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Feeling Groovy

I'm a little reluctant to talk to you. You know you're a beautiful woman, I would never turn you away. I didn't care if I ever found you, the one. I've denied you for over a year. I wasn't ready for the rest of my life to begin, I had to step back and gather myself. Now I do care, I can sense you coming. I have my eyes open looking for you all the time, in any kind of setting. My vision of you is really not a problem, your hair is dark and full, it flows with you and compliments the person that you are. Your eyes hold me in place, the focus my attention. Your dark skin glows with energy, we love the contrast of each other. You like that I'm tall and easy to look at, but the man I am really is what does it for you. I'm always touching your wrist or brushing your flesh. Just a little tap to let you know. Somehow we just always seem to come out on top, we don't always know why. I guess we just stay on course, and love that we can commit. We celebrate our differences and accept each others faults. We are a band of pirates, we find adventure in the simplest things. We walked on the beach today, we performed our own ballet, it was glorious. You know what to do when I bust out the magic lasso. The tide was about our feet, it has always been nice that we find these moments together. We talk about the future and dream together. I'm waiting, I'm going to catch your eye. Your not going to be able to help yourself around me. It's all good though, I never lead you a stray. I feel the same way around you and you know. I'm ready for you now. I know what it takes. Everything has been about this.
I began reading your message, but then I noticed it was written to someone's else. Confused
Nice words, but at least give a proper title for the subject to describe its content.
it sure looks like a kinda love story where the outcome is long said. Have fun with your love buddy Very Happy
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