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PHP Gaming?

Do you like PHP gaming?
 61%  [ 8 ]
 38%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 13

I want to know how many people here like php gaming. It's usually always free and non-animated. Share your favorite php game with me if you know of any.
Nope I don't like php gaming. . .
PHP games? Do you mean browser games that use PHP?
Yes, sometime I play it.
I usually play simulation games like raising pet. I play on Cat-Tails (, it's a raising cat game.
PHP games are not much of a choice for me, as it is kinda boring usually. Except when it has a special content that is able to attract me.
I play kingdomofloathing and X-Wars.

KOL is a rpg type game with twisted sense of humor.

X-Wars is a space sim, but unlike a lot of other space sims it is very deep.
Teddy1 +18 only (not sure why there is no pornographic material :S)
Keep an eye out for Blacknova Traders (BNT), Soon when i have hosting on this site i'll get it set up for you people to play if you want to. Smile It's a kinda a space game and is definitely for strategists like myself. Wink
There is a game called SlaveHack ( It's an online hacking game, so you can hack someone but it isn't illegal. Me and 4 other people are making such a game too. It's very hard to make, but I think we can do it. Anyone has a tip how we can make the graphics a little better, I mean the loading bars etc...

(Sorry for my English it's not very good, and certainly not the grammar.)
I currently play a php based browser game called Rivaled Fate.
yes, i like php gaming Smile
i play in [url][/url] . this is a strategy game and you are galaxy emperor Razz
i would answer both yes and no on that question but i chose yes because some games are fun to play while others are so annoying i wish i cud take me off the net but on the other hand some make good games and sell them to other people just to make money then keeping the good game online isn't always something the buyer does one game got taken off second it got sold and the buyer used just some of the code to make a new game. but still i wont complaign i had a good time while it lasted and the general notion im aiming at here is: some games are good if the ones that make them are having fun while making them but if the dont and just do it to do it it tend to end up in a mess.
Mrs Lycos
Most of PHP games are rather boring, there are only a few with a strong/solid storyline. Take for example mafia games, most of them are just a couple of clicks and it's like using a calculator: you push the buttons with numbers and you get numbers as a result. No animation, most don't even have at least a shoutbox to communicate with other players.
I actually like the idea of php-browser-games, they are free and easy to get because you don't download anything. But I haven't found game yet that didn't get boring very soon Sad
I have been programming for some years now, so I am thinking about creating my own game. I want a game in which you are sucessful not because you have enough patience but because you have better tactics. Anyone interested in creating such a game is welcome to help, you dont need any programming skills!
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