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Arsenal V Aston Villa

I thought Aston Villa done well at the weekend, they were under the cosh for large parts of the game but they deffended well.
Martin O'Neal really is the man for the job as he has managed to get the Villa players discaplined and playing as a team for a change. Which was much better than last year under David O'Leary.

When the takeover goes through and Martin O'neal has some transfer budget then I'm sure Villa will be back wher they belong, back in Europe.
Yeah. Aston Villa played brilliantly - Melberg and O'Neal were brilliant.
Yet, it was Arsenal's first match in the league at home in their new EMIRATES STADIUM. Arsenal had a couple of unlucky misses and wonderful attackes especially with Walcott and Fabregas. Hnery was out of form.
Arsenal dropped 3 points in todays match Sad
Ohhh my favorite team is arsenal. i hope they will win the premier league this season.
I was very dissapointed in that match, they could've of done better, but then again we're stuck with injuries and we have a not so experienced defence.
Bad start for the Arse, it looks like they will be running behind the facts and leaders again this season.
We've seen some great appointments of good managers recently.
Martin O'Neil at Aston Villa and at the death of last season Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth. Why do people invest in unproven talent?
Who do you think i'm talking about?
When you see Martin O'Neal is in charge of the team, you can be sure that he will do a good job. He is definitely the man!!

By the way, David O'Leary used to be a good manager. I remember when he is in Leeds United. They are doing not bad, and usually finished in the top five. Don't know why they got rid of him. I remember since then Leeds United never recover from then, and go all the way downhill. Sad
Well as usual, Arsenal had a slow start to the season. But i'm sure with Wenger at helm, Arsenal will improve as the season progress.

Villa has always been a decent side. However I got a feeling that this season, we will be able to see an imporvement in Villa. One thing is definitely because they now have Martin O`Neil as the new manager another thing is because of new input of cash and a change in chairman. But well, its still too early to judge, let see how the these 2 teams fares as the season progresses. Cheers!
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