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have you cried for a couple?

Until now, i don't cried for a girl, I know that is not normal but i always i feel sad but i don't cry...
I can tell that English isnt your first language, but I can catch the drift of what you want to know...

I havent cried over a date or actually anything, really. Maybe once or twice over a dead pet or a harsh argument, but besides that, I dont cry. I didnt even cry at my aunt's funeral. Heck, I didnt even cry when I broke my leg. But, I did cry at Lilo and Stitch. Don't ask... But, you're not the only one who never cries.
I've cried many a times over *a girl*, but It was more crying about myself and how I keep screwing things up for her. Other than that, i've moved on and haven't really cried for a girl, and don't plan to until I'm in the stages of looking for marriage...

CameraKitten wrote:
I can tell that English isnt your first language, but I can catch the drift of what you want to know.

You're right. Wink I'm speak spanish, i can read english very well but it's a problem writte.

Please somebody write how are the correct manner? I need to know because I'm learning english. Thanks...
Personally, I never cried for any female. There is way too much females in this world to get worked up over just one. I have a girl right now, but I dont see me crying over her. However, the only time I have cried and a female was the case, was in funerals, which is just normal.
Well I am as tough as the next guy but I have to admit I have cried for females on a few occassions and again it depends what you define crying as, but I think in what ever deffinition you make I think I cried.

I think its just part of who i am I feel and express things, I know allot of guys are thinking ooooo what a looser but its me and its true and my advice to guys out there is dont be afraid of love dont be afraid to shed a tear in the name of love as love is nothing to be ashaimed off.

Any guys good luck I hope I have not encouraged you to become cry babies ; )

I can admit that I'm a cry baby, but I think that men can also show their feelings. And it always help to cry. But so that nobody should think that I cry all the time I can tell you that I cry max two times a year.

The reasons why I've cryed are when I really screwed up bad and hurt someone that I love. Luckily it doesn't happen too often.

Once I cryed when a brother to a good friend of my died. This brother was so young and it wasn't easy to see my friend and his family sad. Even now and then I get sad when I think of the way the family got told about it. Its so wrong when someone young dies.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I have only cried over one girl. Not very much or very long but I admit that I sometimes have cried after a harsh argument. I don`t want to but I guess that it feels better after.

I think that last time I cried was when the girl I like was in a bad mood and declared that I was irritating and she disliked my feelings for her, then I was afraid of losing our friendship and yes, I admit that I cried a little.
Citizen Kane
If I cry over a girl depends on a few things: if things where really good between us and I really loved her, and my own personal state of mind on that particular moment in my own life and the support I have from other people.

I have cried over a couple of girls, because they were VERY nice and I wanted to commit but they wouldn't. THis also had to do with what I had experienced as a child and wanted for myself as an adult (as a kid, I was very lonely, I had parents who where emotionally not as supportive as I would have liked, as an adult I wanted someone to be with all the time and to build a future with, and to have the emotional support I never had as a child).

Being an emotionally develloped person, the departure of a g.f. would always make me feel left alone. I cried partly because I missed my gf, but also about being left behind, something which as always very hard for me, untill recently.
nope, coz nothings permanent in this world, just accept the reality...Smile
if you cry, it's either you are a girl or you are a pansy.... or both, you pansy girl!!
cry for a couple, no.. but in movies/tvshows, YA..

haha.. wuss me..
Da Rossa
Jaime wrote:
Until now, i don't cried for a girl, I know that is not normal but i always i feel sad but i don't cry...

Then you're losing a lot. Crying is good. I makes us reflect about the surrounding situations. Make an effort and cry, I mean it!

By the way, it's been a long time since I last cried. I miss it.
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