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Metal Gear Solids.

I like Metal Gear Solids because it's good stealth game, and it's pretty cool.(Like VR missions, who can hate them?)
If MGS4 could come in PS2, I would buy it.
I have played all the Metal Gear Solids through, and got Stealth and Bandana/Brown Wig.
Do you like Metal Gear Solids and why or why not?
I've played MGS on PSX a long ago and succesfully enjoyed it.

It's directed like a fabulous movie, there's a great sound, camera views and enjoyable as interesting plot. It's also good to say, that this is almost the best game on PSX and PS2.

I suggest to try it and play. Of course if you like japanese character of the game (Hideo Kojima rocks).
I have played the game on gameboy colour. The stealthness that the game requires attracts me very much. It is much of a manly game. Wink
Before I logged on, I was actually just playing MGS3 today. I've enjoyed all the Metal Gear Games. MGS4 isn't coming to the PS2, sorry to say, it can't take it. From what I've heard, it's supposed to be a launch title for the PS3. If anyone's got 30 bucks, I suggest you go buy MGS3: Subsistance, because it's the first Metal Gear game to have online multiplayer.
Great games, but I have yet to play the third. The video footage of the fourth game looks incredible. That could have been all pre-rendered video, but it still looked amazing. If you like the Metal Gear games and like handheld games, try the Boktai games out for some good stealth action fun (Same creator).
I like the metal gear solid series very much, but I didn't reallt like Metal Gear Solid 2... every thing seemed too repeated... you have to run back and forth all the time. I just got Snake Eater, and I am enjoying it very much. I love the idea of hunting and using animals as weapons.
Metal Gear Killes Him self it said so in E3'06 it shows him stick a gun in his mouth the diolouge says
"all great things need to die at some point" ( or something like that)
Yea the next one is gonna be wierd, Raiden looks cool as hell! I cant wait to get that one, I might buy a PS3 just for the Guns of the Patriots.
1. Should be a poll to prevent people from spamming their 1-line opinion just to make points and/or Frih$.

2. Metal Gears are all but stealth. Stealth is Splinter Cell. MGS1 for PSX had stealth but MGS2 has 0 (zero, nada, rien, nothing) stealth.

3. Raiden sucks and it should never have been created. What's the point creating a saga and change the hero in the second game? I understand that Hideo Kojima is a great guy but he know nothing of sagas and heroes.

4. Hideo Kojima not only he doesn't pick the right heroes, he loves money and is spamming MGSs like spraying AK-47 in CS: the first few bullets might hit but the others are just a waste of ammo.
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