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Sxcottish Premier League Div 2

Yesterday the SPL approved proposals to establish an SPL 2 from season 2008/09. Great you might think, but is it.

10 Scottish league clubs will be invited to enter as long as they have at least 3,000 seats and undersoil heating.

Ayr United currently do not match that criteria and so have the best part of two seasons to develop their ground.

This league construction will leave only 20 clubs outside the SPL set up. Currently, with 30 clubs the Scottish League does not have a sponsor - Bells having pulled out last season.

If these 30 with the larger clubs such as St Johnstone, Partick Thistle and Dundee cany bring in a sponsor what chance 20 clubs with just the likes of East Stirling, Arbroath and Stenhousemuir as a pull have.

The answer is probably None!.

I ask what happens to these 20 clubs (which may include my team Ayr United) when this change takes place.

It has l;ong been said that 42 clubs in Scotland is unsustainable and that amalgamations and closure may be required to bring the league to a more sustainable level of senior clubs.

This new SPL 2 may just be the excuse many have been waiting for to start this process.

These 20 clubs will neither have the money, nor any way of attracting the money to compete with SPL 1 and 2 and so a new era is definately near to hand.

Could these 20 be the start of a Conference type league in Scotland or could it be the end of the road for some of the most historic of Scottish clubs.
i did not understand completely what are you trying to say.Scottish league will have 2 premier leagues or what?!??!!
Yes they have the Scottish Premier League and now they want to add a second division of the premier league taking the rest of the 'bigger' scottish clubs into it. I think they are thinking about doing the same in England. It just seems to me to be kicking smaller clubs when they are down and of course its the smaller clubs that bring on the raw youth to feed the bigger clubs and ultimately into the national side. So if you get rid of he smaler clubs nurtutring these young players then the whole of Scottish football will suffer right up to the National team.
now i see.So bigger clubs are going to SPL2 and other small clubs are left nowhere.I think thats going to make differences beetween big and rich clubs and small clubs even bigger.Well i cant see bright future for those small clubs.Probably they want the cut the number of clubs so they can get quality.Personally i dont like this.You can see a clubs that were big clubs and they have tradition and now they should be in middle of nowhere.These days football is going in wrong direction and soon only the richest will be able to play.I hope that is not going to happen.
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