. It's extremely helpful (for me at least) while I'm at school, because they've blocked AIM Express and whatnot. Super handy thing IMO!
I use adium mostly. Have been more or less forced to use MSN messenger from time to time, but never liked it.
Studio Madcrow
Gaim all the way, here. It lacks some of the visual features of the official AIM client and the official Yahoo client and some of the power of MIRC, but it allows me to do all three ways of chat (and even leech files from IRC) from within one program, and it's available as a "portable app" so I can throw it on a thumb drive and use it almost anywhere.
i use yahoo and msn
bulek wrote:
I use Windows Live Messenger because I don't need 100 colors, 5000 smiles and 300 winks.
In that case Messenger is still the wrong choice Razz pity that a lot of people use it exclusively
The best messenger by far is Trillian. Allows you to use many different services at one time. plus it has everything plus more that DeadAim comes with.

I recommend it highly... and check out the skins for it over at deviantART.
Meebo. It has AIM, MSN, Yahoo...etc all in it. Great program. I've been using it for a year and it really is great. Fast and easy to use..
I've been always using msn messenger and now i'm using windows live messenger. I kinda like it.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
for me.. the latest is sthe better, for obvious reasons
Skype! Invincible when it comes to video chatting!
I used to be a big yahoo fan butlatly i binhaving problems withyahoo signingme in and out for no reason i tryd it on more then one computer even got a new computer butit stillsigens me andout likethat so my faveriet messager is msn because although yahoo has thatproblemof signingme out i never get sigend out ofmsn like thati even run them at thesametime and yahoo be signingme in andout for like 5 mimits strate msn stays sigend through out thehole time
For a computer where I can install software, it's GAIM (Windows) or Adium (Macs) hands down. I love that I can sign on to all of the protocols with one window, assign aliases, and not have silly (and often loud) pop-up ads that AIM has.

For a computer where I cannot install (such as in a computer lab at school), I like to use meebo. Its an online chat manager, somewhat like AIM Express, only you can use AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, and Google Chat all in the same window.
Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

Sometimes I use AMSN to clean my contact lists Cool Cool Cool
I think Google Talk is the best one.
It is as simple as Google website.
But to my disappointment,google talk can't work well in China.
I hate the GFW who prevent us accessing great website.
I think Network should be free.
I'm using MSN when on Windows and Kopete when on Linux. I like them =)

you heard of this Messenger?

This is Gaim previously but later they were sued by AIM because of its name... and now they are named PIDGIN...

PIDGIN support yahoo, msn, google, and alot more... and best is that it has many plugins that will help alot and its open source....

You can modify it...

right now i'm using pidgin
AIM ftw!
but 5.9, not 6.0
Pidgin, one software to rule then all.
I use Yahoo messenger and I use AIM and finally I use Windows Messenger
I think Trillian would be the best of all instant messengers, but I only use Windows Live Messenger myself, because I don't have much choice regardings choosing a IM network (everyone uses MSN here). Using the official client also gives me certainty that whatever I send is compatible with the client on the other side. It has grown a bit large over the years and it's filled with advertising, but I ahm... Fixed that problem by installing some patches... Rolling Eyes
Adium has been one of the best I've used, comparing multiple programs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

However, I think *the* best messenger system I've used is probably the Google Talk application. It's just about perfect; it's a small program with a clean interface, no graphical emoticons, supports voice chat and file transfers... perhaps it could use a video option, but that would only increase the file size(s), and I can do without it. Too bad google hasn't built a version for Mac.
MSN Messenger would be my main choice...
YM comes next and Skype is only used for video calls...
I tried Nateon, instant messenger developed by Korean.
It has a lot of features, but it is quite buggy running in Windows Vista... Laughing
hi.. google blocked in china?
I think pidgin, previously known as Gaim, is a great messenger. At least for my kind of use
well a simple answer would be as follows

1. to talk wiht yahoo users i use yahoo
2. for people use msn i use msn
3. for people using google i use google messenger

and i do not use rediff, icq, aim, aol, etc.

n i m pretty happy with what i am using
For me, MSN has to be the best.
I use Windows Live Messenger (7.5 i thaight). I use it now 2 months. It is a very good MSN I think.
I'm using Msn Live Plus!
And I'm sor off learning to make scripts for it myself Smile

(if anyone has a good tutorial; pm me Razz)

Windows Live Messenger + Messenger Plus! Live

The only one I use, and so far I never had any major problems. Sure, it's not flawless, but the few things that are really bad about it don't really bother me.
Adium is like a swiss army knife of messaging. I think that the new beta is supposed to be working toward video support as well. I don't think there is any protocol that adium doesn't support. I would recommend it.
Also iChat 4.0 that comes with OSX leopard has some really nice new features. Screensharing and iChat theatre are really nice and really useful.
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