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Frihost Page Not Found


I was wondering if anyone else get this every now n then?
Im not sure if it's me or frihost?

Is it the forums? or my pc?
That url is pretty weird. Any idea how that first part got in there?

Edit: I just checked the error on Google and it seems to be caused by a trojan.

I would advise to switch to Firefox to surf the internet (apparantly the problem doesn't appear there) and download/run quite a few virus scans with different programs.
No idea wat'smaking it do it.. But it's happened to me at least 5 times tonight. On different links.

I click on any link, for example in the picture it was going to '' .. whichever forum that is.
Took a little while, then got 'The Page Cannot Be Displayed' with that addres in the address bar.

Also with 'Shell Doc Object and Control Libary' add-on trying to run Confused ?

Bit weird...

EDIT: Oww right, jut seen your edit when i posted... Thanks then, at least it's not the site Wink. lol, guess i'll leave virus scans running tonight. Cheers.
Is it just on frihost? Quick reading up on what is brief and looks unreliable suggests it could be spyware. If it happens on other sites as well I'd do a scan (I would anyway actually Razz ).
Yeah, it's only happened on Frihost so far.

I also keep getting one of those yellow bars saying that my Intranet security settings are weak. I've never had it before lol, and theres nothing to do with the intranet on here lol. Confused

Must be spyware or something. I keep canceling my scans latelycuz they keep happening when im trying to do something :p.
Well thanks to your post I'm now updating all the server software instead of sleeping. But I very highly doubt it's the server. Wink

But there are plenty of people having the exact same error (according to Google) and most of the replies are heading towards viruses/trojans.

However it might just be your browser (some wrong setting). IE7 is still in BETA, maybe try to reinstall it.

Edit: By the way it might be a good idea to install Windows Defender (former Microsoft Antispyware). It's pretty good in my opinion.
Aww, im sorry lol. I'm sure it'l be worth it in the end tho Wink

Thanks, i'll see if there's and junk in my pc and try see if theres an update of IE. Smile

Feel free to lock.

Also does this forum have Search Engine Friendly URL's mod installed? .. cuz i cldnt help but notice how odd they are lol :p
Hammy wrote:
Also does this forum have Search Engine Friendly URL's mod installed? .. cuz i cldnt help but notice how odd they are lol :p

Yes it does have search engine friendly urls, for almost one year now. It's mostly custom coding based on a few examples/mods. I spent and still am spending quite some time on it.
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