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What did you dream last night?

I know not every night we have a dream. Or at least remember those dreams that we had while we were asleep. Some people, including me, and most of you (i guess) dreamed about something last night. Tell us about it.

First, It's the dream of the thread starter. Just to be fair with you guys.

I dreamed that I was standing in front of a yellow-colored stone mountain in the middle of a forest. A castle was carved into it. A wide stairway leads to the castle's entrance. It was about 100 steps. Then I saw 100 guards came out of the castle. All of the same faces and the same build. They were all wearing chainmails and breast plates. Silver was the color. They marched down towards me. As they reached the ground, the divided themselves into two groups, and they marched. 50 towards the left, and 50 to the right. Then the stairway opened and a canal appeared just behind the stairway of the castle that opened. The canal was filled with water. The water was white although not as white as milk. Then I entered the canal. As the saw my feet submerged into the water, I never felt it touched my feet. Then I walk. Moments later I saw corpses floating in the canal. Then, I found myself in a very different place. I was now walking in a river with red water. As red as blood. I was so terrified that I rushed to the shore. As I was breathing hard as I reached the shore, I found a red volcano in front of me. Then I saw a man. (though I never saw his face, I know he is a man) he was standing on top of the volcano. He was holding 2 balls of light. One on his right hand and one on his left. A bigger ball of light was behind him, but it does not give any ray. Then, the man(or whatever it was) raised his hands and joined the two balls of light. And the Bigger ball of light that was behind him gave off a light that as bright as the light of an infinite number of sun. Then I heard an explosion. (But i think it was a thundering sound) A very loud one. I almost lost my hearing on it.

That was my dream. I don't know about it. I think it'll just stay as a dream.. I hope.
Wow that was a colourful dream (literally). Been smoking anything before bed time? LOL

I dont recall what I dreamt last night, but a few nights ago, I dreamt I was staying at my aunt and uncle's HUGE (fictional) mansion, and had to look after my (fictional also) baby cousin. I had loads of mates round and we were really bad at it. We kept leaving little bits of stuff around, like LEGO and the kid kept eating them. so I got in trouble. The the neighbor pulled up outside, who happened to be driving my dream car, a Ferrari 360. The the last thing I remember from that dream is peering into te engine bay looking at the motor. Boring Huh? I dont know why but it was really vivd.

i never have dreams!!!!
I can't remember my last night dream but I feel very happy when dreaming...
ncwdavid wrote:
i never have dreams!!!!

this is not normal
are you a cyborg?
just kidding

usually i have no dream if i have long sleep on the night or day
but the dreams come if i have a little nap
I don't have dreams. Usually, I have nightmares. Yesterday I dreamed that I was cheating on my boyfriend, and this makes me feel really bad. Sad
Last night I dreamt that I had a huge gash in my left arm. I looked at the gash and seen that a huge worm popped out of it. I grabbed the thing, threw it on the ground, and killed it. End of my dream. I dunno how that one lasted several hours long when I was asleep.

I always tend to have strange dreams. To name a few of the other dreams I had, some time ago I dreamt that I was on a raft floating down a river, and that my raft came to a waterfall and I woke up right then. The last one that I can remember is that once I dreamt that everyone was born backwards - like people jumping out of their mothers with business suits on. As you aged, you got smaller and smaller, and eventually disappeared. People got stupider and stupider and had to go to school because they were losing their minds. I'm sure there's more that I have, but those are the only ones that come to mind.

- Mike.
I dont remember my dreams all the time...But when I do i explicitly remember them. I can't recall what I dremt last night...It was a late night for me...Going to bed at 6am Waking up at noon...I mostly have to many things going on to be doing one thing at once...
Welcome to my nightmare. The nightmare I had last night is not repeatable in mixed company. I hope for no repeat tonight.
i dreamt i was riding my bike, a kid came in front.. i applied breakes and in saving him, i fell down and a car ran ovr my bike and my left arm... and then i woke up!!
Pyro Man
I never get the dreamns I want Razz just boring dreams or horrible dreams. I might get nice dreams just not in the way I want them to be.

I do hear people talk about the toilet dream, then they wake up and have wet themselves. has this happened to anybody here? Certainly not me, but I know people whom it has happened to.
Didnt dream about anything last night, most likely as i have been sleeping really late and was too tired to dream.
I dreamt I was in an unknow place...but somehow I was not scared and still being peaceful..I have met my primary schoolmates Laughing those who are haven't contact for almost 20 years....and that we are enjoying a great dinner, we haven't talked for "long time no see'' or those things. The scene was that we are very familiar with each well and dinner at usual. Those faces were very clear and I nearly have forgotton in the real life........That's a strange dream and what a great dram....
This dream has been reoccuring since my preteens...

Last night I dreamt that I was walking through the high Sierra Nevada with my dog from childhood. We come up to the Kings River it was running high and fast but I needed to get to the other side to get to where I was going. There was a rickety bridge that I would cross, but Jake couldn't being it was nothing but a rope that I would of had to balance across I walk up the river looking for a place shallow enough or calm enough to cross after walking for several minutes I find a crossing and we get across suddenly I am no longer in the mountains but in the sand dunes I am assuming near Pismo Beach. I can hear the ocean but I can not see it I start walking toward the direction I thought was the water days go by that I walk not stopping not eatting not drinking. Jake's white coat is now brown and dirty I top the rise of a huge dune and see the Pacific in all her glory the full moon glinting off the surface. There were blue whales close to the shore just beyond the rim playing jumping out of the water doing acrobatics you wouldn't think a mamal of that size could do. I dive into the waves and swim out to them I am under water looking one of these huge things in the eye and speak with it. I don't recall the conversation but know I had one with it. I woke up the moment I touched him. Though everytime I speak with the whale reach out to touch him him and wake upon contact.... Go figure
I had a cool dream... I was walking around (seems lame)
but i became lucid withen the dream =D
Soon as I became lucid in my dream i tried to fly in the dream and soon as i got close i woke up....
I rarely recall any of my dreams. I can go for weeks and not recall a single dream, and in fact, that's the norm now. Last night I recall dreaming, but not what about I'm afraid.
I had a dream of frihost being shut down.

......No comment.
I actually dreamt about nothing at all Sad

I was way too nervous about a car deal I had today, so I could not sleep.

It all went well though, so there was no reason to worry like I did.
i dreamt that i was one of those teenagers in catalogs that model clothes, and that i got £300 for every photo shot Very Happy
i can't remember my dream last night. But it seems related to my work and my friends... sometimes it's hardly to remember a dream....
Last night i dreamt that i went on holiday wiv my gf to Utah ... and we met up wiv the girl that i talk to on the internet.. and them bad things happened.. cuz i got wiv the girl we met up with Sad lol.
I couldn't dream for a long time,just had nightmares.because i used to work on computer during all nights,went to bed too late and got up very early.but i have nice dreams for couple of days:)because i go to bed early around 1:00am,and get up around is really enjoy..dreams during all life Smile
I had a dream that everybody was poor
And there was no food and we had to eat carrot stubs to survive--you know, the butt ends of the carrots, where the greens come out--and there was only the Law of the Streets to govern us all, and people were emigrating hidden in beer barrels and wardrobes and there was nothing to do, and somehow, deep in the woods somewhere, Stephen Sondheim had a chop shop going, where his hired goons would sneak out and steal everybody's cars in the dead of night and sell them for parts, and Stephen Sondheim's goons came and took my car, goddamnit, and I had to go out into the woods and find his ass and get my car back. And there he was, all laid out on a cheap pink plastic chaise longue in the middle of the woods, with iced tea and sunglasses all "it's not your car anymore" and when I hauled off to punch Stephen Sondheim for stealing my car, I looked over and it really wasn't my car anymore; it was my bed, and Stephen Sondheim's goons were dismantling my pillow with an Allen wrench.
My dreams are horrible! If I even have one, it's usally so mundane that I think it was something that actually happened! Confused Last night I had a doozie. I dreamt the kayak rack on my jeep fell off. That's it. I got out and the rack was on the ground. Sheeez! What is the point of that? My wife, on the other hand, dreamt I brought a girl home to spend the night. She woke up angry at me!

I can't win. Laughing Laughing
I still dream of jump school....but my chute doesn't open Sad

I also dream of a member here (who will remain nameless), but is fast becoming my best friend.
You guys have the best dreams.

Last night, I dreamt That I was on stage infront of thousands of people (I believe it was a KISS concert) And I was playing a black gibson Les Paul, except i wasnt really playing it. It would play different chords as I moved it around. Of course I had a solo, so I wiggled the head of the guitar around a bit and did a bloody good solo... but then someone hit me with an orange.

Last week I put a deposit on a black les paul copy, and that night I had been watching a KISS concert on my computer (november 22 1982 I believe) and Ace Frehley played a black les paul for most of that concert (which would explain why I had a dream like that).
I don't remembr actually. I usually can't remember alot of my dreams, though when you can it's cool, because then you can think about it for ages and why you drempt it! lol I love dreaming, but if you try and think about it as soon as you wake up then usually it'll skim your mind and you'll go blank.. Well, atleast that's what happens to me! Laughing

just a heads up on the "I don't dream" part...

we all dream (everynight)! in a normal 8 hours sleep you have an average of 7 or 8 dreams.

Not remembering them is also very normal (you may remember one or 2 but not everyone remembers it).

I don't remember any of my dreams this last few years, but i usually wake up in a good mood, so they must be good ones (probably i dream it's saturday or something because i always wake up l8 for work Razz )

Be Well Cool
I have a problem with dreams, I always try to remember them, but in the morning I never do. I really really enjoy it when I can remember them, but that only happens once a month at most.
i dont like dreaming in general but wet dreams are another story!
bwahahahaha!!!!! Twisted Evil
I dreamed that I was a ninja...

I saw myself jumping tree from tree, and running up walls and stuff...
Ray Gravin
well the only part that I can remember was Chad, Breille, and Jonathan coming over to my house. It was after dark and they were in Verona Burnings old band van. It was really dirty and stuff. Just filled with fast food trash and stuff. Everything else is a blur : (
I do not remember, if I did dream, but I am a dreamless sleeper. Once in a while I dream, and they all are weird.
i never remember my dreams and when i do remember they are so messed up i just crack up as i am remembering lol.......... they are just crazy and make NOOOO sense at all, you should hear some of my dreams i was telling my friend about one the other day and he was cracking up all night. it was funny.......

I had 2 dreams last night.

First one was my girlfriend and I getting married and having kids and all.
Second one was we were quarreling and on the verge of breaking up.

The second one was scarry and woke me up from my sleep sweating all over my body.
Freaky dreams Shocked
i generally have dreamless nights, but a few days ago, i had a dream:

i dreamt that i was the owner of Forumer. can you believe it??? i hope it wud come true.....but i know it will be just a dream!!! Sad
I seldom dream also maybe my sleeping time is too short. Wink
i make a dream that my eyes classes broken ,that is a bad think for me
I dreamed I was searching on Ebay for a dress pattern.

When I woke up I knew I needed to start looking for a dress pattern. I've got the material to make a dress, but no pattern. I want to make a dress for the autumn equinox, so I'm sure my dream was telling me that time is moving on and I had better hurry up and get a pattern so I can make my dress.

I hope you all realise that by recounting your dreams you are revealing a lot about yourselves Smile
woundedhealer wrote:

I hope you all realise that by recounting your dreams you are revealing a lot about yourselves Smile

I've heard that...but what do you think my dream about the kayak rack falling off my jeep meant? Laughing I wish there was some meaning there. Laughing
[quote="HoboPelican"]Last night I had a doozie. I dreamt the kayak rack on my jeep fell off. That's it. I got out and the rack was on the ground. Sheeez! What is the point of that?

There isn't a lot of background detail here, which is needed for dream interperation. Here are three posibilities.

1) Maybe you should check your kayak rack to make sure it's secure.
2) Do you sometimes feel a little guilty about the amount of time you spend kayaking? Do you sometimes think of other things you should be doing instead?
3) This option isn't so mundane. kayaks go in water and water represents our emotions in dreams. Your kayak rack falling off your jeep stops you from going kayaking, stopping you from dealing with your emotions.

We all dream every night but we don't always remember them. Films & tv can affect our dreams. Dreaming is a way of the unconscious mind dealing with events of the day. Also our unconsious mind deals with things we don't want to face up to.

When we get recurring dreams or themes, this is our unconscious mind urging us to deal with something. When we realise what our dream or nightmare is telling us, it stops.

When I wake up from a nightmare I try and work out what it means. If i manage to work it out, it doesn't recur and I get a good nights sleep.
I don't remember, but I will probably be dreaming tonite, lol
My dream was really my dream...
I found that I love someone other than my girlfriend...
The dream was that I played with that girl and have a fun time.
I could only do this because I couldn't leave my girlfriend to get close with that girl; or even being close to her but lair to my girlfriend....I know it was unfair to her since she is a a very good girlfriend...

I would let this dream to be locked in my deep heart...and I admit that I am really enjoy that dream much...
i dont remember my dream.. i really never do.. only if its like a good one. haha
I dreamed I was an Account Creator for Frihost....wait that's a must have been something to do with Kate Beckinsale and another woman (who will remain nameless).

*Note: My dreams are mine and do not reflect Frihost in anyway.
Last night I dreamt that my high school anatomy teacher was a huge monster from the Silent Hill games and that I was trying to kill him with a steel pole. However, I wasn't hurting him at all, and he finally ended up flinging me against the wall, and I died. ...Anatomy was a tough class for me. Laughing
I had a very weird dream... I met a famous vampire. XD He's a singer and a dancer and is well-known. I went to his concert and I ended up making him drive me home. We talked and we had fun. He was with his girlfriend that time and his girlfriend was really pretty and kind. He asked me to come to his next concert. I did. We talked again for the second time, and.. XD haha!! He told me he's leaving his girlfriend for me. The girl was too nice to me and I couldn't afford to betray her. I ran away. Then I woke up. It was really weird.
I dreamt about getting millions of visitors to my site and many more clicking on the ads Rolling Eyes (I just installed AdSense). I woke up, and I had made 10c by 1 clicker (God bless!).
I hardly have dreams, probably once a week.
Mine was about pac man and yoshi and ther mario twins.

Well, yoshi was chasing pac man cuz pac man slept with yoshi's honey and he wusnt having that, so he called me and i said meet me at the alley. we met at burgerking bell.. it was weird.. then, yoshi gave me a desert eagle and we chased pac man and shot him and then it froze and i said, OMG LAGG SERVER RESTART..

then, pac man like, moved and then knifed us and yoshi said, "omg speedhax"..

i turned my noclip on (god mod and move anywhere) and started to pwn him and he like spawned 300 m4a1 rifles (hence related to cs series)

well, then i said, hold on, bullet time enabled.. LAWL it was so hilarious, everytime we killed mario twins and pac man, it would be a slow mo of the bullets and yoshi says, "omg why dont they dodge it?"
I just woke up 10 minutes ago from one.

Riding in a car with dad and little brother. See car ahead of us with a body sleeping in it. Recognize the legs of body to be my own. Drive closer, recognize the face of body to be my own, only with beard shaven. To my dad, "so basically we're just chasing a clone of myself?" Dad to me, "something like that."

Now I'm thinking, Dreams can be really weird sometimes. Are my dad and little brother a part of my dream or am I a part of theirs? To test this theory, just as we are about to drive under a very large building (into parking ramp) I look up as the side of the building starts to become more and more skewed. I suddenly feel as though my energy is pulsating through the entire building and I can suddenly comprehend it's complete magnitude. I concentrate keeping my eyesight on the side of the building so just before we're about to drive under it, my body stops and the car keeps moving. Then I decided to fly.

Lucid dreams are great.
ThornsOfSorrow wrote:
Last night I dreamt that my high school anatomy teacher was a huge monster from the Silent Hill games and that I was trying to kill him with a steel pole. However, I wasn't hurting him at all, and he finally ended up flinging me against the wall, and I died. ...Anatomy was a tough class for me. Laughing

Anatomy was tough on me as well. Sad


I think you have some issues brother. (No offense)
I was in Jurassic Park while everything bad was happening Sad At one point in the dream, I actually managed to get OFF the island in a huge sub-boat-type thing with John Hammond, but then he got all depressed about leaving people on the island so we had to go back. I died Sad
i dreamed about my dead mother Crying or Very sad
she just died one week ago
Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

I am confident that I can speak for all here when I say we are sorry for your loss. Don't hesistate to call upon people for help, that includes me.


I always heard that if you died in your sleep, you died in real life also, yet you survived. Got a secret we should know?
Yes. I know I died in my dream, but woke up before it. My brain spared me the trauma of actually dying.. and having my real body shut down Wink

Although, I have had friends that 'die' in their dreams, but it's a bit more twisted then that. It's more like they watch themselves die, but move out of their body as spirits/zombies/etc. So they're dying.. but only by the conventional sense of the word. They still exist in their dream.
I often dream at night.. But it's very difficult for me to remind it after getting up..
While I was dreaming whatever, it was very clear but after I got up, it was disappearing very quickly from my memory...

Do you know about deja vu? I think deja vu is not a kind of super natural things.. I think it might be a one of the dream which I had dreamed before.....

I can't remember dream at last night so that I don't know it was in color or black and white.. ^^
I have sleeping troubles, so I cant really dream...sleep less than three hours a night....
I dreamt that I was on stage with my new band, we got into the third song of our setlist when Steve Irwin appeared, so we played a song in memory for him. Once the song finished, he vanished.

Then i woke up...
My girl friend...I think but not sure Smile
Ozzy wrote:
I dreamt that I was on stage with my new band, we got into the third song of our setlist when Steve Irwin appeared, so we played a song in memory for him. Once the song finished, he vanished.

Then i woke up...

Now that's just scary.

R.I.P. Croc Dude.

I dreamed about my girlfriend..and her hot friends
I am dreaming I had been kill
most of the time i ddint dream (or maybe i just cant remember it) but i think last night i was dreaming that i was a special force who has to go in a mission to kill aliens (i watch zombies movies too much these days...) then it changed back to being with my friend and doing what we havent done for a long time. then i woke up XD
ThornsOfSorrow wrote:
Last night I dreamt that my high school anatomy teacher was a huge monster from the Silent Hill games and that I was trying to kill him with a steel pole. However, I wasn't hurting him at all, and he finally ended up flinging me against the wall, and I died. ...Anatomy was a tough class for me. Laughing

Wow, you really did have a tough time with anatomy.

This dream was your unconscious mind dealing with the emotions this subject raised for you, and your feelings towards your teacher who was trying to teach you this awful subject.

It's usual not to be able to hurt another person in our dreams.

i dreamed about my dead mother
wsco, My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Often when someone close to us dies, they visit us to let us know they are ok, and to try and give us some comfort.

I often dream at night.. But it's very difficult for me to remind it after getting up..

skygaia, the best thing to do is keep a note book and penby the side of your bed. When you wake up, even before you open your eyes, go through your dream in your mind, When you've done that, write down what you can remember of it. Some people start from the end of their dream and work backwards. Sounds crazy, but it can be effective[/quote]
I always heard that if you died in your sleep, you died in real life also

Vrythramax, Thats a fallacy. You cannot be physically harmed through a dream. Dying often symbolizes a new begining.
I dreamt that I broke my glasses for the 3rd time and my dad was screaming at me and that sorta woke me up....
sometime im dream also
with all my hard to do it Smile
Last night, I dreamt of a female friend.

She appeared in my sight suddenly, and while I'm surprised about her appearance, I walked forward with her automatically. We are talkin' about something, but I can't recall the content. Just then, she leaped forward, like the exercise we always do during PE classes. Suddenly I found we were in a house I familiar with (I can't remember where it is). We are talkin' about something, and we both enjoyed the delights of the talking.

But just at that time, I woke up, and found this is only a dream.
I dream... nothing Smile
ncwdavid wrote:
i never have dreams!!!!

you do dreams unconciously. everyone dreams.
i dreamt of making love with my sexy, cutie wife wildly Laughing Very Happy although i had it before i love her and take on my chest Laughing
I can't remember the dream I had ! I think thats because I'm too tired and normally when I slept, I would not remember a things.

I wish I would have a good dream, where I lead a different life, maybe a more adventurous and dangerous kind of life. Hey, maybe a spy. Make it a handsome spy, with unlimited spending money and a license to do anything anywhere. A license that allow me to enter anyplace I like, to do things that I fancy....

Wow.. thats a dream that I would like to have....
I very very very rarely have any dreams. However normally when I do, they are good, some times weird...but nice.
I dreamt I was travelling far with bus. Suddenly the bus driver said that the passengers going to Sogndal (a place in Norway) had to get off. Four of us got of. A man with a canoe said that we had to cross the ocean with that. And gave us a bag of homeknitted socks to keep us warm... I was furious and all the socks were either too small or too big. Finally the man realized the four of us would not fit into the canoe, and ordered us a bus. And I woke up :)
I haven't been much of a dreamer, so I don't really have many dreams. But I did have a dream last night though. I dreamt that on my day that me and girlfriend were just about to get maried, my girlfriend cheated me with Jamal of all people. Then I went on to destroy her life after that when I won 50 million dollars out of a lottery...Yes, it's a stupid dream. Razz
S3nd K3ys
jcvincent wrote:
What did you dream last night?

I don't remember.

But is sure left a mess in my sheets Shocked
I dreamed a very good dream last night. But I couldn't remember what was it. hehe. weird clown... LOL
A few nights ago I dreamed I went to school with a surfboard. It was a shortboard, which is odd, because I've never surfed on a shortboard. It was around first period that I realized that I had forgotton all my other stuff, like books and paper and pens (because I had brought the surfboard), so I went up to the office to ask to make a phone call so mumsy could bring my stuff to school. When I got there, the office people were hauling dozens of surfboards out of the closets.

Then I woke up. I think it all means something.
Last night I played the game call of duty 2 for 3 hours, as an old saying said what you think in the day what you will dream at night, yeah, I did dream about the war! In my dream I was a common soldier running in the field which was full of smoke and bombs with my comrades. In the end I died, I was not shot or bombed to die, I was hit by a grenade in my head and died, shit, it bombed after I died. Then I was buried in the burial ground with other martyrs, the most exciting thing occured now, my lovest girl came to see me, kept company by her child, yes, her child, she had had child before I express my love to her! However, her child was beautiful, I like him.
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
A few nights ago I dreamed I went to school with a surfboard. It was a shortboard, which is odd, because I've never surfed on a shortboard. It was around first period that I realized that I had forgotton all my other stuff, like books and paper and pens (because I had brought the surfboard), so I went up to the office to ask to make a phone call so mumsy could bring my stuff to school. When I got there, the office people were hauling dozens of surfboards out of the closets.

Then I woke up. I think it all means something.

I would say it could mean one of two things.
1} You are spending too much time on lesure persuits and this is telling you to study more.

2} You subconsciously want to do something different. You're getting bored at school and wish it was more exciting.

You decide which one is right. Smile
I had quite a weird dream last night... I was in my communications technology class, sitting beside my female friend as always, when the teacher started yelling at me, saying I shouldn't be listening to my Mp3 player in class, and when I lifted up my hand to argue with her, my female friend's Mp3 player was in my hand, and it dropped to the floor and shattered (stupid iPod). She started yelling at me and was scrambling to pick up the millions of pieces, and so I started to help her, but was called to the office.

The only thing I remember after that was getting to the main office door, which for some odd reason was closed (it's always left open).

Weird dream, eh? Shocked
Last night I had a dream that had something to do with batman. I can't remember exactly but I remember being in a cave and being attacked by bats and such. I then ran into a room and locked myself in and was attacked by weird monsters all night long.
Sex. (sorry, for the rules of one sentence or whateva)
This is not my dream...but a very interesting one.

My wife and I are in a foreign country. Probably Europe. All the foreigners are being arrested to be exterminated. This is unavoidable we are told. It's the only solution. I give my wife a last kiss before being separated. I tell her she must try to survive. We are told that six people from different countries would go at one time. I'm asked where I'm from. I hesitate. America I say. They put me in a group with five other foreigners. I cannot tell where they are from. We are walking in the street in a single file under guard. The city is deserted. It looks like a de Chirico painting. I whisper to the woman in front of me that I will escape. She laughs. At a street corner I run away from the group. I'm not sure if the soldiers are chasing me. I cannot hear the sound of their boots behind me. I am frightened and out of breath. I reach an impasse blocked by a parapet. I look over the parapet and see the city below. Yellow fog hovers above the vast sleepy cityscape. I fall to the ground and curl into the fetal position. The soldiers arrive shouting and pointing their rifles at me. They grab me and tie my arms against my body with ropes. I look like a giant sausage. Now we are in a white room. The soldiers push me still tied with the rope inside the fireplace. They hit me with the butts of their rifles. Suddenly I hear a woman's shout don't worry we're coming. I awake inside the dream. I'm still lying on the ground in the impasse next to the parapet. The soldiers hitting me with rifles was a dream within a dream. That becomes clear to me now that I am awake inside my dream. Still lying on the ground I look up and I see four people standing over me. Two men. Two women. They speak French to me. They say they are going to help me. I suddenly remember that I know French. I tell them je suis content qu'ils soient là. I get into their car. A small foreign car which I cannot identify. This bothers me. One of the women is driving. She's wearing a white dress that looks like a nurse's uniform. We arrive at their apartment. They explain that they are foreigners and that they have been hiding here. The apartment is very chic and cosy. The men and women do not seem to be married to one another. They use the formal vous form when they speak to each other. The woman who is wearing the white dress has two children. She sits at a table with them behind a curtain. They eat. I am not sure now if I am a man or a boy. I wonder whether or not I should go and sit with the children behind the curtain. It seems that the two men are architects. They are talking architecture. After a while I doze off inside my dream. When I awake the two men tell me I can stay with them in the apartment. I'll sleep on a cot in a corner of the livingroom. I should not go out or I'll get caught they say. One of the women asks what I would have done if they had not come to help. I tell her I would have walked west towards the border until I reached freedom. She laughs. She tells me I would not have made it. The men are now discussing the false papers I must get. They say I have to choose a new name for myself. I suggest Julien Sorel. They say it's too obvious. What about Julien Sore I say just Julien Sore. That's okay they say. Julien sore. Good. One of the men goes out to get my papers. I assume my new identity. After I got my new papers someone says let to go out for a walk. The streets are full of soldiers who are looking at us suspiciously. We decide to go back to the apartment and wait until the end of the war. I tell the young men and women that we must leave immediately. If we stay we'll all be arrested and exterminated I say.. They argue that on the contrary if we leave the apartment we'll get caught. I tell them we won't because I already know that we'll survive. They look puzzled. I explain that already know what is going to happen. I have dreamt this dream before I tell them. I tell them the war will end in May 1945. The Americans will drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Thousands and thousands of people will die. The enemy will surrender. All of us will be free. They do not seem to believe that I already know all this. One of the men puts his finger to his temple to indicate that I am crazy. When I awake it is the 15th of January 1997. My wife is asleep next to me.
I can't really remember what I dreamt about, but it involved me buying something in Toys R Us...
I dreamed that we have a family car which we oftenly use. Then i decided to practice driving everyday since nobody is using it. Then i woke up, realizing that we dont have any car yet. sad. Sad
I know i always have dreams but i never remember them. I can only remember my dreams when i am woken up during one.
i had a really wierd dream started off somethin about a train and my mate got run over and we thoght he was dead, but then he got up dancing realy stupidly sayin that he got kicked in his wee wee... was really wierd!! but then again to dream of something like that probably is!!!

i also find it wierd that i have reoccuring dreams where i go to the same place, iv never been there but its cool!!! its so vidid i could draw a picture of it, theres millions of escalators going in every direction and when you look down you can see loads of people ball dancing in a smokey room!! you cant get the right elevator to the bottom tho to find out whats going on, id really like to know what this dreams about tho coz it happens like twice a week!! its creepy!!!
I was dreaming about the coming hockeymatch next saturday.. Don't know why actually Razz
I did not dream last night.
It's very difficult to remind my las dream.. hm.....
Well, I used to dream in the past. But usually my dreams had gone as soon as I woke up. so I just remembered that I had dream. But I could not remember my dream in detail.
Some of people dream in color. some of them in black and white.
I was wondering what is true..
i dream different from night to night.
most often its in color, but sometimes even in black and whilte :p

last night i dreamt of a guy that stole my car, so i hunted him down with a water pistol.

that dream whas in color by the way.
Yestarday, i dreamed that a bee bites me and after i wake up the bitten place was hurding me. (not as if a bee bite my ,but it definetly was ecchi)
May be it colled somekind of postphihomentalmemory pain, or something.
meet in rio
I never dream in black and white; I read somewhere that men are more likely than women to do that.

I dreamt that I was trying to make my way through a crowded room, but I had to kiss everyone to make them move out of my way. Confused
I can't seem to remember what I dreamt last night or ever. I did day dreaming and pretend that someone is giving me a billion dollar inheritence. How do we know what we are dreaming about ? If we can recall ity, it is not really a dream, right.

I believe dream will only occur when we're deep in sleep or sub-concious. When we're in this state, we will not be aware of anything around us, right ?
i just remember it when it happen

so now i forget it at all
Zaini wrote:
I can't seem to remember what I dreamt last night or ever. I did day dreaming and pretend that someone is giving me a billion dollar inheritence. How do we know what we are dreaming about ? If we can recall ity, it is not really a dream, right.

I believe dream will only occur when we're deep in sleep or sub-concious. When we're in this state, we will not be aware of anything around us, right ?

I have the some problem most of the times. Can't get my self to remember ani thing.

I don't think that u sould be asleep very deep -- i sow people that sleep talk and walk up very easely. They definetly are dreaming ,thought they are bearly sleeping.
I have some of the strangest dreams sometimes. While I don't recall what I dreamt about (it's amazing how you supposedly dream everyday, huh?), I remember that the other I dreamt about how great it was that I had been sleeping, as confusing as that sounds. However, my conscious self seemed to realize that something was wrong, so I woke up twice as a result--once from the dream, and in real life.

Ironically enough, I found out that my dream-self's hunch was correct: I had overslept and missed a full day of class at school. By the time I had actually awakened, it was already 12PM. XD
Last night I dreamed that James Earl Jones was a serial killer and he was hiding in my cupboards waiting to stab me.
That's what happens when you fall asleep during Law and Order and the TV gets left on Smile
I dreamed about my physics teacher back in high school that picks her nose even while teaching. haha. weirdo. I just hope she was a good teacher.
Now i have dreamt a really nice dream Smile

last night i dreamt that my boss and i ended up in a fight in the boxing ring and i won Very Happy
Then i became the new boss of the company and we earned twice the money that my boss achived Smile
And my boss became my assistent and so on Smile
Duncan Idaho
First I dreamt about some demons. ( I watched Constantine last night)
Then I dreamt about some hot chick. ( I watched a uhh...another movie last night to)
Then I dreamt about a really hot demonic chick...very strange..... Twisted Evil
I dreamt that my girlfriend's blue tongue skink got out and i was chasing it round her garden... :/
I had dream my girl friend last night
ncwdavid wrote:
i never have dreams!!!!

i think you're not never had a dreams but you just can't remember it
even i have a dream i can remember it, but i can't remember it fully
last night i dreamt that i whas driving my car down a mountain and suddenly i whas in a ski contest, with my car.

that freaked my out a little, the other day i whas looking for cheap skitrip to the alps or something, i wonder if someone is trying to tell me something :-p
I can't recall what I dreamt last night but when I was young, sometimes my dreams end with me suddenly appearing in my school and jumping down a flight of stairs, jolting me awake.
I had a dream last night. It was weird. I was in my house with two friends, a boy (Stuart? Tom?) and a girl (Stachia? Amber? Sarah?) and I took a step outside. I looked into the sky and saw a huge orange fireball. As soon as I noticed it, this red fire started to emanate from it... in my direction! I realized it was an erupting volcano! ... shooting ... flying lava! So I went inside (oddly, we were in the room I traded to my brother several years ago) and we promptly began to hear heavy, burning, angry "raindrops" of lava smacking against the roof. And we looked out the window and saw the orange firey evil hit the ground and pool. We started debating whether it would be better to take our chances running outside or to stay inside and hope the house wouldn't collapse. Then, the haze of dream altered things, the fire storm was over, and we went outside, where everything was deserted, but just fine!
I have a dream... Oh wait no I had a dream that I was treading water in the middle of a lake, the water was black as pitch and th water felt slimy. All I could here was someone saying you are an ass. So, then I dived under and swam to what I thought was the shore, and saw the person that called me an ass, got out of the water and walked away from their taunts. While I am walking the black slimy water is dripping from my long hair and body, I walk into a patch of sunshine where I see a unicorn who spears my shoulder with its horn. Oddly it didn't hurt but I was bleeding gold. I kept walking and found a stream of which I rinsed off in, clean I keep walking only now the one taunting me is following me saying mean things. I stop and turn around and begin to speak, but then I wake up!
I remember one dream very vividly that was actually very humorous... One morning I wake up to my alarm at the correct time, but it was a few minutes before I needed to wake up, so I went back to sleep. However, I hadn't hit the snooze button in my daze, I had turned off the alarm completely. So in my dream, I don't remember what I was doing, but I remember realizing what happened (I had fallen back to sleep but I needed to wake up) and trying desperately to wake myself up (in my dream). I eventually wake up a little late, but I was on time to where I needed to go. But it was very funny.
I made a dream full of fun last night. I found I was in Office and appointed to hold a lunch for my team. In the real world it is not my duty.

I let them vote and the reuslt was the delivery from pizza hut... Razz (what I favoured...)

I choose 3 pizzas and quite a lot of food else....the boss was not there and we can enjoy a long long meal.....seems we have no extra task to do and we can leave the company a around 4pm....(it should be 6, and not allowed to leave although nothing to do)...

I am now in office..........
I generally don't remember dreams. Some I believe stayed properly in my mind. The last I dreamt was me with a girl in my class.

A dream that I can't forget is this. I am going to my grandma's house to see her dead in the middle of the road. Next second I go to my aunt's house to se her dead again. The last came in my own house. I see her dead exactly in the middle of the road on all the places.
I dreamt of driving in a unknown hi - way then it was raining.. I really can't remember the other details.
Is it just me or does anyone else not remember their dreams. Apparently you dream about 8-9 different times each night but i never remember any of them! lol.
Seriously- my dream scared the daylights out of me. Not because it was scary, but because it seemed so real.

It wasn't like a disorienting dream, it was more like a sci-fi movie. And I can't really say that I was influenced by any of the said science fiction movies, because I haven't seen one in forever.

Anyway, I was transported to this alternate dimension- kind of like a parallel universe. There I was, and I saw these well-dressed people go into some sort of parking-lot/construction compound. They lifted a pipe (like a secret switch, I guess), and went down this weird tube thing. I did the same thing, and ---fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy--- I learned about the government scheme to brainwash everyone by releasing brainwashing compounds into the air. I also learned that these well-dressed people were part of an underground movement to topple the government, a council if you will, and they gave me the address of one of their top correspondents- who was slowly succumbing to the air (it took a while to work). They all were. I was new to the toxin, so I could last longer (I guess I was a savior- pretty cool). So I went to this 'top correspondent's' house and learned that he pretended to have a debilitating disease so that he would never have to leave the house (and breathe more of the brainwashing chemical). He told me how to stop them ---fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy---, and how to get there (wherever 'there' was). I went through the sewers, trying to puss myself through the river-like pathways on some sort of raft (I guess the sewage was acid or something). There my dream ended.
Although I do not recall all of the details of my dream from last night, I know for certain it was quite a nightmare to witness. While the details which led to the "climax" to the dream were fuzzy, the actual event itself was not. As illogical as it seems, I was looking at a picture framed in a bathroom that was atop the toilet when the picture began moving.

In it, it seemed as if one of my teachers had been in a wedding; however, something was wrong. A gunshot fired (how I knew it was a gunshot is beyond even me - the scene was silent) out of nowhere, and I found my teacher bending over from a shot to the chest.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up as I was becoming a part of the picture, as I rushed to help my teacher.
Actually, I don't usually dream every night. But every time I was dreaming, it was very horrible. My last dream was about my friends gathering together and later on we're fighting each other. I don't know the meaning of this dream.
Second, last February 2006, I dream about my self standing somewhere and then I lost all of my tooth. In that night I don't know the meaning of that dream, but after I ask my parents about that, they said to me that It was a very bad dream because every time when someone dream that kind of dream then someone related to you will die. And on March 2006, the interpretation of my dream happened. My grandfather died.
f**k , I i wont to have dreams like the others.
I haven't dreamed of anything in a long time.
I was dreaming about my universe crossing with that of a scnner darkly which is the phillip k dick novel i'm currently reading also my ex girlfriend crept creeping in.
I didn't sleep last night, but the night before I dreamt about snakes, a monster chased me and I ran in regular dreamsy slowly motion until I was rewarded a dragon as a stead, it was a green draon that breathed ice, and then I was battling snakes, snakes that were all curled up and I was trying to stick my hand in and grab the heads
Unfortunately I didn't get to sleep much last night, but I did manage to dream about going underwater and underground at the same time... it was freaky and I forget what the purpose of it all was.
I was dreaming I was riding a bike in a very busy business area. Then when I woke up, I thought that was really a neat idea for where I am. Although most people use scooters here, rather than bikes.
I dreamed that I was staying in a hotel with a very slow elevator. I was in a group of people standing outside the elevator waiting for it to arrive. The group was getting larger and larger, the longer we waited for the elevator. Finally it came, but the elevator was nearly full. Several people at the front of the group pushed their way in (I didn't make it on), and the elevator doors shut.

Immediately, the elevator started up the shaft. There were two women who had tried to squeeze into the elevator who were actually left outside the elevator doors when they closed. Still, these two women were standing on a ledge that stuck out of the elevator, and when the elevator started up, they were lifted with it. It happened so fast--they were on the ledge of the elevator, but somehow when they made it into the shaft, they hit something inside the shaft and they fell off.

There were no doors over the shaft, so those of us who were waiting for the elevator to come back were staring into a gaping hole, and we saw the women fall. Suddenly, the elevator itself fell--actually, it didn't so much fall as it was sucked back into the bottom of the shaft. And suddenly some of us who were waiting for the elevator were also sucked into the shaft, as if a giant people-magnet at the bottom had been activated.

I wasn't sucked into the elevator. In fact, I was relatively calm and unaffected. It was a terrible sight, watching all these people being sucked into an elevator shaft--and I think even though I was on the ground floor, the elevator shaft was at least twenty feet deep into the ground, so there was a lot of maiming and injury happening. I think they might have been drowning in some way that didn't involve water. I thought to myself that I needed to get emergency services, but someone pushed the alarm before I did. I watched as some members of the crowd tried to pull out the people from the shaft, but they too were sucked into the hole. There is a saying in CPR training that goes something like "better 1 than 2", so I knew I could be of no help without subjecting myself to the terrible problem of being pulled down into the hole, so I took the stairs. In other parts of the hotel, other people were being sucked into other elevators. It seemed like many people who were not initially pulled into the shafts were eventually succumbing to this fate, so I knew I had only a matter of time to get out of the hotel.

As I left the hotel with all my things on my back, I could feel it was getting harder and harder to walk away from the building. I couldn't tell if it was because of all my luggage, or because of the suction from below. As I looked out over the hotel, lightening was shooting across the sky and down to the earth behind the hotel, which I could see was actually a giant hollow mound of dirt.

I was thinking to myself, I was checking out a few days early and I didn't want to go home to be alone. Everything was ruined.
I had an x rated dream about my husband in the middle of a forest that ended up trying to eat us for defiling the grass. o.O
I dreamt of conducting inception. And I practiced militarizing my projections. Razz
This is like, so obviously and easily interpreted that I couldn't have consciously conceived of a better anxiety dream.

my partner--or my mom--gave me a hamster for Christmas. Suddenly, in the cage, there were two. I thought I had been confused and there must always have been two, until there were four. I was baffled. And suddenly I had four hamsters and a mouse, then there were two mice and six hamsters, and by the end of the dream I had three mice and six hamsters, and they were always escaping, and whenever I caught them, I felt like I was crushing them, and I worried that they were biting me. I didn't have the right sort of cage for mice and they were always getting loose. I woke up sweating.
No dreams night night that I can remember but the nightmares about an upcoming event haunted throughout the night.
Last night's dream had me climbing the stairs of a tall building. On the roof, my wife and baby were waiting in the snow. When I reached them, I sat down and fed the baby. Boys came by, I chased them away. Somewhere on the roof of some other building, a sniper was shooting--not at us, but in our direction.
I can't remember my last night dream Confused
Hehe nice topic! I don't remember dreams much.. Sad Don't remember the last one I got xD!
So last night I dreamed I was competing in something huge, like the Olympics or something similar. No one could believe we had gotten so far. My particular sport was some kind of team dance, but I had not been trained and I had not practiced the dance at all. My team was trained, but I kept forgetting my parts. Probably I should have been feeling upset or anxious but instead I thought it was so funny. I kept laughing, all through the competition, I kept experiencing laughing fits.
I was on tour of India in my dreams last time.
Hmm.. I got a website where you could see the meaning of your dreams (I don't know who created it, if it is research, or it just made by some boring people..) but it is funny to look up Smile. The only problem is that it is in dutch.. Maybe a english-one exists too? (or in your own language?) You should check it out Wink
There's this house next to us, where I guy died some moths ago. In my dream, the overgrown yard had been mowed and the many, many weeds had been removed. That was because apparently a family had moved in. I saw some children playing/running around through the window. Only after we drove past this house later in the day did I realize we didn't have new neighbors after all.
last night dreamed nothing because i couldn't even manage to sleep because of the heat.

but like a 2 days ago dreamed a girl that i have never met before and the interesting point is she was my girlfriend in that dream. I can't remember more of it but all i can say is that was almost the great dream ive ever had ^^

seriously i should make a girlfriend Razz
I usually dont dream, or at least I dont remember. But when I do remember its always something that could happen in real life.
I have had many lucid dreams in the past few nights. I don't know why, but it's probably because I'm more relaxed because of my being on vacation.

Last night, I had a plain weird lucid dream. I was walking through a tunnel, a BIG tunnel. And it was a jagged one, like those people carve out with diggers underground. The earth was dark teal-green, and it had no shading. There were other people too, but they eventually walked away from me. I walked towards the end of the tunnel, and then I -

Don't know what happened, but suddenly I'm flying - flying around a utopia city. It wasn't like any real city; it was like one of those in Super Mario Sunshine (lol, i still and always will love that game). At first I flew around a tower, and then I landed on a cruise boat, and I see my father. And everything was glowing in a bright halo.

And then, for no reason, I end up in a sewer pipe. It's hard to describe, since it's not really a sewer and it doesn't smell bad. But I know it's a sewer, and I'm in that same city. I see a lot of people standing in a line with me, and then something weird happens, and I remember someone saying about the log beneath us.

After that sewer, I go back to the dark teal cave tunnel. The only thing that's different is that, instead of walking, I'm flying back, over the heads of people.

At this point, I wake up, think about my dream for a while, and take a drink.

It was a pleasant dream, however weird it was. Overall Rating: 9/10.
I dream that I was being followed by lots of zombies which are trying to bite me so I can be their leader and I am the last person that wasn't been infected it is so scary. I am so scared that I woke up in the middle of my sleep. I drink water so I can't dream like that again. But the most unforgettable dream that I experience and the most dream that I like is when I am flying over the buildings and into the skies, It is really a cool feeling that you don't want to wake up. that you will regret why you ever woke up. just can't forget that dream. hmmmmmm I like it.
I dreamed nothing last night!
It was a weird dream, I dreamt that I was in a plane which was about to land, it was going round in circles just close to the ground, in a few minutes it entered the airport runway and landed, the the pilot came out and paid toll tax or something and the gate opened, some idiotic dream but I liked it.

Next was a dream that some spy airplane was howering above my house, first was an helicopter and next came a plane. after coming and going again and again finally it went away permanently...
I drank nothing last night. I was so tired yesterday.
I dont dream much, or at least I dont remember them. But when I do dream and remember its all real life situations that could happen. And I used to get mixed up with my dreams and real life because it could have happened I would sometimes think it did.
timothymartin wrote:
I dont dream much, or at least I dont remember them. But when I do dream and remember its all real life situations that could happen. And I used to get mixed up with my dreams and real life because it could have happened I would sometimes think it did.

me neither! i wish i could remember my dreams more often thought, anybody have tryed lucid dreaming?
I dreamt of a man who was trying to catch me. He hds a saw and killed many people included my family. But when he caught me, i woke up. What a scary dream......
I had one of those dreams where I was involved with people but they were like far away and their voices though I could hear didn't really make sense to me. Although some of it was confusing, I thought some were calling out to me, you know as if someone was asking for help or there was something wrong? Strange dream. You think maybe it was a dream message board?
Sleep. Who sleeps? Not me, at least not last night. Too much garbage happened yesterday. Every time I tried to close my eyes, brain kept going to the garbage of day. Maybe I will sleep tonight. If nothing else, out of exhaustion.
Utopia GFR
I've been constantly dreaming about a girl I'm about to meet in one week time Laughing

We haven't been chatting much but we believe we should get along pretty well since we share common interests Laughing

Nice dreams make me feel happy, of course, reality bites and being too imaginative can sometimes lead to a huge disappointment unless you just keep those intimate stories to yourself.

Anyways, I'm glad my previous nightmares aren't resurfacing today Smile
Last night I dreamt that I was at some weird festival, (of which on the way to I lost a jar of peanut butter and freaked out about O.o) and I was hiding because I didn't have a date ... And then this guy found me and we started making out Shocked uhmm... WOW Razz Exclamation Wtf would that mean!? XD
I should probably start writing down some of my dreams. Too often I forget details of them, or they blur with memory. (which is really annoying... "Hey remember when?..."
"...yeah that never happened..." )

I'll see if I can't have a nice vivid dream tonight to share with you guys later Razz. Although that can be risky too... pretty often the most vivid dreams are the ones that rattle you the most emotionally, and I hate those. Confused
I really seldom dream, if I dream, I dream only some crazy stuff which forget really fast (fortunately).
I dreamed there was a sexy English teacher who was telling me and other students the correct position each word should have in a sentence. It was weird. Specially the part when I discovered a student was very similar to the teacher (the only difference I could notice was the hair. The student had brown and yellow hair and the teacher had light brown, dark brown and black hair. Both had curly hair).
I usually have really weird dreams like i had once a terrorist had planted bombs that would go off for the stupidest things like if you opend one of the mirrors in the bath room it would explode and shoot out acid. lol i have a very vivid imagination. The thing I really hate though is when you know you had a dream when you wake up, but you cant remeber what happened but you can like see bits and peices. lol Mabey its just me i guess im strang :/ lol
foumy6 wrote:
The thing I really hate though is when you know you had a dream when you wake up, but you cant remeber what happened but you can like see bits and peices. lol Mabey its just me i guess im strang :/ lol
I also get irritated when I can't remember a dream, however, since I don't get that much sleep these days, I rarely seem to be dreaming.
I rarely remember my dreams... not sure xP
Don't dream much any more, and when I do they are disjointed and weird dreams! Thing is that life has had such a strange feel to it lately, like there is some kind of dark cloud hanging over my head. Like the universe is telling me that there is "something" wrong with me. I spend most of my time alone, when I meet someone new they seem to want to avoid me, and the relationships go no where. Projects and work seem to go bad at an alarming rate. Failure and disappointment seem to be the over riding feeling, and no matter how hard I work, or what I work at, failure seems to be the standard outcome. It just seems so weird and disjointed, and I have no idea why or what is going on?

I guess that is what happens when you get older, Sad huh?
last night in dream I fight with my best friend.
i dream i was flying in the sky and it was so refreshing and beautiful, i was also singing some beautiful song that just made my soul glad.
it was really awesome! i love to dream, its a way of God communicating to us and letting us know whats up with our life.
also getting us close to him.
dreaming is like life in another place that is not physical, if its good it will sure come out good and if its bad it will come out that way.
that is why i believe that dreams are revelations they come to redeem us from the works of the devil and to establish what God has purposed for our lives.
i dreamt the big earth quake was hitting Tokyo this weekend, above 8 on the richter scale -> bad dream huh?
Last night? - alien invasion plus "Fringe" (there were 2 worlds, I was in another one for some reason)
We were in my old school, everyone inside were "protected" somehow...

And something about worldwide floods - quite often I have dreams about tsunamis and everything being underwater...
I dreamed that I was a rock star in a big internationally renowned band. It doesn't happen very oftne bcause I don't play any instruments at all, nor am I musically inclined, but it's an interesteing dream to have.
my dream last night was that i was flying so high..i went to the above the sea...and above the buildings....
Something about my job. It had something to do with the project I'm currently working on, which is driving me nuts. Needless to say it was a nightmare Laughing
Many dreams but now all of them appear blurred, One was that I was going somewhere and that I saw one wreaked truck, a person was asking me that what happened to that truck but I said that I had no idea about the same, also dreamt that I was going to catch a flight, first I took rickshaw, then took a normal metro, then took airport express, after that came to international airport, from that boarded a shuttle buss to domestic airport the finally checked in and caught the flight!, pretty hectic I guess!! Very Happy
grr I heat with this happens I know I had a dream last night I can see shots of it in my head but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was about!
Yeah, I really don't remember my dreams at all most of the time. And when I do, I usually wish I hadn't, hah.
I normally see dreams but generally forget my dreams. Enjoy dreaming but I could not explain my dreams in morning.
Yesterday I have some unusual dreams. In my dream I was trying to figure out problems of my fellow
people. I seem to be very close to their life, and that I feel their pain, problems..

Sorry I forgot the major content of my dream
I did not have a dream last night.
I dreamt about coming first in my coaching class. Razz
Nothing Razz
Nothing. But I had an interesting dream the other day.
Just dreamed a good thing yesterday! Me gave some sweats to ma grandma
I dreamed I was at my new volleyball club doing some work for a commission. I'm doing the same kind of work right now and simply started doing it there as well. I doubt there are any big psychological things behind the dream, though. Razz
I dreamed I'm dating my gf. Then we were suddenly in a bad, then she kissed someone hot. I got mad and walked out... she didn't chase after me and I was heartbroken. So the next day, I broke up with her. When I woke up, I was teary eyed and really felt bad about my gf. Then I realized it was just a dream. So I laughed hahahha.
Yesterday, while sleeping, I dreamt I was eating a really delicious chocolate cake (or something really chocolaty), and while doing so, I bit the tip of my tongue, and woke up with quite a pain, and I was running around with the pain, ouch ouch.

I craved for chocolate cake, but didnt eat any.Sad

But the tip of my tongue is hurting till now. Razz
Last dream I had (at least the one I can remember) was this one. I was very stressed and worried AND surrounded by crazy scientists who were telling me all the time that I need to be tougher if I want to be a successful scientist. I wasn't sleeping well, eating well and I was working day and night in the project that I needed to present them. Crazy people! I don't want to be crazy like them!
I rarely dream but the last one I remember was when I was taking a 2 hour sleep (out of the 8 I should have had) just before work, and as I was struggling to wake, I was on a motorbike coming out of one of those typical mall HUGE underground parking areas. There were about six biker lanes coming out of the garage, no car lanes, and right at the end just before the lanes get to traffic lights they made enormously sharp zigzag bends to the right, so much so that I could not quite see where they were going to end at the parking light, and it got a bit confusing from where I was. Sort of really weird! Twisted Evil
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