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How the GS Emblem was born?

The first emblem of Galatasaray was drawn by Şevki Ege, student number 333. This emblem was an eagle with stretching wings and with a ball in his mouth. "Eagle" was one of the emblems which Galatasaray club considered. However the name "eagle" wasn't accepted and thus the eagle emblem was forgotten. Later on today's GS emblem was born and accepted.

Suat Başar explains the way that the GS emblem was born:

The year was 1923…

That year we were in "cinquieme", that is, the first grade of the lycee. Our friends, Ayetullah Emin and Şinasi (Şahingiray), were preparing a weekly magazine called "Black Cat" and Ayetullah was writing 90 % of the magazine with his beautiful handwriting. He also decorated the pages and especially the front page of the magazine. Once we saw a "Gayin - Sin" (G and S letters) drawn simply but elegantly on the front page. Yellow "Sin" (S) was put into red "Gayin" (G). This drawing would be the emblem not only of our club, but also of the whole Galatasaray. But someone has to propose this emblem in the congress of the club. Who would propose this? We wanted a student to propose it but he was very shy. And at last the day came. One day in 1923, we gathered the congress in the painting class of the school. It was such a passionate and exciting congress! Everybody was there! It was obvious that Galatasaray was preparing for taking new steps, that it was going to make new revolutions in sports, that it was going to open a new era in the country. Proposal and decisions were coming one after another. Şinasi took the "Gayin - Sin" picture from Ayettullah and he intended to propose it as emblem to the congress, but he was a shy person, too. At last the late Dr. Namik (Canko), sitting next to Şinasi, took the floor and said:

"Dear friends, Şinasi Reşit, one of our young brothers, brought an emblem drawing to our congress. And I propose it as an emblem of our club." He showed the "Gayin - Sin" emblem, drawn on a big paper and painted in our colors. The proposal was accepted with consensus.

Ayettullah did not only draw "Gayin - Sin" with old letters, but he also created a "GS" in a similar way. The original copies were in the "Black Cat" magazine, prepared by Ayettullah and Sinasi. "Gayin - Sin" was first printed on the letters, papers and envelopes that were published by Galatasaray Student Union founded in 1925. It also decorated on the lycee hats and then lycee jackets. However some incapabilities delayed the creation of rosettes. At last time came and the emblem drawing were given to Nihat Bekdik who opened a drapers' shop at the door of Ipek cinema with Besim Koşalay. Unfortunately these drawing disappeared. Ayettullah's drawing was changed a little in the rosettes that were prepared by the board of directors of those days. We lost Ayettullah Emin, creator of Galatasaray emblem, on 29 September 1931. Dr. Namik died in 1933. Let God bless Şinasi Şahingiray with a longer life. Every time I saw GS emblem, I remember these three people"

PS: Unfortunately we lost Suat Başar, student number 550, too. Rest in peace...

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