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Conexant chipset technology

Greetings. I've been away from frihost for a while but I hope to be back more often, particularly if/when I can get this issue resolved. In March, I bought a 56k modem to use on my Fedora Core 4 system. The drivers on the CD provided were only for windows and they failed to operate under linux so I threw it away.

However, to my dismay, neither the modem nor the chipset manufacturer supported linux operating systems, so I was forced to download a crippled driver from in order to even use my modem. I say crippled because the modem driver is limited to speeds of 14k. In order to get a full speed version, a purchase of twenty dollars is required, which I believe is unfair because I already paid 50 dollars for a modem and drivers that I couldn't use. So, I switched over to windows, downloaded the generic drivers from Conexant's website, and their driver installation program didn't even run. When I installed the driver manually, it would either hang my system, cause a general protection fault, or restart it whenever I tried to connect to the internet. At this point I would have demanded a refund for this effectively useless and/or defective piece of hardware, however the refund policy at the store I bought the modem at has long since passed and I no longer have a copy of the original receipt.

I switched back over to linux and bought what was advertized as a serial modem through a wholesaler local to my area. When it arrived, it turned out that the "serial modem" was actually a USB modem and it too had Conexant chipset technology in it. I promptly vented my frustrations out on the modem with a hammer and gave particular attention to the chip marked as "Conexant." I have been looking ever since for either a serial modem or a modem manufacturer which supports the linux operating system.

Does anyone know of any manufacturers that I could buy from which DO NOT ever use the Conexant chipset technology (as modem vendors sometimes use chipsets from more than one chipset manufacturer) or does anyone know of a real vendor of serial modems? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could supply the name of a modem vendor which did not supply controllerless or soft modem devices? (aka winmodems). Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
I believe D-Link has excellent external modems that interface via serial ports. Be careful to check :
1. You have a serial port
2. The port is a 9 pin port
2. The modem supplies interface cables for both 9 pin and 25 pin

You can try this product :

Maybe you should also look at other ways of connecting to the Net, since dial-up is mostly being replaced by ADSL or other technologies.
Not to sound offensive, but did you even read my post? I said in the post that I wanted to avoid conexant chipset technology mainly because it doesn't work on linux operating systems without a crippled driver. When I clicked the link, the first so-called "feature" is "Conexant chipset." The very technology I said that I was trying to avoid. Also, it offers no linux compatability what so ever, and I'm not going back to windows just to use the internet. I could just as easily to go the access center down the street if I wanted to use windows.

However, I did fail to mention this. There is no DSL, cable, or satellite access where I live. Thus, dialup is the only option and in fact, this option only became available recently as the area lacked phone service too. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated, short of moving to an area with dsl access.
When you're using a standalone modem your computer has nothing to do with the modem's chipset.
The computer communicates with the modem trough the serial (i.e. RS232-C) interface, in case of serial modem, so no special driver is needed.
yes, get any hardware modem. no special driver is needed.
That's what I thought. Thanks for the advice. Any idea where I can buy a hardware modem? Any online store will do (although I don't have a credit card so I'd have to pay via money order.) Again, thanks for your help.
maybe u can buy from ebay.
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