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Abitur Page '07

Hi guys!

I am the one who was selected to create the web page for our
school final grade, which is basically called "Abitur(jahrgang)" in Germany.

I wanted to ask you guys what I should include.
What I have planned and partly done:

- Banner
- Forum
- Probably gonna do the page with Dreamweaver 8 (any links to tutorials and stuff for the prog?)
- Calendar (any suggestions on how to make a good calendar, maybe on
the right side of the page..

Well. that's about it.
I appreciate any improvement suggestions and other additional suggestions.

I'll most likely add the link to the page when it is done here so you guys
can see the result.
Ok the page is up and running but is not finnished yet.
So now you can take a look at it and maybe get some better ideas
on it now..
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