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web cam problem - help mee

Well my friend has a LG web cam and he has lost the driver CD and she has no idea about the model No and its not printed on cam. His OS is win xp. Anyone can tell me how to find the Model No of this cam or drivers for it ?
Lord Klorel
Is the software of the webcam still installed on the computer?
If not,

Than you must go to the configuration screen and click on the icon System and then you choose Hardware after that you click on the first choise under the tab Hardware.

Then you will see al the next screen:

On one of the devices you must see the webcam. When you find that you can click on properties.

There you can find normally the name and number of the webcam.

When you have found the number, check on the website of LG to the drivers of the webcam.

I hope that i have helped you.
Is it USB or what?
If it is USB XP should have found it. If not go to LG website, there may be a picture of it there.
yes its a USB one he says there was message when he first plugged it and he clicked on it. now that message doesn't appear

and its doesn't show it in device manager

heres the screen shot


ok he ve found the driver CD but damaged so again same problem but driver CD says its " pc camera 13L 207 " so i guess its a LG 13L 207 pc camara. but Google show no result for this. ??
Is it really a LG cam? On the LG site (worldwide) you can't find any webcam!

What you can try to do is to uninstall the cam (also the driver), restart the system and reinstall the hardware (cam), and let xp do his job!

If this is not working, contact the support departement of LG.
thanks everyone . nothing worked but someone in his msn list had this same camcorder so he e-mailed the drivers to my friend. now it works fine. Funny why we couldn't find this driver n net. Its the first time ever i couldn't ve found a driver. and Xp didn't auto detect the cam too. Anyway I'm glad that headache's over.
Its good you have solve your problem, but if you need a driver again you can visit DriverGuide, in most cases you can find the correct driver for your devices.

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