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Internet acting really funny...

I would consider myself to be a very experianced computer user. However, one problem has plaugued me for 2 years now, and no one knows how to fix it. I have 256 KBp/s DSL, so I'm always connected. However, randomly I will not be able to access specific sites for about 10-20 minutes at a time.

For example, one minute google will be working fine. Then I go to and it will say that the server couldn't be loaded. Then 10 minutes later it works fine.

I use Sygate (general firewall) and PeerGuardian (ip specific firewall), and use wireless internet. I'm actually just about to start playing a Team World Ladder Tourny on americas army, so I cant give any more info right now. Please dont sugjest something like... restarting my computer... I've tried most common solutions, but feel free to ask for more info if you think you've got an idea of whats going on. Thanks.
More info. I use a static IP configured using info from typing ipconfig /all into command line.

Here is a screen of my firewall's main screen... I blocked

IEEE 802.1X Protocol Driver
IPv6 Driver
NDIS User mode I/O Driver

because they were taking a lot of bandwidth, and blocking them didn't seem to do anything (exept speed up my connection a bit).

I cant think of any other info. I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks.
IP6Driver you can keep blocking if you want. But the other two are extremly network related so I would keep them allowed.

You need to do some major checks in the logs. Disable the firewall for 20 minutes and check if your connection drops:: if it doesn't you know it is the firewall that is the problem.. if it still drops you know that the firewall isn't the problem.

Update driver is never wrong.
Maybe your ISP disconnect you if you don't send traffic for 5 minutes etc.. set a ping [gateway IP] -t and see if that helps.. or WHEN it stops to answer to ping. Maybe you have a bad DNS server that goes down now and then.
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