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Harry Potter

Who all has read the last Harry Potter book?

Question for those who has? Who do you think RAB is going to be?

Who all has seen newest HP movie what did you think?

When is EST for next HP movie? Any one know?
like lots of movie come from book

movie is sh***t. for the last book I have a bad impression.
in the 600 pages it's a cool story and the last chapter (more or less 20 pages) she answer to all question. thats bizarry .
That's sound like she wrote 6 hundred pages and now it's time to finish that.

I havent read the latest Harry Potter book but I will eventually since Ive read all the ones before it. and I like all the movies I cant wait to see this new one. Im not sure when it will come out though.
The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, is the least we know about currently. We do know that J. K. Rowling has said she has no further plans for books after the seventh book. Warner Bros. has also indicated that there will only be 7 movies. But the real question people are wondering, will it be Harry and/or Voldemort that dies? Rowling has now said in two interviews that Harry might not survive to the end of book 7. The general thought is that Harry will not die, but let speculation and rumors run wild, because there is a lot that could still surprise us. Rowling is known for her obscure and creative endings, and hopefully by the time the 6th book comes out, we will have some better ideas about the 7th. Till then, here is what we know about the 7th book and possible rumors into what might happen.

Harry potter is the greatest book ever! I am so sad that XXXX(I wont spoil it for you guys that have not yet read HBP) died......
Yes, I admit to crying about it Crying or Very sad. For those of you who share in my grief visit :! Please feel free to respond to me directly on this matter. Love as always - And Harry Potter lives on..xoxoxoxox Wink Smile
RAB is Regulus Black in my opinion. He is Sirius's younger brother.

The fourth movie was brilliant and very well made.

The next movie will be amazing. I'm looking forward to it.

The next book is going to be the darkest, last and best of them all.

Both, the book and the movie are set for a summer release next year. That'lll be a great summer!
If youre talking about the book, then isnt this in the wrong forum? When does the next movie come out, anyone know?
the next movie comes out next summer
I've always enjoyed the Harry Potter movies. The books are quite good, though I'm turned off by the lenght of the recent ones (there's no way I can sit down to read all that). But the movies I really enjoy the graphics and scenes in. Just shows how far technology has gone.

It will be neat to see the next movie... and to see what happens in that final book!
Ok no this isnt the wrong one.. It mentions both the book and the movie.. So it fit in well here

Um.. instead of reading it yourself.. listen to it.. theres audio books out.. i get them frequently with children its hard to sit and read lol

thanks for the posts..
I've got all six of the potter books on my shelve here and i must say the sixth blew me away like on Prisoner of Azkaban did before.

I'm realy looking forward to seeing Umbridge on the big screen. I can't wait to start hating that woman more visualy Smile

Let's hope harry survives and voldemort dies. Rowling only said 'a main character' will die, so it could just be Snape or something.
Rev` -
I read all the books and they're the best series that I ever read.
It's quite shitty that Sirius Black died, he was my fav character, and then Albus.. Why 1 of the negative character doesn't die? For example Lucius Malfoy or Severus Snape.. I think that Redcliff and the company are too old for their personalities that they have to act. TBH..
What I Think About The Movies

I don't think any of the movies have been able to do justice to the books. Most of the scenes have been twisted and some stuff like the Weasely Ghoul and others I have been waiting to see were completely cut off! The third movie was the worst I don't think anyone who hasn't read the books was able to understand the story at all! As it is the people who have read the book couldn't follow the track.
I did not read the book but I saw the movie and I see that it is a great one
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