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Beating your kids to teach them discipline? I don't think so


Read that article and it'll make you sick. It made me sick. The guy who wrote that article is is obviously a loner. Beating your kids is WRONG. What do you think about it? I think that it does not teach your kids discipline or anything. It only teaches them that being violent is ok when you're angry. What are your thoughts on that webpage and this topic?
That is sick.

I suggest you remove the link form your topic, so he doesnt get more trafic.

Also, i am gonna find a child abuse site to report this to RIGHT NOW - if i dont find something that works im gonna contact my hacker friends and have them shut it down (i know im not allowed to say that, but for once, i feel the need to anyway.)

Please remove the link
Lol. I understand that I should remove the link, but more people should read it and know what the moron is saying. Lol. He just makes me angry.
Thats exactly the thing though isnt it - he is obviously an attention seeking CHILDISH (well duh) twat - he will thrive from more people reading his articles - also any child abusers will find the page easier if more people are linking to it (thats the way google works)
the guy who wrote that needs his head seeing to.

I dont want to say that you should 100% not beat your kids, that is just adding to the tightness of the Politically Correct Grip the world is in.

My parents hit me when I was a kid, nothing like what is described in that webapge, that is sick. But I would guess that 99.9% of all people above the age of 5 were hit as kids. And yeah benefits of hitting kids are... well,there arent any, but can you tell me a benefit of not hitting your kids? I cant see or think of any. Up until a certain age a child will not respond to anything other than violence. You think a baby is gonna understand you even more by just changing the tone of your voice? no, baby's gonna carry on screaming or being disruptive.

Violence is needed in the beginning to teach the kids that they cant do whatever the hell they want and get away with it. I do worry, to be honest, about the future state of children being raised today in this ridiculously politically correct world.

I see kids as young as 8 or 10 using foul language towards their parents and on TV is see the same people being physically violent towards their parents. You might say this is because kids have seen or experienced it first hand from their parents behaviour towards them, but have you styopped to think maybe the kid has been brought up thinking no matter what they do, theyre not gonna come to any harm.

In the end, kids will be disruptive as long as they have no consequences, introduce violence and they will stop doing it. Introduce violence at a young age, and theyre gonna be well behaved from a young age too.

In 10-15 years when prisons world wide are full of yound men, brought up in a violence free home, then we'll see what good this PC crap has done for the world.

S3nd K3ys
That's a great website!

Five across the eyes.

and especially

.. "I'm hungry, I want toys, I need my Insulin..." etc. First smack your kid (the 5 across the eyes technique works). Wait a few seconds for your kid to start crying, then smack your kid again to let him know that you mean business. This usually shuts them up because they see that the amount of crying is proportional to the amount of beatings.

I wouldn't take that site too seriously. Wink
Responce to jb2...

You argue your case extremely well.

I agree with you to a certain degree - its just - what your saying is give'em a quick whack around the head - nothing "brutal" like what our dear moron is suggesting.

- I think that its fine - as long as its used as a last resort...

I really hope that moron guy goes old and senile, and his kids start hitting him - he truly deserves it.

F*cked up kids - true - however im only 18 and most of the kids in my country arent screwed up - they're merely reacting to what their parents are showing them - if their swearing - DONT LET THEM WATCH THAT SHOW - if their hitting you - dont make it accptable by hitting back - only stupid people do that - they know you are stronger, but in 10 years time they may be beating the shit out of a friend while drunk at a party - and you'll know that your to blame.

S3nd k3ys:

I kinda thought that at first - however I couldnt find the little secret key to not misunderstanding the site anywhere - thats what really ticked me off...
That probably is a joke site, but the line between joke and seriousness in that webpage is too blurry. Idiotic parents (yes, there are too many of them theese days) will take it seriously and their kids will suffer.
S3nd K3ys
LukeakaDanish wrote:

S3nd k3ys:

I kinda thought that at first - however I couldnt find the little secret key to not misunderstanding the site anywhere - thats what really ticked me off...

It's everywhere.

Descriptions of hitting techniques reeks of sarcasm.

Very important because you don't want to risk letting your kid think you're a pussy.

Just because they're not doing anything wrong doesn't mean that they didn't do something wrong earlier that you weren't aware of.

This usually shuts them up because they see that the amount of crying is proportional to the amount of beatings.

giving you lip about washing the dishes, cleaning his or her room or filing your tax return,

and the image of the kid hunched over covering his head.

Funny shit for sure. Some of it does make valid points. The rest is humor, like he does with the rest of his site. (The 9/11 conspiracy page was hilarous)
Haha...i missed the "filling the tax return bit" - so ok... i guess it could be excused...

I still think he's kinda making things worse from not making it OPENLY clear, even to ppl like me who dont fine read everything, that he's taking the mick...

Whatever.. Wink
Im sorry to be a troll, but freakin come ON.

If you dont see the humor in that article, then where have you been living all your life? In a rat infested sewer?

All of his articles are exaggurated and saracastic. He makes articles which have valid points, but then makes them crazy. There isnt a single person in the world whod even look at this article and pick up a new way to beat their child. Dragon kick? PVC pipe? Are you completly stupid? Also, Maddox has been running this site since, like, 1998 at least, so every person who's aware of this site by now is well acquainted with his humor. Also, maddox isn't a loner, loser, whatever. I don't personally know this, but I do know he has a girlfriend who accepts him and what he writes on his website.

Want to know why?

Cause she knows its just in humor and she isnt a retard.

I have read EVERY single article on Maddox's website. The man finds a great way to make VALID points while resorting to humour, sarcasm and exaggeration.

When I have kids, they will be smacked when they do the wrong thing. Young children understand nothing but pain and selfishness. You smack them to tell them they're doing the wrong thing. Yelling at them does nothing because they know they aren't actually being hurt or punished.

There is a difference between discipline and abuse of course.

But parents who DON'T smack their kids to discipline them are causing their kids more harm than good. Take a look at the next woman you see in the supermarket with kids yelling and screaming about something they want - I bet you she doesn't smack them, and I bet you she'll give in.
The decline of Society began when it became illegal to spank your children.

When I first met my girlfriend, her 3 teenage kids would walk all over her, tell her to fuk off, etc, etc........... She'd yell and get ignored.

I tried to talk to her, of course, and help her make some changes, but she didnt have the discipline herself to follow thru.

One night, we were on the phone and she was wondering where her 15yr old daughter was..........she was past she texted her. The reply came back, "Mind you're own fukking business"..........

So, I told her that when her daughter got home, the first thing she was to do was to smack her daughter in the mouth, before she ever said a word.....take the phone away and tell her to go to her room.

I was still on the phone when this happened...... After the smack, everything got so quiet, you could hear a pin drop....then my gf hung up the phone.

The next day I was talking to the daughter and she was telling me that her mom smacked her for the first time the night before. And she went on to say she didnt know whether to be mad, or happy........ and she said that she dont know where her mom got the notion to smack her, but it was about time.......

That's when I told her, that I told her mother to do it.

Simply put, children need boundaries, and they need a punishment for going out of those boundaries. Smacking your kid has always been a boundary crossed the line............. the next time they think of crossing the line, they know what the consequence is.

In this new age of laziness and coddleness, there are no boundaries because parents that give them are accused of being abusers.

My future daughter-in-law recognized this....I knew that she would.......just as I knew she was only acting out and doing what she wanted, because there was nobody to stop her.
Last two posts. Yes.

Just yes.

Though I kinda doubt that girl was happy about her mom smacking her. That's a bit much.

Still, totally points for you guys. I grew up with my Indian family, and we had some smackings and such, but I turned out alright. Hating my parents would have happened either way, haha.

ha. Yeah.
Anybody who finds that page offensive needs to get a sense of humour. If you actually think that Maddox is serious about half the stuff he says, there's probably no hope for you Sad .
Marston wrote:
Anybody who finds that page offensive needs to get a sense of humour. If you actually think that Maddox is serious about half the stuff he says, there's probably no hope for you Sad .

So true, yet so far away.
I used to read his page when I was younger, and if you dont have a sense of humor in a single bone of your body its best to stay away from it. I laugh when I read through it, like people said in above posts, he finds a topic, makes a valid point but resorts to it in a humorous way, heck I got spanked as a kid, I think I turned out a better person because of it. I know my kids will get spanked.
I have a lot to say on this subject and especially seeing as though I am 14.

While I think that the person who wrote that needs mental help, It got to be a bit of a joke their at the end. but still, The site needs to be shut down.

Our grade has just recently been split up into an all boys class. Not all of the boys had gone in there though. Before the change, I couldn't get any of my work done for a number of reasons:
1) The teacher couldn't help me with anything because she was forever telling people off.
2) The work that she set was too easy in favour for those found the other work "too hard" (Those boys)
and 3) I was forever duck and dodging paper balls.

I believe that there are a number of reasons behind their atatudes:
1) Family Issues - This would be the number one thing. In todays lifestyle, people are having to work more hours and make a lot less money than before. On top of this more and more perents are getting divorced, again that means more stress on us (The Children). When these people go home, theres no-one there and so as a result, they can do what they want. They could smoke inside (No-ones there to catch them after all) They could go around and bully others in the streets (They parents aren't home until 8, what do they care?) or they could watch graphic pornography and extreme voilence movies. Having said that, they grow into a lifestyle where they have no rules and when someone ask's them to do something, they refuse.

2) Mental Issues - Sometimes (But not all of the time) it is a problem with the child itself. Not wanting to learn, for example. (Im going to keep coming back to family issues here) If he has no-one to help him, of corse hes going to think that he has no-one and that who cares if he mucks up.

3) Role Models - How many of them do you see today. You've got ones like Paris Hilton and Ashley Simpson who think that its ok to have plastic. Then you've got bands and singers like the pussy cat doll's who, when making a new video clip wear nothing but under wear. Then for the boys youv'e got your enimen and 50 cent who all own guns and shoot people willy-nilly. Then theres their parents, Either in prison, swearing, doing drugs or watch TV every second weekend. Who are people going to look up to. Bill Gates is the worlds biggest nerd (I look up too, BTW), who wants to be like him, and no-one wants to be like Bono, too old. If people have no-one to look up too, who are they going to do?

4) Rules - Once again Im focusing on the parents here. They come home from work at 8 o'clock, too tired to tell their son off for watching porn and so of course their going to think that thats right and keep doing it. Then, when someone new (Teacher...) tells them off for it they think thats its ok for this behaviour and continue to do so.

What I think the world needs right now are Role Models to tour around different high schools to talk to them about what they should and shouldn't do. And when I say role models, I mean Footballers, Highly successful athletes, Businessmen, what the heck maybe even the prime minister (Though I can't see that happen Razz) Who can spend at least a week in the High School doing different activitys and trying to adjust the behaviour. Also I think that the goverments should increase what people get paid and cut the hours so that, Parents cant spend more time with their children while they still can.

disclaimer - Sorry if I sounded sexest their but From my experiences its boys who are the trouble makers.
This is very Sick.
I think this page should banned.
Beating up Children?? its just inhumanb
The Czar
I can't open the page... Maybe he got scared ...
Obviously the guys just exaggerating! If you read anymore f his articles you would see that he aleays does that! And I must say i found it quite hilarious!!!

But seriously though, I dont have an issue with discipling children. I think that's one of the newer Western laws that is causing a lot of issues; i mean, making hitting you child illegal?

I grew up in a nice African home, where i was actually only hit once, but the fear oof being hit always kept u in check. Cos lets face it, telling a stubborn five year old "You're grounded" in my home town just sounded silly and was taking you on the path to being ignored. In fact, if your parent didnt DO somethign physical to discpipline you at least once its like you missed out on some vital part of yor childhod.

In the US, ive seeen too many sad situations where children get away with all kinds of trash and know that if their parents touh them they can run to the police. Its a little ridiculous. My cousin moved ther recently and found her mum being questioned by the police when a neighbour heard her hit her sister for bad behaviour.

True, there's a point whre discipline could get out of control, and true THERE are some sick bastards out there, but come on.
You guys are taking this site waaaaaay too seriously.

There have been many attempts to shut it down, including online petitions, hackers and an organisation called "Mothers against Maddox".

And if you do report him to a child abuse group, they wont be able to do anything because hes not breaking any laws.

There is no legal way to shut him down, and probably no Illegal way either (short of murdering him) because he has literally millions of readers (Me being one of them).
I wsa getting worried when I first started reading this topic, and everyone was taking the article seriously. The are clearly many, many jokes in there - I don't see how anyone could not realise that.

If you actually read the page you'll see what I mean.
S3nd K3ys
garionw wrote:
I am 14.

So you've set a precidence on your uncanny ability to judge, reason, understand and justify any actions taken by others in a free speaking society. Good.

The site needs to be shut down.

Put some effort into reading, comprehension, spelling, sentance structure and especially the Constitution.

And people wonder why adults have a pre-determined outlook about the 'how smart' kids are. Rolling Eyes

its boys who are the trouble makers.

Yeah. That's it.
Mr Smith
This is very wrong... this man has some issues he needs sorted out.
"Spanking" is not the same as "hitting" and even that is not the same as "beating". So, get you are a smart a$$ with too much humour, get your words straight.

Sure, we can see the humour in HIS SITE. But the general topic is also being discussed.
Who here can answer this one? Why is it that hitting your child is alright while hitting your spouse is not? Sure, you could argue that your child doesn't know better or that they need dicipline. Ok, so lets say you do argue that successfully. Is it wrong to hit someone else child? They're the same as as your own and you hit them too. The truth is, there's reasons why there's laws against it. If we hit our children one day, we could be hitting our spouses, our friends, or total strangers the next, for doing something wrong. There's also health issues behind it. Lets say one day you find your child does do something wrong and so you slap them. However, that slap just happens to set off a pre-existing health condition (a brain aneurysm comes to mind, and yes, sometimes they do rupture that easily). Congratulations, you've just rendered your child a vegtable, if you haven't outright committed second degree murder against them.

Seriously, I think it's better not to hit your child. Either find alternative ways to dicipline them or let them learn the consequences of their actions for themselves. It's what my parents did. When I was 16, I helped a friend of mine deface a government owned website. The police, needless to say, were not happy with us. I learned from that and I haven't deliberately broken the law since then. I've learned my lesson, and there was no violence involved, so alternate methods DO work, and you don't need to physically harm your children in any way.
BEating them? NO. Giving them a whack on the ass when they are bad? Yes. There's nothing wrong with the odd slap on the meat seat once in a while if the brat won't listen to reason. Contrary to what the bleeding heart socialist neanderthals say, getting whack on the butt isn't going to traumatize a kid. It's the safest place to get hit because of all the padding. Except my kid. He has no ass. He gets that from his mom! Maybe it will get meatier one day. He's only 3 months old. And ADORABLE.
that link is idiotic to beat a child is so stupid i don't want to use the colorful language that comes to my mind when i hear this.... the words are 4 letter words.... enough said....
i think dicipline isn't bad but to beat and smack around hell no that is just stupid.
the site "stop being pussies" very stupid to beat your child will make problems worse they will try to run away... (believe me I know)
I'm not a parent *YET* but i can promise you all that i will NEVER beat my children... I have zero respect for anyone who beats a child...
So far I've seen in this thread unclear terminology and bad politics.

For starters, it's bleeding heart liberals, not bleeding heart socialists, that oppose such "dicipline." Get that straight at least. Joe Stalin was a socialist and he killed 30 million people. (Not to say that all socialists are bad mind you, just that they aren't all bleeding hearts).

Next, I've noticed that people that are opposed to the use of force to dicipline a child tend to use the word beating as opposed to slapping or spanking, and those in support of it tend to use those words as opposed to beating. They're all interchangable, to a degree, and thus, clarity on this issue is difficult.

As an added note though, the use of force is ineffective against some children, particularly those that grow into sociopaths. Sociopaths have an increased pain tollerence and don't react to pain the way most other children would. As such, using force against them only reinforces the idea that it is right. Worse yet, it damages their ability to empathize with people who are being victims of physical violence and can actually worsen a pre-existing sociopathic condition.

In short, as I said before, alternate methods of dicipline are better. The reason "go to your room." no longer works is because children almost always have ways to keep occupied in their room. Keep their toys, tv's, phones, electronics, ect... out of their room. Having a separate area for these things is ideal. Then if they're confined to their room, they're bored out of their skull, and will want to avoid going through that again. Believe me, it's not fun when you're 6 years old to be confined to your room for 16 hours for not wanting to go to school that day.

In short, violence is never a solution, only a problem.
People who spank/beat their kids are just to apathetic or ignorant to properly dicipline their children.

Sweet and Simple
I was never beaten and I'm practically an angel, well, sort of. I know all my cousins who were beaten are worse people than I am though.
Hahahahahahahaha! Wow, this article is a JOKE people. I know hundreds of people who have read this (it's actually one of Maddox's more famous ones). Nobody I have talked to dislikes it.
Take it easy.
Beating up your child is a no no. Why will you beat your child? some people say that beating up the child is a good way to discipline a child. Are they crazy? beating up a child makes them more prone to violence when they grow up. Having been beat up by their parents during their childhood makes them think that beating people is a posivtive way to do. They'll say that "hey I'll just beat my wife because my parents beat me up when I was a kid. I think they just want me to be good so they did that". hehe. Bad decision. I believe that that will be the mind set of the children who were beaten up by their parents when they grew up.

I hate to see children being beaten up by their parents. For parents, beating is not a way to discipline your children. A nice talk and proper guidance can make your child a better person than the child of those parents who love to beat the hell out of their poor children.
That article is obviously not meant to be taken too serious.
His site is sarcasm pure. It's his style to deliver the message in a inentionally exaggerated and humorous way.
That way he can give his point of view and at the same time conversate the readers.
I had to laugh my a.. off at many of his articles, even on those I disagreed. The site wouldn't even closely be as popular, if he stated his opinions the ordinary, boring way.

LukeakaDanish wrote:
however I couldnt find the little secret key to not misunderstanding the site anywhere - thats what really ticked me off...

"Hitting your child when he or she is learning builds confidence, or undermines confidence--I can't remember which"

I thought that was clear enough Cool

Furthermore I think there are situations where showing kids the boundaries is inevitable unless you want to mess them up.
You just have to make sure that you know why you smack him/her. Also do never smack a kid just to release frustration.
I read that site as a joke, but I agree, there is a fine line between a joke and child abuse and some people might read that and take it seriously.

I also believe that there is nothing wrong with smacking a child. I'm not talking about hitting them until they can't sit down, just a smack to let them know they have done the wrong thing. To me it is kind of like fire or the stove, you touch it once when you are young and it hurts and you don't do it again. It is an awful lot easier to teach a child right and wrong when they are young opposed to when they are 17. Be firm but fair when they are young and bring them up well then you can lighten up as they get older and have more fun with them.
One has to understand the context of the article.

I hope the world doesn't label me a woman of sick humor - but I love that site.
The whole thing's run by a guy called Maddox who posts deliberately touchy/controversial articles with a very negative and often sarcastic spin. (Including one comparing George W and a box of tic-tac's in terms of aptitude for running of a country).

You have to understand that that article is tongue-in-cheek, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. It's dark/wry humor, but he's pointing out how absurd beating children is... by exaggerating the persona and mentality of said type of parent.

It's like (12 reasons why homosexual marriage shouldn't happen).

I am aware that's it's incredibly politically incorrect none-the less, and could (or would most likely) upset victims...
I don't know how to explain it, but point being, he isn't serious.
That is sick. I stopped reading it after it said beating your child gives them confidence. He seriously needs to be seen to. His methods of disipline obviously dont work because he said his parents did it to him and look at what he is after turning into.
people who beat thier children should be beat to see if they like it
Oh my god that is so sick
That is horrible
Take that link of of your post so he doesnt get traffic
I pray to god that those kids are ok...literally. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
What a spectacular find. The article is truly hilarious and obviously not intended for the perceptually obtuse. Laughing

The Dragon Kick. If you're interested in a permanent solution to your child giving you lip about washing the dishes, cleaning his or her room or filing your tax return, then the Dragon kick might be the technique for you. I guarantee that you will only have to ask once after the Dragon kick has been administered.
Haha that's the entire description of the Dragon Kick.
solarwind wrote:

Read that article and it'll make you sick. It made me sick. The guy who wrote that article is is obviously a loner. Beating your kids is WRONG. What do you think about it? I think that it does not teach your kids discipline or anything. It only teaches them that being violent is ok when you're angry. What are your thoughts on that webpage and this topic?

Did you read the disclaimer at the very end?
930,467 people don't know the difference between discipline and child abuse.

There ya go.
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