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A site for my son

We received a letter from an organization that is in charge of the Student Ambassador program and I've set up a site to tell people about it as well as ask for help to make it possible. Would you please give me some feedback on it?

Let's Send Devin to Europe

Thank you for your time.
S3nd K3ys
Change the background image. It's hard to read the text
If your website was better presented, and not looking like anyone could do in a boring five minutes, i'd do it for 5frih$ for 3 months. No offence, as it's to a good cause I know, it's just i'd rather have my site linking to things that look better. Also, alot more people will donate if you make the site look better, they will think it's genuine. (I'm not saying it isn't genuine), i'm just giving you tips. However, when my site is up I will think about linking you if you present it a little better.

Neal Wink
Thank you for your suggestions, and I promise, no offense was taken. I ask for an honest opinions. I feel that if I don't want that, I shouldn't ask. Correct?
True, I did feel I was a bit harsh on you, but at the end of the day, if you improve your site, you will probably get more donations, and people will want to link you, I'll link you if it's looking alright. Cool

Neal Wink
I've been working on it, trying to improve it. I'll let you know when I have it finished where you can look at again.

Thanks for your help.
Simple and well design

design is nice but u must change the text style to verdana
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