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Guitar Thread: 7 Strings Guitars (or possibly more)

I own an Ibanez RG7321 fitted with a pair of EMG707's Twisted Evil. I was just wondering if anyone else is a 7 string fanatic?

Check this site out
It's basically an online community devoted to 7 string guitars (as well as regular 6 strings, and everything else lol, but mainly 7's)

I love them because I love range, and versitility. You can really mess around with the tunings without having to change string gauges:
Example with a set of standard strings (I use .10 gauge):
6 String Set Up (meaning using 6 out of the 7 strings)
E Tuning (Standard)
D Tuning (Dropped)
C Tuning (Tune up, but using the 7th string to the 2nd string)
B Tuning (Tune the 3rd string accordingly)
A Tuning (Use the 7th-2nd string, and tune down)

7 String Set Up
B Tuning (Standard)
A Tuning (Dropped)

Plus all the possibilities in between Very Happy.

In the future (near future hopefully), I'm planning to purchase an RG1527 and possibly a Universe (UV777BK) as well. 7 String with floyd system... Yummy Very Happy

P.S. Plus, they have a thicker neck, that makes it look gorgeous! lol
Give a chance to the John Petricci (Dream Theater) signature model made by Ernie Ball/Music Man. If you can afford it, is a great guitar and it looks gorgeous:

More info:
I've played with 7 string guitars and they have only a little more range and versatility than 6 string guitars... I think the 7th string is not necessary in a guitar, although I prefer 5 string basses... Rolling Eyes
Seven strings are cool, I originally liked liked them after seeing that korn uses them get that great metal sound. I love having the extra low B, as it gives great sound when playing metal. Soulfly also tunes down this low for their music.
Try a Baroque Lute...Lots of Xtra bass strings
I don't mind 7 string guitars, I play a 5 string bass myself, and i find it gives me more leeway to play different things, that you don't ordinarily play on a 4 string. I also love the sound of the B string, adds more depth to a song. (I imagine it would be the same for a 7 string guitar)

I would like to be in a band with guitarists that use 7 string guitars. I haven't had that expierience yet... Twisted Evil
man im getting a custom made 7 string made by a mate of mine named adrian. its the flying v shape 7 string, custom inlays and decals, emg707s all the nice woods and shit, and for a very low price might i add, the guys a legend. cant wait till i get it, i will put up a picture when i do. its seriously going to be sweet...
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