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Will William Gallas go to Arsenal?

What do you think? I believe there is a chance.[/b]
well it is big possibility that he will go to Arsenal.He is very unhappy at Chelsea and he would love to go somewhere else.And also then could A.Cole come to Chelsea.Because Cole will not play today against Dinamo Zagreb becuase if he plays and then transfer somewhere he wont be able to play in Europe.I think Cole to Chelsea and Gallas to Arsenal
It has been said that Morenio doesn't want galas to leave Chelsea, I'm sure he will get Ashely Cole from Arsenal. Lets face it Chelsea appear to always get who they want. I think if Arsenal do get Galas then it will be a very good sighning as I think Galas is one of the best Defenders in the premiership.
Yes. Definitely. That switch is on the cards and is going to happen.
Ashley Cole is dissatisfied playing for Arsenal and William Gallas is not happy playing at Stanford Bridge. Both will switch clubs and they will willingly do so.
With campbell gone and senderos and lauren out we need him, we soo need him. nothing against djourou, but he's way too inexperienced, whereas hoyte is just...well. Less said the better.

And Cygan!! He's bald, he's s*** he plays when no one's fit! The affectionate chanting from the stands.

I'm not too sure Gallas' attittude though...
I'm not liking Adebyour one bit, he just plain sucks. Sorry for the change of subject.

Also to add to this topic, did anyone watch the Champions League draw? I can't believe Ronaldihno won over Henry. Evil or Very Mad
Seconded, he does. Did you see him miss that sitter against dynamo? That was inexcusable. He's like Peter Crouch, but without the lucky goals.
Definetly is! and I can assure you that it's a Ashley Cole + some cash deal. The transfer must happen before 9.1!
Seems to be on a standstill, but could easily be a quick solution.

I think Gallas + 10 million swap for Cole would be a deal achievable by both sides.

I'm still thinking of Owen Hargreaves to United though, that is quite uncertain, but signs are already there.
I think Gallas will be part of the deal if Chelsea going to get Ashley Cole. Wenger must be thinking since he can't keep Cole, he must as well get Gallas in exchange.

Same goes to Reyes if he going to Real Madrid.
Luckily the deadline is this week, so we are able to make an end to some of these sagas at the transfermarket. It surely looks like he has no real future at Chelsea, so better that he will fill the centreback role in a team that can use him more. Arsenal surely has a couple of players now that can cause some big transfers on the last days. With Reyes most likely to leave though and perhaps they will sign someone for him today.
well, it turned out that gallas finally went over to arsenal and cole the othere way round. God knows what will happen to those 2 players if the move haven't taken place. Gallas would end up rotting in the reserve. Cole might get some games, but well, but might not be getting the passes on the field. Heh heh heh. N yes, wishy washy reyes finally got his wish and moved to Real. Lets see how he is going to rot in the reserves over there. Silly boy. Cheers!
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