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Age of Empires III, AoM, Empire Earth... all those and I...

and I decided to stay with Age of Empires II.

In my humble opinion it just works way better than the rest newer games. Gameplay is just more dynamic or maybe I'm just used to it too much.

anyone else in here still plays Age of Empires II? (aok and aoc)
AOK:TC is definetly still a great RTS. You're not alone.

I've been having a lot of fun with Rise of Legends. Have you tried Rise of Nations at all? Many people seem to enjoy that. But I don't think anything will replace AOK.
I agree with both of you, AOE 2 was definantly a great game that I got used to and loved. Then I started to play age of mythology and I got hooked on the graphics, (not to mention I love the egyptian god Anubis!)

I've been wanting to play AOE 3 but it hasnt come out for macs yet Crying or Very sad

I've only heard of Rise Of Nations/Rise Of Legends. Are they any good?

Rise of Nations is both critically aclaimed and loved by gamers. It's a historical RTS that goes through history made by the same guys who did Civ2, so there's things like borders. It's good.

Rise of Legends is made by the same team but takes it a different direction. It's purely fictional in an almost completely original setting. (one race is based on da vinci drawings, another is similar to the world of alladin, the last is a race of fallen aliens) While it takes a while to get into, it's really rewarding with very dynamic gameplay. You can watch a recorded competitive game here:

Some people really don't like RoL, but most like RoN. That's a good place to start.
I like AoM best, because the game is just enough realistic.

With this I mean that it isnt that realistic that you have too shoot a person twenty times with an arrow for him to die, and it is not so unrealistic that you can get laserbeam that kills everything... except for that super-duper-hyper-mega monster you are fighting against...
I have played all of the Age of ---- Games... and i totally agree that AoE:II Still is the best of them. I don't like the graphics of the newer games, as they try to make it look good, while it doesn't...
I have completed AoK and AoK:TC a few days ago (15th time i think...) And it still is great fun Razz
I recently went out and bought AoE2 on impulse as I needed something to do when I wasn't playing wow.

It was money well spent imo, I'm still currently learning the ins and outs of the game so it's still a challenge for me.

What I like best I think are the sieges that can develop, spending an hour trying to punch through your mates defences and then succedding feels great Smile
so far ive played every game of the age of empires series and i would have to say age of empires 2 the conquerors is still my favorite. its graphics may be nothing compared to other games like age of empires 3, but i like the gameplay more. in age of mythology i only played through the missions and barely played any multiplayer games. i played through most of the age of empires 3 campaigns and also play it over lan with friends when they are over. either way they are all great games.
i like if there are flaws in the game tho like dissapereing armies (its happend trust me) and a few others but over all i would rate this game very highly
Mamsaac wrote:
and I decided to stay with Age of Empires II.

In my humble opinion it just works way better than the rest newer games. Gameplay is just more dynamic or maybe I'm just used to it too much.

anyone else in here still plays Age of Empires II? (aok and aoc)

I used to play AOE2 and was bout inter/+ at it then went on to aoe3 (which is better than most aok/aoc players give it credit for) It has same idea as aoe2 such as economy,military, and micro. But also throws in a new thing caled decks which helps people with higher home citys be slightly better because of better cards that give u better res or military. AOE3 is fun and graphics are nice diff from aoe2 in costs and units but still same great idea just more advanced units. Still has rush's like aoe2 in each age diff rushes occur. Teamplay is real nice just like aoe2. Everyone I know that dont like aoe3 is bad at it except one person. You should buy
aoe3 when u get the chance and remember only 1 account/username per aoe3 game(cd) so keep that in mind when makin a nic.

And yes I loved aoe2 aok/aoc till aoe3 came out since aoe2 kinda died.

The second one is by far the best of the Age of Series in my opinion. It had it's faults but the great gameplay made up for them several times over. Even playing against the computer wasn't a waste of time like it is in too many other games.

Empire Earth 2 wasn't bad though, although that's mostly because it followed a very similar set of gameplay mechanics to AoE2.
All of the AoE games were great games. For awhile. Won't anyone agree that the game gets old after awhile and you just don't want to play it anymore? This has happened to me with all of the AoE games. They get old. Especially after beating the game twice. I suppose all games get old though.
My favorite of the aoe series is gona have to be aoe 3. I have every single one of the aoe games including age of mythology and its expansion.
What i love about aoe3 is that you can go online and play with others and gain ranks. Another reason is that you have so many different countries and units and to win you have to use different units to defeat other ones. I love the ship battles. Whenever you hit a boat, you see the splintered wood flying off the ship. My second favorite is aoe 2.
All of the AoE games are great games. i still have lan games with mine friends on week ends it starts with aoe to aoe3 .its fun
well i havent play age of empire 3 yet.. but i kind of a strategy game maniac!!
i love the age of empire series...
but me myseft prefer red alert more tha age of empire!!

Empire earth are a great startegy game compared to the Warcraft 3 .. my opinion.. the warcraft is a bit hard to control and handle the soldier!!

well the "aging" process in the game make me attract to it as the 1st time i play..

but i live on far behind civilization... hard to find a copy of Age Of Empire 3.. *SIGN* hahaha
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