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Anyone here like or heard of idlewild? People from UK probs only heard of em if any, theyre a Scottish band, not very big atm though. I personally really like theyre music except theyre early stuff. This used to be a really bad version of metal, and totally sucked. But theyre last 3 albums have been really good, slow rock or good slow melodies and stuff. Also, they only sound good in studio, the live singing really isnt too good. Just wondering if any people here like or know them. dont know many who do Smile.
haha i thought you were gonna be talking about that movie thats coming out called idlewild since its got some "singers" in it. i hate it off the bat cuz macy gray is in it. shes a busted up person. so many things wrong with her.

her hair and voice just to start it off. i cant stand her for the life of me. that and its like the same song in the background of every trailer so im just sick of the whole thing in general.

but yeah anyway just had to rant a little there. as for the band ive never heard of them. from the sounds of them i may give them a try.
lol. If you were, i would suggest music from "The Remote Part" album. American English owns Wink
Woo! Idlewild are awesome. The remote part certainly does kick ass but I do prefer the new one (Warnings, Promises).
Pablo Diablo
I haven't seen it yet but I read some reviews and critics either wholy applauded it or hated it. It was the same for Moulin Rouge, and I LOVE that movie.

NOTE: I am straight. Straight men can like musicals. That is all.
Idlewild were pretty big in Australia. i dont know what they're doing at the moment though. Their last album did pretty well.
Nintendo wrote:
lol. If you were, i would suggest music from "The Remote Part" album. American English owns Wink

In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction, the last track on the album, owns even more.

Anyone seen them live? If not then do. They are amazing. Saw them support REM when they toured England and of the three support bands that played that day they were far and away the best. (And that's saying something because Feeder also played that day and are one of my favourite bands ever.)

Onemoment: Apparantly they're working on their next album at the moment. I think I remembered them saying that it was going to be slightly heavier than their last release... More harking back to the 'Hope Is Important' era.
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