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Valve's Portal and the game befor it

I guess most of you have heard about Valve's upcoming First-person-puzzel game Portal. and some people (including me) started saying that valve stole parys portal idea and just modifyd it a little bit but thats not true.

when you tink about it portals are noting new quake hade em doom 1-2 hade em ect. but whats new whit prays and portal is that insted om being teleported for A to B you physicaly move truh the portal and you can see the portal exit truh the opening in real time.

well the guys behind portal are originally some studens from a university or somting that valve hierd after thay made this littel game calld Narbacular Drop that fetures the cind of portals i whas talking about. thay actualy started working on ther portal engine before pray announced thers.

if your intrested in trying Narbacular Drop you can download it from thire site entirely free OFC

if you havent heard about portal hers a trailer from YouTube
I've played Narbacular Drop, and I've got to say, it's one of the most original games I have seen in years... minus basically anything Nintendo. The concept is really quite genius, I'd often times try to put my self into infinite loops, lol.

But, dude, Portal. Will. RAWK! I've seen the video of it and it's just amazing. The one thing I'm hoping for from it is that it's a stand alone game, rather than an included weapon in Half-Life 2: Episode 2. That would rock! Smile
portal as far as i know is going to be a stand alone game but its set in the half life univurse its going to be relesd whit half life:ep2.
All I know is that I can't wait for this game to come out. I am really excited, it looks awesome. The graphics look great as well, even if they are just basic maps. I love the fact that you can see into the portal and even see yourself. The physics of the game look incredible too.

Go Valve, for creating another awesome game. Now I just gotta go beat Episode 1 and 2 so I can play this game. (Don't want to ruin the story for myself.) Plus Team Fortress 2 is coming with the game as well. How awesome is that? Very Happy
Prey is not the first game to have portals, but it's the first game to demonstrate portals years ago. So, no.. the guys behind Narbacular Drop didn't work on theirs before Prey announced theirs. Narbacular drop just took it to another level regardless of where they derived the portals, a concept that should be considered generic rather than derivative.

I can't wait for Portal.

Also worth noting, the first portals you could look through in a released game was Quake 3.

BTW, tonkpilz, please review your text before posting. You had a ton of lazily typed words and it made it difficult to read at times.
sorry about the bad eng m8 but thats about as good as it gets. and if the moderators and admins are so keen on spelling thay shuld install mod's like splling cow.
There are browser plugins that do it for you. I personally just look things up on on a regular basis.
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