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Lizzard Head


Thats me on top of...
wow that is high. We don't have hills like this in MN. Very Happy
Very cool photos, are you/the person who took the photos a photographer may I ask? Also, why do they call it the lizards head?

Neal Wink
The first one was taken by shean, my climbing friend. The second one was me. Its called lizzard head because thats what it looks like from an angle. Its 3 pitches, over 160" of climbing, with a 3 hour aproach. Its a half an hour drive from where i live.
i wish we had landscape like that down my way.

where we do there's too much vegetation to get quite the same effect...

great photos.
Yeah, there is not much vegitation because is all above tree line.
nice sights , thanks.
joshumu wrote:
Yeah, there is not much vegitation because is all above tree line.

I guess the problem is we don't really have a tree line. There's a bit of bare rock at the top for say 100m, but up till that you've got plants growing in no matter what condition.
I get dizzy just looking at that one! Shocked
wow.. that looks like a dangerous place to climb.. Razz but i guess it's worth it, really beautiful place, and the pics are really great.. especially the one with you on it Smile

Alittle less dramatic but they help tell the story.

Shean checking the routes at the base.

Shean on the first pitch.

My feet off the edge. Its alot further then it looks.

And for the compleate 'one with nature' experience we ate some amanitas muscaria that we found around tree line. (note: i am experienced and knowledgeable about my local mushrooms)

On the way down i turned into a penguin (unfortunate because I was completely out of my natural habitat (but ok because i also have experience being a penguin))

The decent from tree line took longer then the approach and accent combined.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
That's amazing. I'm pretty scared of heights but i'd love to do that (i do things that terrify me all the time). How long have you been climbing and when did you start?
Those are great pictures; I really feel like moving to Colorado now! In Connecticut, I'm limited to climbing indoors, but now I can't even do that since it's gotten too expensive. If you have more pictures like these, please post them.
Great place, and nice pictures too, the first one does look like a lizard head.

The "mushrooms", you ate it? I thought we should stay away from colorful mushrooms -..-
Great photos and great landscape Smile

Hope you had fun, because I'd freak out (I have a fear of heights). Razz
Iv been climbing just for this summer. But when you do it every day you learn fast, especaly with a good teacher. And that climb is relitivly easy. Just looks intense and exposed.

The "mushrooms", you ate it? I thought we should stay away from colorful mushrooms -..-

Just click the link by the pic and you can learn about them. And yes, if you dont know what your are doing, you should stay away from all wild mushrooms.

And for sorrow...

Its kinda a pamorama. The photos take you from left to right. It was ontop of wasach (i think thats it) pass. Thoes are a 9 mile hike from down town telluride (but its steep).
Thanks for posting more of those, joshumu; they're really beautiful pictures. I've always been somewhat interested in visiting Colorado, but I had no clue that it was that scenic.
this place is amazinly beautiful I think. The first picture you posted went right into my "inspiration folder"
Awesome photos. Great adventure. Love of life. Always changing.
Thank you for sharing.
Must have some wonderful story to tell about your time
Unbelievable,you can climb so high mountains,is this realy or photoshop working?
when I look these pictures carefully,I trust that you have conquared these are so so great!
thanks for the support. im traveling in cali now so no more mountains. but adventure abounds. i shal be in mexico or hawaii in the next few weeks. if i can get a computer for longer then 10 minutes i will try to upload a few more.
ya these pictures are really nice and the smoke or clouds in the picture looks really cool and I think it would be amazing to climb and have mountains near my house.

yeah, that pass is at about 12,000 ft so the clouds just drag across the mountians. I would also like to make it perfictly clear. If your not cool, dont come to telluride. we will run you out. there is not enugh room there for conservitives.
Love the scenic views. What camera are you using?
Im rockin a Cannon digital reble XT now, but at the time it was a Fugi fine pix. I still really like the fugi. It is much smaller and can take decient video, and you can crop on the camara, all of which is nice for the traveling photographer.
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