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What do you thinkn about what happened in the test match

What do you think about the scandal during the latest test match between England and Pakistan? Were Pakistan at fault or was it the umpires? Personally I think the Pakistan team overreacted. They could have held a press conference after the day's play instead of not coming out to play after tea. Hopefully we shall find out soon where the allegations of ball sabotage were well-founded or not. Whatever your opinion, it's a shame that we missed a day's interesting cricket
Pakistan certainly did not over-react.
Had I been the captain of any team, and had any umpire levelled accusations of ball-tampering against my team without enough evidence and if I was sure of mine and my players' integrity and honesty, I'd have walked my team off the pitch right then and there, and not taken the field. I would also boycott all matches umpired by Hair.

He's been controversial for quite some time now, especially against lots of Asian teams. This kind of shows ICC's lack of management skill to send an umpire against whom other umpires and international players of refute have openly levelled criticism.

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Well ofcourse Pakistan is on the right side. Why should hair just charge the pakistanis for no reasone at all and even not clarify . He has been rude and injustice for pakistan from the past and pakistan has protested in this regard but the ICC has turned a deaf ear to it and appointed him again to this series which was a fault.
I think that hair should be suspended for bein an act like that.
tidruG is right Hair has been controversial for quite some time now, especially against lots of Asian teams. I think he should no more be apart of icc elite panel of umpires. On the latest event Pakistan Crikcet team has declared that if the ICC chrages Inzi 8 one-days n 4 test pakistan team will not play in the one-day series. But it was truely an unfair act by the umpire.
Well, ICC has already taken role and Speed has moved the hearing till end of September, as you all know.

Coming to what Pakistan did was right or no, I partially agree with them. As it would have been the case of Javed Miandad or Imran Khan, they would have sent a letter to the referee, and would have put black bands on the hands of all paki players, in protest ofcourse.

The other half for which I agree with Inzi is that, if he wouldnt have taken such an action, the ICC would never have been thought to realise this matter so intensively. Its happened a lot of times in the past, but no one realised what Hair had been cookin up in his oven. This, like I think, might have even made ICC to think about making a Code of Conduct for the Elite panel of Umpires too, and not be biased by just conducting the players strictly.

Nyways, its upto ICC to do what they want, it wont matter to them if we say anything or no. I hope that Hair's request of 5 Lac Dollars gets accepted, and he gets expelled for the good of the fantastic game.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Basit
thanx alot ya man
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