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i bet a lot of you here know them
theyre a pop-punk trio from CA
they broke up last year, and just now the details of the breakup are surfacing

read about it at

some of what is going on is crazy, at least half of the comments on Angels and Airwaves myspace page is all hate mail to tom delonge (former guitarist of blink)
i really do not know what to think about this all
I don't know what to think anymore..... argh *panics*
They weren't great anyway, so no big loss Smile
Blink 182 was great. They had great music. I mean it actually sounded like something unlike other punk bands in the past. They had great lyrics and I think anybody that doesn't like them has never listened to them. So anyways, although I liked them, I never followed the news. But holy crap they broke up Shocked Shocked Shocked No freakin way. I am devasted. Well maybe it happened for a reason. Well it doesn't matter, They are gone but they left us with a bunch of good tunes.
haha. nice that they broke up. or well some people, liked them so its not really fair to say, but i really dont see whats so fancy about their music.
they were amaizng

a shame they wnet they they did really.

i didnt like the last album really. buty they did make amaizng music, and you can listen to it time and time again and not really get bored of it.

Take off your pants and jackets has to be one of my all time favouitre albums.

i saw them live once na dthey were pretty awesome.

i rekon they will reform evemtually though - give it 2 years wen both side project bands (pluss 44 and Angles and airwaves) have failed
Im not a punk fan but Travis Barker Is Unreal. I have seen him do some mad solos. Its amazing to know that at a time in his life he only thought he would live to be 22 and or no more. Its CRAZY. I Miss You is a great song...
Blink 182 are wicked!
Such a shame they broke up, they good of continues being really sucessful for ages.
I prefer Blink 182 to Toms new band Angel and Airwaves.
Apparently i'm the only person who thinks this Rolling Eyes
I'm actually currently listening to Blink 182 Cool
Becky wrote:
Blink 182 are wicked!
Such a shame they broke up, they good of continues being really sucessful for ages.
I prefer Blink 182 to Toms new band Angel and Airwaves.
Apparently i'm the only person who thinks this Rolling Eyes
I'm actually currently listening to Blink 182 Cool

i also prefer blink to Angels and Airwaves
blink has been my favorite band since second grade, and i will always love them
AVA wasnt even all that great. they had decent tunes, but it was nothing really special like Delonge made it out to be.

and @ achene, there really wasnt anything fancy about their music until their last album, but that was part of the beauty of them. their music wasnt all about the music (i.e. the songs "****** Dogs" "Family Reunion" etc) but it was catchy and funny
they had a lot of depth though. they have more punkish songs and they have a lot of darker rock sounds sometimes too
angels and airwaves are a weird band, i like them better than the transplants, but not as much as boxcar racer. i was really into boxcar racer, they were awesome.
but i like that the bassist from the distillers is in this band now. he's way hot! Very Happy and its a pity that the distillers had to break up too.
blink-182 was wicked sick! but move on and check out Angels and Airwaves and +44.

i've listened to +44's Album Sampler and it's awesome. To all who thinks Angels and Airwaves sucks or just weird and boring, watch out for they're new makes you feel like flying and emotionally touched. Shocked fo sho'


d/l "+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating" video (check out Travis' skills)
I used to listen blink 182 when i was young.... but now that I now more about what music is, I can reognise when a band is good and when isnt it... so I think blink 182 sucks now!
Blink 182 rock. I love them. I only started listening to them last year but there one of my favourite bands.
Tom is well big headed these days.
Heh. First time i heard about blink-182 5 or 6 years ago. They were really crazy band. I greatly enjoyed them until they broke up and really loved their music. I think, there's no band in the world that can repeat that something, that had b-182*except RHCP Smile *.
Blink 182 have been one of my favourite bands for years, i grew up with them as my inspiration and like many people their music helped through many hard times. I loved the fact that two best friends (mark and tom) could be in a band and having so much fun and still hold it all together.
I was devastated when i first heard of their 'hiatus' and then finally the 'breakup'.
Tom came out pretty quick commercialising his new ava band. Telling small parts of his side of the story (mark and travis wanted to tour to much). When mark's side finaly came out i lost alot of respect for Tom Delonge...His reason for leaving the band was that he was sick of touring and wanted to just spend some time at home. Yet when he left he just made a new band and started touring again! also the way he quit...he didnt even tell the boys himself but got his manager to do it for him, and hasnt spoken to either of them since.
The AVA album is pretty good i think...Very different but its good to zone out to. I went to their Sydney concert and live they are alright, tom has definatly changed and i admire the way he doesnt want to be just another band but rather a 'movement'. The way they are trying to provide a 'distraction' to war and destruction is pretty cool.
(+44) i got their first demo right away "no, it isnt" i loved it from the start and the girl singer at the end was pretty cool! not long after i got lycanthrope wich was also pretty cool followed by when your heart stops beating. Now i have the complete album and i reckon it is really cool. The double tracking to marks voice is a sweet effect. i cant wait till they tour australia.

All up i like (+44) better then AVA. But Blink above both...Thems my thoughts! Shocked
i love blink 182, i don't know why people wouldn't like them. They were alittle of everything. They had sad songs, fun songs, intense songs, punk songs, what ever you could think of and most of them were good. I expeclaly liked the music video of first date. But who wouldn't.
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