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register a .COM domain for only 1.95$ a year!!!

the company is
and you can register a domain in only 1.95$ its the cheapest domain registrator i have ever seen...

they are reliable look at all their awards

and they ranked as #1 in here

well, tell me what you think..?
Thanks for sharing with us!
But they are charging more for subdomain setup!
Crying or Very sad

All this is scam, so u know they may charge u more in the next year.

Just be careful, and read all the rules very carefully.

I think Yahoo Small Business Hosting also ofers domain names at 1.99$!!

(But Its for 1st year only)
later they will charge More!

I have seen Domain redirecting at 9 dollars a year, this is a little bit easier to believe I think but you should definately read all of the rules and policies.
It seems fishy, like I like a great deal, but most of these "Too good to be believed" deals..normally are too good to be believed.

I'd say, make sure you read everything, before handing over any kind of money. Cool
i am selling $5.9 for 1st year and 7.9 for the next.
Well i would stick with a company like godaddy or namecheap . their prices are ok also give u a good support. also they have been in business for long time so feel safe with them.
that sounds very cheap,but maybe it is a trap! Forgive me if I make mistake in this comments!
I have already got a domain from globat and its not a scam.
If you want to make subdomains with it just transfer it to sites which offer free dns subdomain and list your own site as private so that no one else exept you can make a subdomain. Its all for a little amount of 1.95$
ryukenden give $1.95 domains as incentive and they will charge you around $8-9 in the following years. I have chat with the customer advisors and they said if we leave before 1 year, we got to pay charges for that around $8-9 dollars. They are just tricking. I have been registering with them for some time and go about 10 domains. But now I switch to ipower which offers free whoisnet privacy and the rate is the same for years to come $6.5/year.

Check it out
I looked into them already, but (as others have mentioned) the $1.95 is only for the first year. After that:
* Please note domain registration will renew at $8.95/year after the first year.

Aside from that, I have already posted the following regarding them:
Traveller wrote:
I also checked out Globat, and tried to register a .info domain for $1.95, but it kept saying the domain name was already taken, although I have verified its availability via several sources. After several emails, "live chat" sessions, and phone calls over a two-day period, all they would do was refer me to one of their "sister companies" (or should that be "sinister"? LOL!) which had a higher price.

Finally, I found DomainDiscover, and got the .info domain (yes, the one that Globat said was not available) for 88 cents - nothing more. I have posted more information about this in this message.

The above battle with Globat's "support" people included their Sales department, since I was trying to buy a new domain, but they said it was a technical problem and referred me to Tech Support. Tech Support told me that they could not fix the problem, and that I would have to go to Customer Support and have the billing department handle it. When I talked to Customer Support, they told me that, since I had not made an actual purchase yet, this had to be handled by the Sales department. This I was run in a complete circle of unhelpfulness. After exchanging many emails, and even talking directly on the phone with Edward Gaa (Director of Customer Relations) and Luis Banda (Quality Assurance Specialist), they all refused to be of any REAL help (e.g. processing the request manually since their system wouldn't work properly).

As a matter of fact, I just tested their system again, right now, using a nonsense .info domain name that does not already exist anywhere (""), and it STILL said:[quote]The domain is already taken. Please try a different domain name.[/url](Source:

Thus, after wasting two complete days with Globat, I would suggest doing business elsewhere. They just don't deserve it if their system cannot be trusted to work properly, and their staff cannot be trusted to provide good service.

In short: DO NOT USE GLOBAT!!!!!
dbking wrote:
the company is
and you can register a domain in only 1.95$ its the cheapest domain registrator i have ever seen...

they are reliable look at all their awards

and they ranked as #1 in here

well, tell me what you think..?

I think their services are good. also you pay less on buying the domain but I think if you pay for 2nd year much than first year it wont be expensive at all Arrow you can look at the hosting offer by them.
it is a great service Idea

by the way, if they are not good, why the site ranked them as number 1 ?
Globat does not sell domains for 1.95 dollars anymore. It changed and now sells domains for $4.99 for the first year. After the first year if you want to renew it you will have to pay $8.95 per year. Now it is very expensive.
They have packages which are better than buying a domain. You can pay 7 dollars a month!!!! and get 1 terrabyte of disk space and alot of other offers. It was way better before when it was only $1.95.
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