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Freelancers? Where?

I was just wondering if anybody knows of a good website that employs freelancers or works with a directory of available jobs. The work would be freelance, no physical presence (work at home). Any ideas? Good ones...
What you need to acknowledge is that to freelance you need to have the equipment available to you so that you can do the job and that you can work without being overseen.

The equipment issue therefore depends on what sort of work you are after.

And you ability to do the work is really achieved through contacts. There are industry specific websites where you as a freelancer can advertise your skills.

But in terms of getting a job is probably your best bet, if you register as a work from home freelancers at: you can also serach for those sort of job vacancies through the website, although you will have to pay a few dollars, being too cheap to pay for things like this personally I have not tried their service.

Hope this all helps anyway though.
If you like to write, you might look into becoming a moderator/guide at ,
they guarentee $500/month for the first year. See if you like any of the available topics.
Thanks for the advice! has not replied to my appliance in many weeks. I applied in the beggining of August.
Hmm.. yeah failiure to reply does seem to happen alot, particuarly when applications are done online. Just keep trying, and explore other avenues, getting a job can be a bit of a lateral thinking excercise. Keep an eye out, when your out and about, for signs saying; such and such wanted. Go in and tell them you can do that- and from home- and give them a rate or whatever. Essentially selling your way as better. You never know whether they'll hire you or not until you suggest it. Heck, they might even know someone who wants what you're offering, always leave contact details.

The trick is to try things and most simply ask, cos if you don't ask you won't get. When you do searches think of other words for freelance or terms that mean a similar thing like working from home, commision (although I'd avoid that unless you enjoy door to door sales).

Keep trying, good luck.
Apply to as many of the subjects as your comfortable with at .
They only go thru the application process a few at a time. So it's a matter of timing to get a response to an application.
I've had some decent web development work through a site called GetACoder -

rshanthakumar is another site that could help you get freelance assignments. It is free and takes a commission off your payment.

All the best to you.
you can also try these.
I started signing up at, but they want to charge me $5 to take an English test! lol
Yesterday I tried to enroll at [url][/url], a site which purports to connect (for free) online students/parents with online teachers/tutors. It immediately asked that I register via my Facebook or Google account (and it said afterward that it would receive my public profile). I did so, but today someone told me it was probably fraudulent. I changed my passwords to the relevant accounts.

I do not mind them earning money via the site, as Frihost does on these forums with its ads. But obtaining my personal information without informing me of this first seems like a violation of ethics. While I may have been naive, I feel that I should warn others of the possibility of this site being fraudulent. If I am wrong in that respect, then I would be glad to be wrong.

Another I discovered today is described at This supposedly is one of those deals with earnings of several thousand dollars per month. But it shows a photo of a check for several thousand dollars--complete with personal information on the check, and the account number. Would a legit proposal do this? Probably not.
(Edit: this site is also advertised on Frihost via the Googleads at the bottom of the pages.)

Does anyone know of a way to check out the credentials of a website In terms of whether it is potentially fraudulent? (not just the page itself) Advice from others such as on this thread is great, but I want to more check them out more thoroughly before I invest my time or money. While I was writing this, someone suggested I bring the list of websites to a local job bank or temp agency and ask them to check it out for me. Is ther also a way to do so online?

I checked out the websites already listed in this thread. With the exception of one apparent broken link, they all look legit.[/url]
Ows, I start to love this section, lot of freelance information for newbie Smile
sadness wrote:
you can also try these.

kudos to you for sharing these two best sites
Jones2020 good site !!
Not bad is

You can win some cash
sadness wrote:
you can also try these.

There are very common freelancer site or you can contact me because i am a member also on this site and i do freelance work.

If you got time you can visit my site at - - i offer great value of money and experience Joomla developer.

Good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for! Idea
I've been with odesk for about a year now. It's a good site for us freelancers but be a little careful cause there are some employers who do not pay. So my suggestion is go for the hourly basis instead of the fixed price.
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