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Digital Music Production

Does anyone like composing music on programs such as FL Studio or with expensive music equipment?

I personally like producing hip hop on FL Studio.
I started with FL and found it great for starting out. Try Reason also. If you have a good computer you can also rewire FL into Cubase, Ableton etc for more options including live recording.

Yeah I found FL great on Rnb and dance but not rock music which is what I like to create.

I used to use FL when I was just experimenting, but I do all of my work on ACID Pro nowadays. I mainly work with hip-hop, and with the right controllers & VSTi's ACID just works best for me.

FL6 is an incredibly powerful program for its price, it's a shame that a lot of people tend to knock it just because it's affordable and everyone seems to be trying it out.

You can check some of my stuff at my soundclick, hit the "www"
FL is very powergul in production such drum-feel music.
Have you ever try some software that can modify your pitch?
I use FL Studio and am currently working on my project called Actual Effection. I use the XXL version. And just so you guys know, you don't have to wire it through Ableton to get live recording. You can record straight out of the wave editor. Where you can edit the recording itself and put any effects you want on it. Wink Yep yep.

For my band playing live though... We usually record on an 8 track and then edit it through ableton live. And FL Studio is out own personal drummer, Laughing . Because for all I know, real drummers are unreliable when it comes to getting to practice on time, lol. The less people the easier it is to make a practice happen.
thealpha wrote:
Have you ever try some software that can modify your pitch?

If you're cutting from a turntable you can do it directly from your decks. Just shift the pitch on up. You can do it digitally through Acid Pro or Soundforge, or really any basic sound modification prog/VST.

I'm certain FL has a similar feature.

actualeffection wrote:
And FL Studio is out own personal drummer, Laughing .

Laughing I hear that...I absolutely love the step editor. If there's one thing I miss about FL, it's the step editor, though I haven't had to use my mouse for drums at all since I started recording them through MIDI and my MPD16. Before that I had to paint in my drums. Not cool, man.... Wink
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