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Need somone to make me a NEW theme. *BIG FRIH$*

Ghost Rider103
Hi, I am in need of a completely new theme for my website, I will pay big FRIH$ for somone to do this for me, say maybe 100 FRIH$, maybe more.

I am not exactly sure what I am looking for, or what information you will need if you know how to make new themes, so if you are interested, post here and let me know what information you will need and I will give it to you, but I need somthing specfiic so odnt just make a random one yet, because I am looking for somthing that is kind of specific, so post and let me know what information you need.
well, make it 150 FRIH$, and i will make your theme.... Razz
Ghost Rider103
einstein wrote:
well, make it 150 FRIH$, and i will make your theme.... Razz

Ok 150FRIH$ it is. So what kind of information do you need from me? well I will give you what I know right now. This is the web site I dont want any of those defult themes. I am not sure on the exact colors, but I do want it to be somthing to do with the military, so I am not to sure what you could do, like on the little icons on the left, could you make them the Marine logo? So I am really not sure, but just make itanything to do with the military, and make it look good man. Cool

I am going to go take a shower, then watch a movie, so I will be back on here in about 3 hours.
Ghost Rider103
Allright man, I am done, how is my theme coming?
Ghost Rider103
Yeah, incase anyone read wrong, I am giving150 FRIH$ to whoever makes me a new theme.
well, i have PMed you the new skin. hope you like it... Very Happy
Ghost Rider103
Ok, I have got your PM, but where, or how can I just view the Theme?
Embarassed sorry. i have now sent u a PM regarding that matter....
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