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The Beatles

Discuss beatles. please no "Paul is dead" hoaxx stuff. That is so old.
Ill start. Who do you think splitt up the band. I think it was the unfriendly ness betwee paul and john. I dont think Yoko did it.
I have not really researched into the history of the Beetles. But I have bought one of their Anthologies and I love most of their bands.

I guess for what ever reason it is the norm in the Music Industry that most group/bands do not last very long. And those who do last become icons for aspiring musicians to follow.
Paul did everything possible to keep the band together. He pushed for them to record as a group instead of the one-at-a-time recording sessions on the white album.

George wanted out. Ringo actually quit before anyone. John and Yoko were off doing their own thing. I blame Yoko as much as anything, but I have to admit: when you have 4 (well, 3 1/2 with Ringo) talented people wanting different things for their music, the end was inevitable.

I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.
Man, that was so long ago I thought I'd go to Wiki and read a bit. I guess what I read didn't jog any memories for me. Does this bit below sound familiar to anyone?

In 1971 it was discovered that Allen Klein had stolen 5m from The Beatles holdings. McCartney could not dissolve his business with The Beatles easily, so this led to him suing the others so as to cut off all of his business interests with the group.
there a really great band and very inspirational. shot and simple Smile
I think that the Beatles reached a point in their carreer where they had to split. In the begining most of their songs had a similar sound, and it seems like they were enjoying the stardom and ability to make number 1 after number 1. Later on, when they had had enough of churning out songs that everyone liked, they experimented a bit and got a little less mainstream. I think that inevitably, they would face differences in their music styles and directions. On top of all this, I think that this kind of life style if pretty hectic and something had to give.

Most of the above is completely my own ideas as I have nothing to back up what I am saying! [just a few observations!] Wink
Wahwah Man
All bands split eventually and Paul and John just really had enough with eachother

And for those who say they hate yoko ono they need to remember that John loved yoko. that should be enough
Wahwah Man wrote:
All bands split eventually and Paul and John just really had enough with eachother

And for those who say they hate yoko ono they need to remember that John loved yoko. that should be enough

Never really thought about it, but you make a great point. People who complain that Yoko broke up the Beatles need to realize they are talking about a keeping band vs an amazing love. Jobs come and go....take love when you find it. Wink
It was an awesome band. Their work inspired and is impiring most of the musicians since they came out. However, I think when they stopped touring they became too much "experimental" and their music was not as good.
I love "let it be".

Is's sad but song of hope.

Playing "let it be" is easy.

Its code is very simple but beautiful.
I like "You and me", "Yesterday". Their voice and the rhythm are wonderful.
The Beatles are awesome...Harrison and Lennon were my favourites, too bad they're dead now. ='(

Their name will probably live on for years to come too...
Greatest band of the 20th century.

Not the greatest musicians of the 20th century, but their songwriting more than made up for it.
They are one of the greatest bands of the history, their music changed peoples lives literally.
My family grown up to be beatles fans from my granfather upto my younger relatives, The Beatles have been a huge part of our lives.
My fave song would be "Yesterday" and "Eleanor Rigby" I just love those.
i once did this whole academic paper on john lennon n got damn high for it LOL but yeaa i think the beatles juz had to disband coz john lennon died and by carrying on without him juz sounded stupid..but the beatles r quite a screwed up bunch in terms of their power-hungry ego but their songs still rock the world man
it LOL but yeaa i think the beatles juz had to disband coz john lennon died and by carrying on without him juz sounded stupid

What??? What are you on? The Beatles disbanded 10 years before Lennon was killed. I'll assume you failed that academic paper... and they got back together briefly for The Beatles Anotholgy and used 2 demo tapes John Lennon recorded to release 2 new songs.

Maybe the problem in the end is that the band was over-talented. 3 members who could write hits on their own, all 4 who could sing...not to mention that while they were a band they spent almost all their time together as a goup. That has to get to you after a while.

They were the greatest band of the 20th Century, and of all time as far as I am concerned. I don't think anyone of any band will ever repeat the success they had. I mean, the Beatles released two, sometimes three albums a year. Nowadays you're lucky if a singer/band releases an album every 2 years. The norm seems to be 3 years. Some of these bands like Coldplay will take 30 years to release the number of albums The Beatles put out in 8 years.
What? Paul died!?
Oh, beatles is a lenged, when I was young I often listen to their song from radio with my father~
I don't know much about the Beatles, but I'll always remember what a friend used to say: you can use one tape to put all the Beatles' worst songs and would still have place to put all the Rolling Stones' best songs.
I like the Stones, but man, it's got to be said that they repeat themselves a lot.
Anyway, the Beatles were great and if they split is just because they were just to good to be true Cool Happens with all great bands. There's always someone who thinks is better than the others (like the sad example of Roger Waters in Pink Floyd). Or that the others have gone the wrong way (like Jason Newsted in MetallicA) and therefore decide to leave the band.
Although it was stated that no "paul is dead" should be written... He hasn't done much of a creative career so far, the brain for the lyrics was certainly Lennon Cool (you compare Live And Let Die or Ebony & Ivory with Imagine and you'll get the picture)
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