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Giving away computer and need help formatting it

Hey, I am getting a new computer in a few days and I am giving my old one to mi sister and I need to know how to delete and uninstall everything on it and then reinstall windows on it. I was told to do RUN>command>fdisk>enter . Is that correct. How do I work it?
Nope. You first need to know what exactly do you want to do. If there is no secret information on your disk you can just make sure you have a valid Windows-cdrom with wich you can boot. After that, create a system floppy (two ways: by formatting from within windows and choosing 'copy system files' or by going to dos and typing ' sys a:')
Copy the program (most of the time in c:\windows\command for older windows versions or in c:\windows\system32 for newer ones) to the disk you just created, boot the computer with the disk and type 'format c:'. All your data has been wiped out.
This can be undone.
For secure deletion use 3rd party tools from for example norton, symantec, active kill disk or autoclave or whatever which tool (to be sure ask a friend to help you because formatting your hard disk is a little tricky)
FDisk is for creating new partitions on your disk. This does erase your file allocation table, but as far as I know the data is still there. Formatting isn't the same as repartitioning.

Good luck!
What version of Windows are you wanting to put on your PC?? If it is Windows XP or 2000 then if you have a original Windows CD then you can reun setup from the CD (You will need to check in your BIOS though, that your CD-Rom is set before your hard drive in the boot options list).
During the setup program it will show you the partitions on the hard drive and you can then delete them and format them, it will then carry on installing windows for you.
If you are putting Windows 98 on your PC then follow the instructions from the post above.

Just one last thing though, make sure you write down your make and model of your VGA card, network card (If you have one), sound card. As windows does not always install these automatically, you may have to get drivers from the internet or driver CD-Rom that was issued with your PC when it was new.

I hope this helps and good luck.
If you are extremely concerned about the security issues of it, then you should use a third party application designed to wipe the hard drive. Just deleting everyting only clears the partition tables, and the data is still recoverable. The only way to be sure it's gone is to delete it, then write over it with something else.
Formatting your pc is really easy.

Just get a bootable CD and restart your computer and try to have your cdrom as the first boot option in the setup .

As the computer boots with the CD you are presented with a command prompt windows . Now give the dir command.

You will see that the format command is present in the list. The just try to find all the options related with the format command or just try this

format C:

of whichever drive you want to format . Just change the drive letter for that . If you want a quick format then just write

format c:/q

and it will have a quick format and then if you want to format other partitions you have to repeat that for all of them.

Now you are ready to install any other operating system again.
when formatting a drive, it only clears the mbr partition table. the actuald data is still physically there ie. its jus forgotten about so anyone with file recovery software could unformat the disk and dig up potentially embarassing details such as personal info, porn, images, tax file etc

the only way to properly remove the data is to overwrite it. this is best done in dos from a boot floppy or cd

a good freeware program than can do this is Darik's boot and nuke, it lest u select the drive o be wipes, number of times, mthod of wiping, verify etc

as a guide:
1pass (pseudorandom) - for general sanitisation of drive, will prevent software from recovering the data, hardware recovery is still possible. use only if you sure it contains no private data

3pass DoD - fast and secure method, stop software recovery, harwdare recovery difficult and VERY expensive. this option is fine for nearly everyone

7pass DoD - for very sensitive files; use this option if hardware/software recovery from say bisuness competitors/criminals is liekly

35pass gutmann - paranoia
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