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Paris Hilton - Paris (2006)

Well, when I popped her new CD in (finally), I was expecting the worst. And she does have all the money for every superduper producer and w/e, so it was quite decent actually. Though she repeats "I'm too sexy" TOO much lol!
Her first "hit" single, stars are blind is quite decent, but I have to say, the music is not really my type.

What did you guys think of her album?
It should be quite descent seeing as how she's been working on it for years. Judging by what I've heard so far, it isn't a memorabe disc. There is a mash-up by HotWack with "Stars are Bring" and "cool". The two sound almost indistinguishable.
Well the song is ok....even though if she like really wants to make music and get serious about it she could do well but then again i have yet to see paris hilton get serious about anything Razz
It's better to see a DVD with know something HOT...
It's better to see her than to listen her..
one night in Paris Smile
Jurado wrote:
one night in Paris Smile

good one Laughing

I don't find anything special in her singing. It's undeniable that the song sounds good. But her voice, doesn't bring any impact
engeland wrote:
Jurado wrote:
one night in Paris Smile

good one Laughing

I don't find anything special in her singing. It's undeniable that the song sounds good. But her voice, doesn't bring any impact

Very true. Is she really a singer? or it's just because she belongs to a rich family in the US? anyway, she's not good. period. LOL.
2 words "HATED IT" that is all
God, I hate Paris Hilton. She can't do anything, yet she's revered as in it girl. The worst thing is that how she became famous was a sex tape, and in the words of the great Denis Leary, "She's can't even f*ck."
Her best work was One Night in Paris. And I think she knows that, the video is made on those lines - skin-show.
anathema wrote:
It's better to see a DVD with know something HOT...
It's better to see her than to listen her..

Agreed very much. It's also better watch her videos with minimum sound volume Razz
sucks... although decent but sucks big time.. especially her video, stars are blind... watch till my eyes bleed.. so many flashes.. grrr..
I love her, she's cool! :] although, not got the album yet
Her songs are grat. she can better sing than be an actor.
I really don't like Paris Hilton. She doesn't have any talent, especially for singing. The song Stars Are Blind sux!!!!!!! Because that kind od singers pop is going down the drain.
her music is pretty good. She needs to get a better beat for "stars are blind" but the song is great. That is the only song i heard from her.
honostly when i saw her music video pop up on fuse my jaw droped. instead of changing the channel i decided to put it on mute and stare at her Very Happy

she definatly isnt my type of music (hardcore, screamo...etc.) but she is nice to look at Smile
oh got to agree with that she can sell her sex appeal.
The biggest issue I have is the fact that it's all fake in a sense. She is being packaged yet again, for sell on the market. Sure she sounds, ok on the cd. But it her voice as for the most part been studioed heavy. What talent she does have has been doctored to make her sound alot better. Wait till she sings live, you will hear the differene, and it will be big.
paris has lot of money but this doesnt mean she has abilty to sing like michael jackson Idea
Who would be stupid enough to embarass themselves to even give her a chance?? Its clear to the whole world she cannot sing! So why the F*** is she allowed to become a singer. I think shes nothing but an embarassment. No wonder her sister keeps a low profile, id be ashamed if she was related to me! Lets face it, shes only there because of her family, otherwise shed probly be a hairdresser or something by now! Twisted Evil
I am convinced that people are retarded!

I saw that video and thought that is not Paris Hilton. And then I saw the caption at the end of the video and it said "Paris Hilton". I thought, ok, this must be a sick prank to screw with me while I try to nurse this hangover! I consoled myself by thinking I will probably never see it again because it will flop - and then I switched of the TV and went back to bed to try to recover. That was like 3 months ago and I see that black and white piece of senseless self promotional garbage at least once every two days!

So why are people retarded? Because we live in a world where if MTV says, hey this is not that bad, we in turn think, you know what, you're right! Then a few day later VH1 says Hey, this new PH (Paris Hilton) Rocks! We're like, You're damn skippy! But at the back of our minds we know its a piece crap. But hey, if so many people think its cool, then hey, it must be alright!

so who do I blame for this lunacy: Teeny Boppers! Dumb useless, impressionable teeny boppers! They flood radio stations and TRLs with stupid requests for paris hilton, not that the friggin radio stations and TRLs give you much of choice to begin with!

We live in a stupid senseless world where the inexplicable happens! Where someone who is famous for just being famous releases a cd and becomes even more famous!! WTF. Here's one you should try to get used to because you know its going to happen at some point: Paris Hilton for Congress.
i cant undersand why she is still trying to do something so awfull..) Laughing
THE song's (note..not HER song) catchy tune is nice coz the composer apparently is a very ownage one but wrote a song for the WRONG person and most likely got criticised alongside wif her :/ sadly

but honestly..she shld juz go back to making sex videos
Im not a fan of her, and I dont really like music in that gender. When I first heard that she had made a song I laughed, but she isnt the worst Ive heard, but still far down on my list.
hsadmin wrote:
2 words "HATED IT" that is all

yup. same opinion here.
I love her album, it's soooo good! My favorite track is "I Want You" and "Turn You On", but "Nothing In This World" is pretty amazing as well, I'm happy she made an album, I support her all the way.
crock o shit, she cant sing and its pretty obvious she just moans her songs. almost orgasmically, she talks about how good she is and in terms of looks i reckon shes pretty rank. shes like a skeleton, just slutty.

{edit} given all the guys are crazy given all the stars are blind. what the hell. wow paris did u only just realise that stars cant see?
This album is just form making some more million dollars, the music is bullshit, is crap, please people dont buy that cd, and spend your music in real music.
Oh man, are there really people who like her music? lol..
I like her vids much better!!

Guess she isn't much worse than madonna. And paris hilton looks better..
(Maybe if she was a little less thin i would call her hot.)
I stopped watching all music channels, human brand management is becoming much more important then produce good music, and Paris H is the nr 1 example of this.

-cant sing
+looks good
+big budget

Such a formula is kinda garanteeing succes..
Aonther example is the sister of jessica simpson, she is also a bad singer as far as i am concerned, but still makes good money..

When are the olsen twins gonna sing? Smile
When I heard she was releasing an album I didn't think it was going to be any good. But when I listened to it i thougt it sounded quite good.
Not very good, but not bad at all!
Something interesting I've been noticing is that many people (some of my friends included) are saying that they are surprised by how much they like Paris Hilton's new single. You shouldn't be. Someone with her infinite wealth can easily afford to hire the right team to make her album as addictive as possible. This is the same tactic that allowed Britney Spears to achieve huge success so quickly. She had powerhouse producers behind her to make her music extremely infectious, causing just about anybody who didn't know any better to think to themself, "Wow! This girl's a great artist!" No. There's a difference between being a great artist and someone with the right team of producers working on their side.

This music is addictive because of its simplicity. Simple tunes are easier to hum/sing/remember, which is very appealing to some people. They contain "safe" harmonic and melodic structures where scale degrees and chords proceed to predictable locations, which are very immediately pleasing to the ear, yet not very rewarding (especially in the long-run). Paris' music is just that: predictable melodic/hamonic structure, geared toward making people think that she is actually a surprisingly valid artist, when she's actually deceiving them so that she can gain even more fame and fortune. How her music.

On top of it all, there's a magical device that the music industry has tried to keep hush-hush over the years, but is now becoming common knowledge to the public. Referred to by producing veteran, DJ Premiere, in the video that accomopanies Christina Aguilera's new Back to Basics album as "auto-tune", this aweful technology allows producers to adjust the pitch of someone's voice after it's been recorded. Wonderful. At least before, people with minimal talent had to re-record over and over until they got it right, hopefully learning a little bit about relative pitch in the process and forcing them to slowly learn how to sing in the process. Obviously, Paris has used this. Her "interpretation" of the melody in this song is so terrible that she obviously has had little or no vocal training, and thus, has no more of a concept of relative pitch than anybody else in the country.

Paris said in an on-set interview for her video that she does not want people to think that she is just making an album just to do it, but that she has dreamed of making one since she was very young. Well guess what, Paris? Just because you want to make an album doesn't mean you should. Leave that to the dedicated, intelligent musicians of substance like Sheryl Crow, U2, Alicia Keys, and OutKast. Go take some music theory courses and intensive voice lessons and study some of the music that came out before you were born. Read some good literature. Exercise your mind. Then maybe, even you can release a respectable album.
I heard the CD bombed even though she said she cries everytime she hears it because it's so good. But then again, she's delcared herself an icon. Hahahahahahahahahaha! She's a one-trick pony. She should give Vivid Video a call.
She must have spent so much on publicity. Except that she is sexy and naughty there's nothing more to expect. A music album? Yes I saw Stars are blind from Youtube. Every socialites don't become a singer. Is she going ahead with this album because there are pressure to compete ones like Lindsay Lohan? I guess that's it.... She can't sing... that's the fact.... But people will still buy her album out of curiocity or just to enjoy the video part... perhaps....
its true... she cant sing.. and stars are blind video, its making me blind, not by her beauty but the rapid flashes of scenes which i rather see monkeys making love..

does she really make money out of this..??
hmm, if only she wasnt as popular yet to cut this album, im sure the producer will think twice cutting this album..

she is already well known celebrity.. with 'amazing' talent, so, stick with it man..
Paris Hilton + Music = bore bore bore
Paris Hilton + Porn = hot hot hot.

Mind my pervertness. Laughing
I am definitly not a fan of paris. She looks great for her age. Her shows are really great, but she can not sing. The sound of her voice wasn't that great a decade ago, but now she really makes glass brake...
Why do you think she turned to dance music? This must be because it is the only way she can be a commercial succes by hiding her vocal talents.
healyrj wrote:

*applaud, applaud, applaud*
Fantastic post. I can't believe people are buying this bitch's album with the idea that they're supporting a musical artist.

Aside from "auto-tune," another device you you should've mentioned that top studios use is the harmonizer. Basically it "doubles up" any section you want it to with pitch shifted versions of the raw voice, making for a natural & perfect "harmonized" sound. Paris probably used that one to make people think she's fantastic with the backup vocals too.

This is basically a case where someone was able to release a highly successful album because she had a lot of money to begin with. Musical careers shouldn't be a byproduct of fame. This goes for Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and everybody else out of the "I'm rich from TV Shows/Movies, now let's make music" crowd.
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