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"You know you're from...when..."

Hello everyone,

Over the past few hours I've been sitting here in front of my computer compiling a list of things that I wanted to add-on to this list here, which is "You know you're from Chicago when...", with things that I know about the city, since I live in the area.

Here's my current list (it's long, I didn't imagine I can make mine this long).

1.) You've eaten at Superdawgs, know what intersection they're located at, and always have a hard time finding a place to park your car at when you get there.
2.) You know what happened at the Subway across the street from the Superdawgs a few years back.
3.) You know of a few good beef places to eat at, and that some are actually outside of the city.
4.) You've gotten at least one ticket from the "Photo Enforced Intersections" that are planted at most of the major intersections in the city, and know the locations of where they're at.
5.) You wish they had a Walmart in the city, instead of going out to the suburbs to go to one.
6.) You know what part of the Kennedy Expressway that is being filmed in "Wayne's World" when Wayne and Garth are going up to Milwaukee to go to a concert. In fact, you know what expressway they're going onto right after that scene.
7.) You've bought and eaten a box of "Slamming Sammy's Frosted Flakes" when he was with the Cubs.
8.) You know what Walter Payton, Michael Jordan, and Sammy Sosa have in common.
9.) You can set off firecrackers and bottle rockets in the city and get away with it.
10.) You mount a milk crate with the bottom cut out of it to a pole in an alley to use it as a basketball hoop.
11.) You know what the old name for "U.S. Cellular Field" is, and still call the park the old name anyway.
12.) You know where Cook, Lake, DuPage, McHenry, and Will county are located at.
13.) You know what station used to be "The Oldies Station" before it was changed to a new format, and who was announcing on that station.
14.) You know where "The HIP" is located at and what "The HIP" actually is.
15.) You know what a "slider" is and what resturant sells them.
16.) You either buy "The Trib" or "The Sun Times", depending on what side of town you live on.
17.) You know what the "Magnificent Mile" refers to.
18.) You know when the Chicago River gets dyed a different color, and what color it gets dyed.
19.) You know what band went to Chicago and "dropped the load" on a boat when it was going over the Chicago River, and year it happened too.
20.) You've been to the original McDonald's building and have to eat across the street, and you know for what reason too.
21.) You travel outside the city to pay for your car's gasoline.
22.) You know what park sits on top of the old Meigs Field airport.
23.) You know what a "Crosstown Classic" game is.
24.) You know what 5 television channels broadcast the news, know the names of the stations, and their corresponding channels.
25.) You watch Jerry Springer at 1:00PM and at 3:00PM during weekdays.
26.) You have an I-Pass.
27.) You know where to use the I-Pass.
28.) You know what "The Skyway" refers to.
29.) You know what the Illinois building in Downtown looks like.
30.) You know what the "Riverview" park was, where it was, why it closed, and what's there presently.
31.) You know what presently stands on the highschool that "The Breakfast Club" was filmed at.
32.) You know where a timeout has been called.
33.) You go to the Marshall Field's Building in Downtown each year during Christmas time to look at the displays in the windows.
34.) You know what the names "Wrigleyville", "Portage Park", "Bucktown", "Old Irving Park", "Wicker Park", "Old Town" and "Logan Square" refer to.
35.) You seen the "Chicago Cows" when they were in town a few years back.
36.) You either shop at Jewels or Dominicks for your groceries, and you still have both of their cards in your wallet or purse.
37.) You know where Six Flags is at and what route you have to take to get there.
38.) You know what town Gurnee Mills is in.
39.) You have a Schwinn bike in your garage or back yard, or used to have one.
40.) You wonder to this day on why the city put a train gate at the Addison entrance (heading inbound) to the Kennedy Expressway and not on any other entrance.
41.) You can fly dump anything you want in any part of the city, and you can get away with it.
42.) You know what the "Chain-O-Lakes" refers to.
43.) You know what directions each of these streets are facing - Milwaukee, Fullerton, Addison, Armitage, Damen, Central, Kedzie, Cicero, Northwest Highway, Halsted, Michigan Ave, Western Ave, and Irving Park Rd.
44.) You've been to the Disney Quest in Downtown before it was closed, and still wish that they didn't close it.
45.) You go to Thrift Stores and Flea Markets occasionally, and know that a lot of the DVD's and CD's are copies, and that nearly every bike and lawn mower are stolen.
46.) If you purchase something on eBay, you save the shipping cost by driving across town to pick up the item you bought in person.
47.) You hate the Department of Revenue for their staff of people in Green Suits by going around the city and printing tickets for cars like it's confetti, no matter what's wrong with your car.
48.) You keep several black shopping bags in your car to tie over a parking meter when you want to park there, so that you don't have to pay for it.
49.) You see scrap trucks going around the city collecting filing cabinets, refrigerators, bikes, and scrap metal all day long.
50.) You buy ice cream or corn on the cob from the people that walk down the streets with carts, by you hearing the ringing bells telling you that they're there.
51.) You hate CTA buses because of the pollution they make, for going too slow down the street, and for hogging up 1.5 traffic lanes.
52.) You know what the "Brown Line", "Blue Line", "Green Line", "Red Line", "Orange Line", and "Pink Line" refer to.
53.) You know where O'Hare and Midway are located at, and what they're referring to.
54.) You know that Spring and Fall do not exist in Chicago, only Summer and Winter.
55.) You see Ambulances and CTA buses travelling down the expressway.
56.) When you try to steal a shopping cart from either Dominicks or Jewel, the thing locks up when you reach the end of their parking lot.
57.) You have Mexican neighbors, who commonly live in a house that at least 3 other families live in too.
58.) You either live in a wooden house, a bungalo, a condo, an apartment, or a loft.
59.) You are more than likely paying your electric bill to ComEd, your cable bill to Comcast, and your phone bill to AT&T.
60.) Your neighbors broke out most of the speed bumps down your alley and thrown the remains into the garbage cans for the city to haul away.
61.) You've been to Kiddieland and are glad that they're closing in the next few years.
62.) You either shop at Walgreens or CVS for your smaller items.
63.) You can name at least 10 suburbs surrounding the city.
64.) You used to watch airplanes land on the ground on roads that were very near the airports. You are sad that you cannot do that any longer because you'd get stopped by the cops for doing it.
65.) You never give any money to the bumbs standing on street corners holding cardboard signs.
66.) You still make a right turn on red, disregarding what the signs say.
67.) You know of a bridge that has been grafittied at least once by gang bangers.
68.) You know what road The Animial Kingdom is on.
69.) You know that "The Loop" is both an Elevated Railway and a Radio Station.

If you're interested in finding out more on what I put down, I recommend a few searches on Wikipedia and Google to find out what I mean. Razz

What I'm interested in reading in replies to this topic is a link to your "You know you're from....when..." page and your additions to the list that's on that page, like what I did with mine.

Go on now, make your lists !

Additional - Don't just post the links without your additions to the list, as I don't want this to be a spam topic. Thanks.

- Mike.
Nice list - really long though, I wasn't expecting that mean reasons. Some of these are pretty good, but a lot of them are along the lines of: "You know you're from X when you know where Y is located" - that's obvious. Also you wouldn't have to be from the place necessarily to know where things are.

And: "You never give any money to the bums standing on street corners holding cardboard signs" - you don't have to be from Chicago to not do that.
by the HIP, (number 14) are you refering to the reference point when packaging the interior of a car?

The HIP point is located on a drivers hip as they sit in a driving position. All other items in the interior of a car are located in reference to this point. It sounds remarkably simple but it is a b!tch to actually do properly. I had a project on this last year at Uni, it was very difficult.

Of course you might be talking about something completly different!

I am not from Chicago and do not work there either. Yet, most of your list I knew. Cubs or Soxs fan?
Nice guess, but "The HIP" is "The Harlem Irving Plaza", a shopping mall at that intersection.

I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I do must say this. The Cubs are a disappointment, and I'm rooting for the Sox only because they won the World Series last year, which was a surprise to us all.

- Mike.
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