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TOO MANY Illegals!!!!

Are you for or against the mass movement of Hispanics into the US??
 33%  [ 3 ]
 11%  [ 1 ]
Don't care
 55%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 9

First of all I just want to say I do not have a problem with legitament hispanic-americans or even fully hispanic people who have legaly imigrated. I understand there are many people of that origin who are just like me and I am not refering to those people in this commment. I also think there are some illegal peoples who probably actualy help and better American society and I am not talking about those people either. Also, I am by no means an expert on this kinda stuff, but I figured to learn more about it I just need to put out what I think I know, please correct me if I'm wrong.

All these hispanics who are flooding the US and not trying to take on any aspects of our culture are killing our culture/economy. Yea we allow immigration and I believe that is a good thing, but it definatly needs to be regulated to a very high degree. First of all, with a mass infusion of alien peoples they tend to not take on any of our American culture but instead keep thier own and not even try to blend with thier American surroundings. I believe the blending of cultures is one thing that makes this country so beautiful, and the variaty of people and tastes of culture are awesome, but I dont think you can come into America and totaly replace its blended culture with another countrys culture. It's blasphemy! At least learn the english language for goodness sake. A majority of the hispanics who come over here can't and will never learn how to speak English. What is that?? I think its great that we have diffrent and fused cultures, like I said, but dont change the culture totaly...I dont want the US changing into Mexico, I dont want to live in Mexico, and I dont want to speak spanish. If I did I would move. Another thing, illegals bring down the standard of living and soak up our taxes through wellfare and mooching off our government to survive. I work hard for the money I earn and I think its right to support my government, but not people who live here illegaly and dont even pay taxes!! Also, the percentage of iligitimate kids to hispanic people is unreal at around 50 or 60%. That means more kids are growing up in troubled familys, which usualy, not all the time, but usualy means more problems with things like gangs, vandalism, and just crime in general. Thats not good for society in general, and I feel like regulating imigration more strictly could prevent such problems...well thats all I have, and I'm sure this will blow some people up so get back at me.
I think you are right, when you say that they do not try to blend into the US culture, how ever, that is something that cannot happen in a lifetime because you were born like that, and if they wanted to be like people in the US is, they would be just imitating and that is sad. Second or third generations of inmigrants act more like a native and so on.
I'm not against hispanics (or latinos as many like to be called, if they are to be labelled) coming into this country legally. It is the illegal immigrants to this nation that are the problem - because they broke the law, and it seems hypocritical to let them get away with it.
I absolutely agree. America is also being divided because these illegal immigrants would like to create just a community of their own. Illegal immigrants are flooding to America increasing degree and US should take maximum measure to secure its border or else, these immigrants will wake up a new apartheid. According to CNN, spanish could become a second language in the US because of these events.
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