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Full metal Panic? - Fumoffu

i really loved this series, cos i thought it was one of the funniest anime's iv seen. I really liked love hina, but it is nothing compared to fumoffu Smile. Unfortunatly, they only ever made 15 episodes which really dissapointed me, but it was great to know that the first(and second) and last episodes were the best Very Happy. It just made me laugh how sousuke is so blunt about everything xD. Am i overreacting, or did many other people feel the same way about this spin off show? Smile.
Yup, Fumoffu is pretty great, as it was nice to get a break from the mecha battles and angsting of the first season. Although, there were only 12 episodes, not 15 (and episode 2 was originally not aired in Japan because of a similar event that happened.) Also, if you liked Full Metal Panic, there is a second season (The Second Raid) to be released soon.
:O. ownage Very HappyVery Happy. And there were 15 episodes, but 6 of them were grouped into 3. so you could say there were 6 mini episodes Smile. il have to watch more fumoffu if it ever appears Very Happy. the music in it was great too Very Happy
This is probably one of the most funny animes i've ever seen. After watvhing the first season of FMP, full of action and not much comedy, this serie really surprised me in a positive why. It was like a Cherry on the top of this great serie that is FMP.

BTW, if you guys havent watch the FMP second season yet, I really recommend everyone to watch it because, despite having a kind of rushing end, it is awesome.
This anime was really really sad for me. Since it's too sad I stopped Razz But you can read the manga from the main site. By english ofcourse
I started watching this series after I watched The Second Raid, but I couldn't find myself glued in the same way the more serious seasons did. I loved how Kyoto Animation animated it, though; it looked a lot better than what I remember from the first season (animated by GONZO).

I did enjoy the appearances of Bonta-kun, though. I can't believe Sousuke could put himself in such a suit just to protect Chidori; it was cute, nevertheless. XD
i like sgt. souseke sagara,
do you know about the Full Metal Panic The Second Raid??
i saw all episodes of full metal panic, full metal panic fumoffu, and full metal panic the second raid....
Fumoffu, fumo, fumo, fumo, fumoffu~! It's so funny that I decided not to watch it again. I'm afraid it's going to kill me. I can't barely catch my breath laughing. I have both seasons, but I like the first season more. The second season is a little bit serious, just a little bit, it still funny though.
Bonta ga hontou ni suki da!
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu was definitely a nice break for the darker, more depressing tones of the last third of Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. It basically threw together a few of funnier portions of the manga and some of the light novels.

A real enjoyable series overall. Too bad the Full Metal Panic series is no longer being animated so that essentially leaves me to read the light novels to complete the entire story. And the light novels do become darker and darker, continuing well with the tone that Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid had for much of the series.

It's a hidden gem in the case that it does have a little for everyone. Action, humor, romance, mecha, violence.
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