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Servers go offline every now and again...

Hi All, theres something going on with Server 2, it will be fine for a while and then it will go offline, and come back on again in a few, is there a way to fix this?
Thats because of apache server restarts!
problem wil be solved within 30 seconds itself!

Ya, but is there no way to stop it?
I think the answer is NO Crying or Very sad !!
Thats server related issue! Sad
Initially the offline time was more!
But now our dear bondings upgraded the RAM!
So, it will restart more faster!
Its adjustable with 30 seconds na?

Check Here

Bondings wrote:
The server was upgraded with 512MB of RAM a few hours ago. I also changed the server configuration a bit.

The problem was Apache restarting way too much due to several reasons. I also needed to execute a few very heavy tasks on the server during the last week which made it even worse.

The server is now reacting a bit quicker due to the changes. Apache shouldn't be restarting as much from now on and even if it does, it will be restarted much quicker and will thus remain unnoticed most of the time.

My apologies for all the downtime.


I see..... so there is nothing that can be done....

Question: Why does it have to be restarted?
Simulator wrote:

Question: Why does it have to be restarted?

Thats I dont know dude!!

( No other work for Apache na!!! So simply restarting itself for Timepass! Wink hehehe! )

Kidding yar! wait for some techical peoples reply!! Laughing
it just went down again, i cant even access my cpanel
NuniPio wrote:
it just went down again, i cant even access my cpanel

You can't get Cpanel on Server 2.... Confused
This is just a little irritating Razz
Same things happening to me.
Can't access my site or phpMyAdmin...

It isn't even online for an hour at a time Shocked
jeremyyak wrote:
This is just a little irritating Razz
Same things happening to me.
Can't access my site or phpMyAdmin...

It isn't even online for an hour at a time Shocked

No problem with us dude!
For us, downtime will be around 30 seconds only!

I like to remind you that, Frihost is a FREE hosting provider!

I can say that it the best FREE hosting service provider which is providing FREE unlimited Options like directAdmin, phpMyadmin, unlimited Databases Php and Perl support and there will not be any advertisements in the hosted sites!

Its the maximum extend a Free hosting provider can provide dude!


I came across lots of FREE hosting providers in last few years!
I can say that FRIHOST is the best than any other!
Im proud to say that my domain is hosted at Frihost only!
Very Happy

So, its adjustable with this short downtime!
Hope, Bondings will fix that issue too shortly!


There is no such thing as a perfect free host Razz

What Firhost loses in downtime, makes up huge for the massive amounts of features Cool

I say its a little irritating because every hour or so it is down for a minute and I am intereuppted in what ever I may have been working on.

S3nd K3ys
I've been watching that server go down for so long, it should be a sticky! Wink
My site has been down for like two hours now. I'm on server 2 as well. I know this is free hosting and I am appreciative of it, but it can be frustrating at times. Does this happen often on server 2? Is it a big enough problem to invest in paid hosting?
I have used a few freehosts in the past,none of them have had any noticable downtime,but i wanted a host that provided php as the hosts i used previously never,what you provide here is great but isnt there anyway u can cut down on the downtime? will it improve in the future?
yes, i have been noticing this to. it happened last night when i was updating my site and just about 30 seconds ago.

please if there is anything to help stop this happening please do it. i know this is a free host but it is still quite annoying.
Oh no , I didn't get the space yet. And I applied for server 2 !


When is server 3 coming ? I want server 3 ... Waaahhhh .....
This is still being worked on as has already been said. The time beteen restarts and time to actually restart has already been improved. Frihost is aware of the issue and Bondings is still working on the solution. It will be better in the future, just be patient.

Server 3 is likely to be introduced next month though no formal plans/dates have been decided upon yet.

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