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PC restarts after shutdown


Hi this is my first post i hope it makes sense.

I have a pc that constantly restarts after i have shut it down.

Xp pro, has multiple logins at the welcome screen. After reconnecting the internet using the admin account, i wanted to make sure that another login had saved the settings so i picked one of the kids accounts, almost straight away the mouse had a shadow or trail which tells me they have changed the setting of the mouse (Walking dinosaur barbour poll stupid things like that) and before it logged in the computer restarted. I chose the same login to repeat the problem and it logged in ok, a lot of settings had been changed which is nothing unusual for a 13 yo.

However the computer is restarting after it is shutdown.

I have gone into My computer > Advanced > startup And recovery > settings > Unticked automatically restart.

then we shut of the system 5 minutes later the comp restarted.

I can't figure it out. We do not have roxio burning software so its not that problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

PS the changes i made were to the network card setting it to DHCP.
I faced the same problem once ,,, and I could not manage with the problem which forced me finally to make a complete pc format
First, this should be moved to the PC support section.

I think the problem is in your BIOS settings. When you're computer is starting, look for what to press, usually delete when the bootscreen comes up. Then, in advanced options, there should be something called restart after power failure or something like that, and set that to false. Try to find the manual for your BIOS. Look for the version at the bootscreen, and google it, look for guides of some sorts. Good luck, hope this answers your question! Rolling Eyes
I cannot face this problem...

I think reinstall your system completely Laughing
first check Temperature of CPU...
that must be low than 60* celcius....
if the Temperature over than 60* celcius.... your cache memory at your mainboard have some problem.....
if low than 60* you must update the latest antivirus....
Hi, in my spare time, I work as a Technician for a Tech Support Site.

This same question came into us a few months ago. The problem was whenever the space bar was hit the computer started up. The problem, as someone has already said was simply the BIOs setting. If you go to the BIOs, you'll find a setting in there something like "Start Computer when:" make sure you've it put on the right setting. That should solve your problem. Wink
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