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Flash frame ?

im trying to build an almost all falsh based site and i was wondering is it possible to create like a frame or window or text box of some sort in a flash application that i can opena webpage in. i have a forum that i wish people to view and nteract with within the frame of the flash application, i would also be willing to look into a way to generate or show a frame over the selected area of the flash document when i want to view the forums but have the frame go away afterwards like when another link is clicked thankyou either way or a another way would be useful
1. Flash itself can't display a web site inside FlashPlayer's area - for that, the HTML capabilities are too rudimentary. There are some projector utilities (i.e., programs turning your Flash file into a self-running .exe) which can do so by adding features like ActiveX-embedding to the Flash Player, but it obviously won't work with the browser plugin, so for online purposes, it's no good.

2. There's an XML browser written in Flash, which is also be capable of displaying XHTML. I've never used it myself, though, and I don't know how well it does with HTML (if at all) or if it's even feasible for a forum.

3. Then there's the possibility of splitting your page into different areas and only having Flash where Flash needs to be. Should be possible for just about any Flash-based site, but might be a lot of work.

4. The easiest way is simply, as you suggest, to display an IFRAME or similar on top of the Flash area. To do that, however, you'll have to set the FlashPlayer to render in windowed transparent/opaque mode, which makes it somewhat slower.

For performance reasons, the Flash player doesn't really cooperate with the browser in order to render a page. The browser simply draws the page, and then the Flash bits are just "pasted" on top of it all - no matter if they're actually supposed to be behind certain HTML parts. In other words, (almost) no matter what you do, Flash will always hide the IFRAME, even if it's supposed to be beneath it.

You can tell the FlashPlayer to behave, however, by setting the wmode parameter to "opaque" or "transparent" (depending on whether you have areas in your SWF file which need to be transparent, showing the page beneath them). So, to display an IFRAME on top of the Flash, you need to add <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> (or opaque) inside the <object> tag, and add the attribute wmode="transparent" (or opaque) to the <embed> tag.

If at all possible, use the "opaque" value (it's faster). Note, however, that wmode may cause some problems in Gecko browsers (Firefox etc.).

5. Of course, the last solution is to implement the forum in Flash Wink
ah so depressing lol i guess ill have to look into some thing else maybe including flash based forums er crap owell lol thx tho

Kaneda is right, html pages inside flash are in pratice not possible.

I don't think looking out for flash-based forums make much diferent, since those are most probably NOT designed to be included inside an existing flash webpage.

Displaying a frame over the flash content could be an option but maybe it's hard to get it to work well both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Seems like what you want to do requires some good webdev skillz. I wish you luck. Wink


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