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Do you like rugby?
Yeah Its Great
 45%  [ 5 ]
Its OK
 54%  [ 6 ]
Its Rubbish
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 11

Does anyone else love rugby. I find it so much more interesting than football. What do you all think?This is a major subliminal message. Please email me if you find it as I think it is really cool. My email address is Anyway Congratulations if you found this as I really did think that no one would ever find it and it would be one of those things on the Internet that no one will ever find like one of those free sites that no one ever visits. Not like ones made on this site they are cool!!! I love this site and thanks for it.
I hate football (if you mean soccer) so I find rugby OK, but I only play it in school or on holiday when they ask, I'm quite good because I'm a quick runner.
i don't like playing rugby... but as a team game, it is certanly great. i like the fact that the only way to acchieve a victoyr is with team game, think that other sports lack
I love rugby - but I love football (soccer) too. I used to play about 10 years ago and it's a great team sport. It's true that it is definitely one of those games where you cannot simply rely on one player to win you the game. However, the training and the camaraderie were also brill. The only reason I gave it up in the end was because of work committments and the fact that the older you get the harder it is to recover from even minor injuries and I was beginning to get one too many... if I had the chance to play again though, I think I would.
I think that Rugby is an OK sport to watch, but only in you're in the mood for it. I don't think though that it can compare to the likes of Basketball and soccer. It is too slow-moving and in my opinion, there are alot of untalented "louts" on the field merely because of their physical size. It is boring to an extent but if you are feeling particularly aggressive it can be a pleasure to watch/play. All in all, I don't think that there is enough to the game! Sad
atoerzan definitely need to watch more rugby! It's a great game to watch - it is probably one of the most exciting games to watch in sport at the moment. It never used to be - there was a time about 15 years ago when it was dominated by kicking. But when Super 10 was introduced in Australia, it transformed the way the game was played. Rugby League has been a big influence on the game too and the irony is that it can be incredibly dull to watch compared to Rugby Union these days - there is just so much more going on in Union - and there is a much higher level of unpredictability too because of the speed and positioning of players. It does take a lot of skill to play well and a great deal of thinking which is surprising considering the image that most people have of rugby players...
I think that it's ok, I personally prefer Rugby League over Union. Internationally it's a bigger sport than League, but watching that last World Cup really broke my interest in Union. The European teams (England, Italy, France, etc) relied waaayyyy too much on field goals and penalty goals to win. I'll admit it didn't help that Australia lost to the bloody poms Razz lol, but seeing Johnny Wilkinson kick field goal, penalty goal, field goal left a bitter taste in my mouth. Watching the All Blacks play, now that's what I love, the big physical confrontations... Gimme that any day over how Rugby was played in the last World Cup.
Ludo Lambrechts
I think I like Rugby, especially when the All Blacks play (Kiwi's). Too bad that here in Canada Rugby on a professional basis is unknown, soceer is growing slowly.

Ludo Cool
i prefer rugby as there is constant attacking in the game unlike football when the game is slow and boring
I am certainly am a rugby fan, but as others have said I also like football. Rugby is certainly, in my eyes anyway, a much more productive and exciting game to watch. All to often football slows far too much and become very tedious to watch. Rugby can obviously become slower too, but there are more chances as seeing a flash of brilliance, a decent break and a fantastic try being scored.

I am a total Gloucester Rugby supporter - anyone else? Surprised
OOOH Yeah its the big year
The WC year - A long time between drinks for the All Black to win the World Cup
I'm a Kiwi so when you talk about rugby - well thats our national sport
Its shaping up to be a great competition with the Aussies, South Africans, Irish and even the Canadians playing well this year
So come on - support you team and get into the World Cup in France sorry thr frogs haven't got a hope this year Smile
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