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Configure Display Resolution In Linux.

I have a Red Hat linux in my pc but i have problems on configure my display resolution, mean i want to configure the display to 1024 x 768 screen resolution but wat i have in the setting there only have maximun 800 x 600. I have Asus NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE Graphic card. So i need someone out there helpping me with this... Thanks.

and i'm just a begginer or 'starter' on linux. Thanks.
It's in your xorg.conf somewhere. I haven't used Red Hat so I'm not sure where xorg appears but it may be in /etc/X11/. Try googling around a bit to find the changes that need to be made.
Would be helpful to know which Red Hat Version you are using....
The first thing that you should probably do is go to the NVidia site and download their Linux driver. Its going to mean that you're going to have to do some commands from the command prompt, but your video will be awesome when you're finished. Read the readme and install text in the driver's folder and follow the instructions exactly. Then you're fairly new NVidia card will work way better.

The modifications to increase the resolution can be found in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (or XF86Config-4 file - please upgrade or you'll have grief with such a new card). You'll have to edit the file as the root user with an editor (see if you have nano - its easy to use for a newbie **use the command 'which nano' to find out if you have it **). You'll see the place to modify usually at the end of the file in
Section "Screen"
Subsection "Display"
Whatever is listed first will be the first resolution that the driver will try.

What's affecting your resolution are two factors: the display adaptor and the monitor. The adaptor section must be using the right video "driver" or "module" to be capable of the resolution that you need, which is why I suggested that you get the driver from NVidia. The monitor section will also limit your choices as well. The VertRefresh will be the part that you want to check. Please be sure that you don't change this to a value outside your monitor's capabilities. Often you can't get a higher resolution because the upper value has been set too low by the system. Raise this value to what your monotir is actually capable of. Then, restart your X-Server.

Good luck.
ok... thanks a lot guys... but i need to try it first.
did you choose right model of your monitor?
cos you need to select right video card and monitor in order to get right resolution
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