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T-Mobile MDA Smartphone ?

Hey everyone,

I've been eyeballing the T-Mobile MDA Smartphone at all of the T-Mobile kiosks in the 2 malls that I go to, and I really want to get the phone coming up. I presently have a Motorola RAZR V3 but I've always had a soft spot for PDAs (I have 2 of them) and I would love to get the MDA to combine two units into one. Plus one thing I never really had before on a PDA would be a sliding keyboard on it.

Does anyone here have this phone ? Anything that you would like to tell me about your MDA - good and bad ? Anyone else interested in getting the same phone as me ?

It'll take me a few weeks to save up the money, but I think I'm going to get it used on Craigslist from someone who doesn't want their phone because they charge an arm and a leg for one at a kiosk, like $400 or something like that.

I like PDA's but I never carry one around with me as it's just one more thing in my pocket. That's mainly why I want to get it.

- Mike.
I've got one of them myself - it's actually under a different branding, but it has the same OS and form. It's really good unless you want to use it as a phone most of the time and a PDA occassionally. While the phone features are good, there are a few annoyances:
1) It's a pain to use either a full keyboard or a stylus to send a quick SMS message
2) You can use a traditional "phone keypad" on the touch-screen, but you can't feel the buttons therefore you have to look at the screen the whole time you're typing a message (so walk and type isn't possible!)

However, if you use the PDA a lot for Word, Powerpoint, email and the calendar, it's fantastic. The built in Wi-Fi is tremendous - I've managed to happily waste hours at airports surfing the web whilst waiting for flights. It's a good size and it fits in your pocket well - it's not small, but it's easily portable. Mine came with a carry case and a wired hands-free, but the Bluetooth option is also great if you already have a headset.

I would say "buy it", but you need to accept that it's not a fast PDA - the processor is only 195MHz. But it combines everything that you need in a convenient package, and unless you need a blisteringly fast PDA, it will do the job nicely.

Have a look for an "I-Mate Jam" - it's the same phone/PDA, but you might find it elsewhere for less money.

Hope this helps the decision making process!
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