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Getting over loneliness

Ok, I'm going on holiday with my family tomorrow, and I won't be able to speak to my friends for a week. Even right now, I feel kinda crap because I can't talk to someone.

Any tips for getting over loneliness?
Top up with credit on your phone, talk to your friends there. Or buy a laptop and connect whenever you can, it won't help much but it'll give you that extra bit of communication you need to stop you from going insane Wink. For example when I was in North West Scotland (pretty remote, for those of you who don't know*) I didn't have any communication and it's quite strange going back home especially from somewhere with next-to-none of human contact.

I don't have anyone's mobile phone numbers, so that's rather redundant. And I doubt I'm going to get 400 for a laptop by tomorrow.

I do have a PSP, however, and I'll use it to get on myspace if I can. I'm not sure if I'll be able to though.
I thought that might be the case. Try talking to people on your holiday, you could even make some new friends. The prospects of leaving all your friends may seem daunting but the odds are it won't be too bad by the time you will get there... you'll enjoy yourself and forget all about it. The PSP thing sounds good all the same.
I'm not too confident on the making new friends thing. I went there last year and I met some people. Turns out they were using me as a sort of clown Rolling Eyes. Plus I'm not the sort of person people like to meet anyway.

I'm sure it won't be too bad. I'll be missing everyone here Smile
Your going to a trip with your family so why not make the best out of it. Talk to your family, chat with them, enjoy the trip, play card games with them. You always go out with your friends I guess but I believe that family are as important like your friends also and so in my personal opinion that you must also find time for your family.

In my country, families are closely knit or should I say close to each other which explains my views. Smile
I can't ****ing stand my family Rolling Eyes

- You're going out of town with your family, but you hate your family.
- You're not the type of person that people like to meet.
- The last people you met treated you like a clown
- You'll miss all your friends online and you're trying to figure out a way to get on myspace while you're gone.

Sounds like you're kinda anti-social.

In the long run, online friendships are a poor subsitute to actual friendships in the real world. Just because you mixed up with some people the last time that treated you wrong doesn't mean you shouldnt try this time.

Believe me, I know what i'm talking about. I grew up with the Army. My dad was in the army for 22 years. We moved around alot, so I was always the new guy.

Add in the fact that I had bad eyesight, so I had coke-bottle glasses AND I had an extremely high metabolism, so I was skinnier than the post for a stop sign.

I even got treated like an idiot by my "friends" who were D&D nerds.

lol......... But things change when you want them to change. I didnt grow "out" until the end of my senior year. Then when I came home from college for the holidays, nobody recognized me.....barely even my own family.

Making friends isn't that hard...... when someone laughs at you, laugh with them.......make them feel stupid because their joking and needling doesn't bother you. Bullies hate that. lol
I haven't hit that feeling for a long long time.
The frist thing to do is to 'make yourself not sense the loneliness'...what a trash talk but quite true.
Let your mind do everything but not thinking of lonely is a good way, since the time I get my job, I particpate in my Church life, I started my part time study....I am very much eager to have some time alone. You know being alone and quiet is a precious moment to a business adult...

Anyway take your time when you are alone, you may utilise these period and furnish your life, good luck
You can also hang out with famlie and catch up on things going on with your family. Also like someoen said make some new friends where ever you are going. And i dont' know what it is like there but around where i go on vacation (down the beach) there are internet cafes that you can go on skype and call all contacts. So you can do that too.
I don't get lonely that much. I usually spend time on my PC and I've got lots of friends online all the time (not net pals but my actual friends who are online too). Then again I have net pals too. So I can basically hang out with all my friends & do all my homework & learn more about website-building. I don't see how anyone can possibly be lonely anymore.
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