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How do I publish from Frontpage?
And does Frihost accept all the things in Frontpage... I mean, like the forms, and the buttons and the other scripts?

Please tell me how to publish my site with Frontpage, and how long it will take before it finally displays the updated site... because I think I just published it, and it shows my files as having been uploaded, but when I enter my URL, it shows the parent directory thing and the other pages that were there before I published with Frontpage.
I don't use frontpage, so I cannot give you much info about it, but I found a tutorial in here:

You should also look at the cpanel manual.
thank you
ok i'm sorry, i just went rhough the tutorial you gave me the link to... but it doesn't tell me the format of the FTP or HTTP server through which I update my site...

Actually, I just published my files to and though they appear to have got uploaded,a nd they even show in my File Manager in in CPanel... but the problem is that even though I have uploaded a page called index.htm, it doesn't show that page when I enter my URL... it shows the directory instead. I need help about this because I primarily use Frontpage for the basic designing and publishing... pleasE?
Apparantly you deleted the public_html folder. It is the main directory of your website and without it, your website won't show up. You should upload your index.html file in that directory.
ok thanks a lot... this must have cause quite some frustration to you... I think i got the hang of it... I think if anyone asks you about Frontpage uploading in the future, tell them to upload the files (publish them) to "" and to enter their user id and password when the form pops up....

I'm about 90% sure that ought to do the trick.. gimme a little time to make a bigger site and check if that is the format in which we're supposed to publish...

thanks again for the support...

You can also use your site as a Frontpage 'Web' if you have frontpage extensions enabled in cPanel.

Open FrontPage, and click File --> Open Web. Type in and see if it works!
Hey OK thanks... I hadn't tried publishing my Web with http... I tried only and it got uploaded... the only thing that worries me a little is whether if I do use some Frontpage features which require Frontpage extensions, maybe they won't work? I hope they all do, even though I don't really plan to use Frontpage for much except an easy way to preview colour changes and formatting... I use Javascript/DHTML for the navigation and mostly other scripts you can get online for the other designing, and create my own images for the names of the sections...

Alright thanks... I'll try publishing via HTTP
On every host with cPanel, all the FrontPage extensions are supported. cPanel servers run a version of the FrontPage extensions for Linux (and other UNIX-based OS's) which works exactly like the Windows one.

So yes, all features are supported
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