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Auto-SE Ready

Is there a site out there that anyone knows of that will automatically give me code and pointers on how to make my site search engine ready when i submit my url?
Give you code? What kind of code? Not sure what you mean there but here are some pointers:

1) Validate the HTML on all your web pages.
2) Make sure there are no broken links on your site.
3) Don't link to any 'bad neighbourhoods' (disreputable websites).
4) Don't use any so-called 'black hat' SEO tactics (black hat SEO = Underhanded techniques meant to artificially your ranking in search engine results pages).
5) Make sure your site contains a good dollop of quality content (especially text).
6) Try to acquire (or create) links back to your site so that the search bots can find it. (Search bots find new sites by following links.)

Do all that and you should do fine when you submit your URL. In fact if you're successful with #6, you won't even have to submit your URL. Google will automatically find your site on the next major crawl.
there is a program called IPB it can submit your sites to search engines , directories and related sites. It has a validator and it can help you if you are not that experienced when it comes to SEO
thanks guys for all of your help! does anyone know of when google does major crawls?
How do I know if a site is disreputable?
coreymanshack wrote:
thanks guys for all of your help! does anyone know of when google does major crawls?
How do I know if a site is disreputable?

what do you mean by major crawls?............. Google crawls websites every now and then which depends on the no. of backlinks and how frequently the site is updated.....
I really am unable to comment on your second question but I think you would be ok if you follow google guidelines for webmasters
ok i'll check that out also...
Re: Major crawls...

Admittedly, some of this speculation but it seems to me that Google has several different schedules for crawling based on site popularity/importance. Hence some sites are crawled on a daily basis, some every two or three days, some once a week and some once every two weeks and so on and so forth. The criteria required by a site to be crawled gets less and less the more infrequently the scheduled crawl. At some point, the criteria required to have your site eligible for a crawl is so low that most any site can meet it and hence a 'major' crawl. Maybe my terminology is a little misleading but that's what I call it when that happens.
I wish they would just straight out tell us what the heck they are diong!
If Google explained their search algos and patterns in detail then the first thing a whole bunch of people would do is try to figure a way to cheat the system and get their crappy/spammy sites to the top of the SERPs. Google keeps its cards close to its chest out of necessity in order to provide the best and most relevant (*cough*) search results.
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