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Relationship with your siblings

Relationship with your siblings? any comments?
S3nd K3ys
What would mike do?
this is honestly just disgusting and wrong in my opinion. So wrong in so many ways that i can not begin to describe...makes me crindge just thinking about this...

i guess my question would be, why in the world would you want, no matter how hot your sibling is...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....

rfarrand wrote:
this is honestly just disgusting and wrong in my opinion. So wrong in so many ways that i can not begin to describe...makes me crindge just thinking about this...

i guess my question would be, why in the world would you want, no matter how hot your sibling is...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....


Since when is the word relationship a synonym for phrase "sexual relationship" ? Aren't just assuming too much here? When i say that i have great relationship with my sister, which is truth btw, am i talking about incest here? Nope Wink
Um, just friends. They'll be there when everyone else f*cks you.
oh hell no, you must be damn desperate to be doing any of that incest sh*t, there's a world FILLED with beautiful women, keep your family, family.

It IS very wrong, just....don't do it Wink as in talking about that sexual relationship of course.

For example, I have a bad relationship with my sister but that has it's reasons, sexual relationship don't have reason to do it except that you might be very desperate.
My brother and I are best friends for life. I guess it really all depends on how compatible the two of you are. We got lucky in that we laugh at the same stuff and feel comfortable talking about everything.
In my opinion, it all depends on what you and your siblings enjoy doing. Although my brother is four years older than I am, we reached a certain level of maturity after which we did not develop further. Once our maturity was relatively close, we discovered how great it was to be able to hang out with someone who enjoys the same activities you do. However, this creates a weakness in me, in that I find it hard not to be able to hang out with my brother when I have nothing to do.
When we were children. my brothers and I were very close (there is only 3 years separating us all). AS we grew older, we grew apart.

My youngest brother and I were still friends, but the middle brother became a bit of an idiot!

Then just last year, we have met up again and reconciled a lot of old problems. I am so happy to have two real brothers again.
Yeh, I agree with the above post. It's very disturbing when everyone thinks that relationship= sexual relationship. Life is about relationships all wonderful kinds of relationships- not just sexual. Friendship, parentship, relationship with people youve only met recently. Its about how you treat people and how people treat you.
Well when I saw the topic, I didnt think to myself....incestual topic.... Apparently some posters must have thought that in order that they clicked on here and then posted about it.

I had to remind myself of the age of the majority of members on these forums.

Personally, what I wanted to say was.......your siblings are your family, so better or worse, you didnt choose them and they're a part of your life.

I have an older brother and a younger brother. I fought with my older brother, I fought with my younger brother, my older brother fought with my younger brother.

I didnt really care for neither of them as friends..........but then again, I was anti-social as hell.

My older brother and I eventually grew up and the fighting was almost non-existant.

My younger brother and I never stopped fighting about everything....... I'm not really sure why......but I will say this.... He died 1 yr ago, 3 days after my birthday.... and ever since then, I haven't been the same.

As for my older brother and we go play poker together every weekend, we talk about stuff, whatever.........

Maybe, tho it's unsaid, we both realized that we should redevelop our brotherly relationship, before we lose another one of us.
Is this topic about incest or just about your relationship with your siblings?

If it's incest, I don't agree. I think there's a big possibility for abnormality and I wouldn't want that to happen to any child.

If it's about my relationsip with my siblings, well, I have two elder sisters. They're both fine. But, I'm not so close with them.

The eldest didn't grow up with us. She grew up under the care of my grandmother. We only lived with her for like 2 years only. We just see her every now and then but not everyday. So, there's a little gap between us since we don't know each other that well. But thankfully, she's reaching out to us now unlike before wherein she's not treating us like someone close. I'm not that comfortable being with her especially when there's only the two of us, cause sometimes I feel like I don't know her. I don't know what to say. But I feel happy everytime she's with us because my family's complete.

My second sister is the one I lived with my whole life. And we always go into a fight. I don't know. There's just too many things we couldn't and don't agree. There's never a day things go smoothly. but, I'm comfortable with her. We just don't go along quite well.

Even if we're not close and I couldn't consider them as 'friends', i treasure them because they're still my family. ^^
I have a hot cousin. Does that count? I could dream of her all day...
that is disgusting, there are many people outhere why your own family?.
People, get a grip!
"Relationship" does not have to mean "Sexual Relationship"

Please drop that thought before posting.

I've got 3 sisters. One older and the others 5 and 6 years my junior. They all live in a different state now, so we only see each other occasionally. While I love them all, only my little sis and I are really close. She and I had similar lives and we each grew into a simliar place emotionally and intellectually. We talk pretty regular and IM almost everyday. Yeah, I love my family, but I would choose my little sis and her husband as a friends if we weren't related.
come on guyz dont post india we treat Sister as mother.I was shocked reading some of the messages here.Me and my sister are best friends.(4 yrs gap betwen us).We always fight but stil we r best friends.
I love it when siblings get on with eachother like best friends because they're the people who really love us and we trust as a friend and family.
Incest though, is seriously wrong i couldn't imagine that sort of thing with a brother or sister, i really don't understand how some people's minds work. Rolling Eyes
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