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Install Linux with a locked BIOS

The admin at my school locked the BIOS... How do you think I can get Linux on my laptop?
First of all maybe he has a good reason to disable this kind of access. Maybe you have to rethink your intentions.

They are some Linux distributions which you can install and run directly form Windows to do so you still have to had administrative privileges. You might consider using some of them if applicable.

Regarding BIOS lock I assume that you are not able to boot from installation CD/DVD. If this is the case you might try if you can boot form other device floppy disk (built-in or connected via USB), USB key or CF card. If it's possible you can run a small boot manager which will allow you to start your CD/DVD. In this case you first have to resolve the disk partitioning problem in order to free up some space for the Linux partition or eventually use this method to rune some live Linux distribution directly from CD/DVD without breaking the administrator's will.

If there is no available device you might consider some solution which bypasses the BIOS password. They are different ways like using standard manufacturer's password, resetting the password by using third-party utilities or by using the jumpers. Perform a Google search on `bypass BIOS password` and you'll be surprised how many ways exist to do so (I personally was).
you can look manual for your laptop how to reset your bios. I think it's include in you laptop manual or you can google for your laptop.
SuSE at least (I don't know about others) has a DOS utility on the instalation disk that will create a boot floppy, which you can use in the case that you can't boot up from the CD.
>alternitive method<
Can you remove the hard drive? If so connect it to another computer, install linux only to the point to where it's ready to boot off the hard drive, then put the drive back in the original computer.
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