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Any Civilization 4 players here?

No idea if we have many (or any) Civ4 players here, but I an interesting mod was released the other day which sounds worth looking into.


Dale’s Combat Mod v1.0
Civilization. The Grand Strategy Empire Builder. Millions of fans World-wide. Millions of games played, Empires forged, and battles fought. Hang on a second, one versus one combat? In a game of grand strategic depth and complexity there’s a 25-year old concept such as one versus one combat?


Introducing Dale’s Combat Mod v1.0! Bombard your enemy units, improvements and cities using ranged bombardment, rain terror on the cities and units of your enemies with your cruise missiles and strategic nuclear warheads, play Nuclear Chicken with your super-power rivals with targeted nuke MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) systems, and last but not least, for the first time in the Civilization series, use full combined arms stack attacking to destroy the armies of your enemies!

12 months in development! Alluded to by Firaxians in interviews before Civ IV’s release! The result of an extended discussion between Soren Johnson, Jon Schafer and a number of stacked combat supporters.

The challenge has been met!


1. Ranged Field Bombardment:
In Civ IV the decision was made to change how bombarding units function. They lost the ability to bombard in the field (or ocean) other units. This rendered bombarding units as attacking units with their ability to cause collateral damage. The combat mod returns bombarding units to a defensive unit with the return of field/ocean/coastal bombardment. Further, bombarding units can bombard units, improvements and cities. With the ranged ability these units can now bombard a number of tiles away. EG: Artillery and battleships can now bombard 2 tiles away. This functionality is possible on any unit with a simple addition to the unit’s XML definition.

2. Missiles:
Missile units are sorely missed in Civ IV. The loss of such units as the V2 rocket, cruise missile and tactical nukes render the possibility of a Cold War impossible. These units make their return in the combat mod. Further, it is now possible to give the missile function (where the unit will be destroyed during combat) to any unit’s XML definition. So kamikaze zero’s are now possible in a World War II Pacific scenario. It is now possible to build cruise missiles and tactical nukes with my mod.

3. MAD System (Mutually Assured Destruction):
During the Cold War the USSR and the USA developed computerised automatic defence systems in case of an enemy Nuclear First Strike. These systems were known as MAD systems. This is now implemented within the combat mod. Simply target your nukes at potential enemy’s cities to begin the standoff. The MAD system will also provide valuable information on incoming targets from the enemy. Rest easy in the knowledge that if a nuke is launched at you, that you’ll take out the bugger as well.

4. Combined Arms Stack Attack:
By far this component of the combat mod is the most ambitious change attempted in Civ IV so far. Taking a mixture of the existing Civ IV un-modded one-on-one combat model and CTP2’s stacked combat model, a new model of combined arms stacks has been created. Now, your entire stack of units will battle an enemy stack of units, working in unison to eliminate the enemy. Your frontline troops will receive automatically air support, artillery support and ranged support. Flankers will automatically attempt to out flank the enemy to strike at their backlines. Fighters on carriers will automatically intercept enemy fighters, defending the fleet and striking at the enemy ships. Artillery will automatically bombard the enemy from the safety of their backlines, while melee troops take the brunt of the fight. Counter-battery fire will occur between archers and bombards. Cavalry will ride around the enemy frontline to harass their catapults. And more! Best of all, this can be easily defined using three XML definitions in the unit’s XML file.

More info and download

I'm currently in the middle of a rather large game based on a realistic Earth map... realistic in that the various Civ's are placed on the map in approriate areas. Playing as Britain I quickly found out the benefits and drawbacks to living on a relatively small island. I've got a small colony over in the US but the damned Americans are driving me out. Smile

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I play Civ4, but civ3 was better. Because it runs slow on my PC Very Happy
orno wrote:
post in the correct forum next time
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Just so long as I get points for posting, that's all.
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