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The best sport..for action..
basketball is not my favourite sport,but it is top 5 sports. i like to play basketball with my friends and yes it is very entertaining,full of action,running,shooting.....i like to play but not watch on tv.Only when my national team plays or NBA
I love most sports. I like cricket, car racing, football, tennis and basketball.

Basketball is a brilliant game and those who say that it was inspired by football are wrong.

I support San Antonio Spurs in the NBA and my favourite player is Tim Duncan. Who do you guys like?
Basketball is most definetely the greatest sport for action. Certain people will say that they dislike the way that there are frequent stoppages : quarters, time-outs etc........ The main reason for this though is because the ten players on the court are going non-stop. Unlike with many ball-sports, a basketball player will play offensively and defensively. Hence, more rests are required. While the players are in action though it is quite fast paced and entertaining. Basketball players are among the fittest and well trained athletes in the world, many possesing vertical jumps of up to 35 inches...This makes for quite a thrilling show, as you can imagine. The cylinder stands at 10 feet, and in the NBA (National Basketball Association) many players are now exceeding 7 feet in height. Slam Dunks are very popular and mesmerising feats. Razz These are where players will jump towards the basket with the ball, but instead of releasing it for a shot, they will slam it down directly through the cylinder. In recent years, Slam Dunk competitions have been held annualy. In these contests, partakers will Slam Dunk the ball in immpressive ways. They might put the ball through their legs and slam it down, or they might dunk backwards. It truly is quite fantastic. Basketball is my favourite sport and definetely (I think) the most action packed sport. Players are demanded to start and stop, jump, dribble, shoot, steal the ball, jump to block the ball, pass the bal etc, etc...........I LOVE THIS GAME! Very Happy Cool
basketball is by far my favouritee sports except it gets really really really tired sometimes at practice..... but when its over i know it was worth it. im not too good but i still like it :p lol......

I think basketball is great!!! its a game where you have to think more than you thought. Iam the base of a team here in my town and y feel confortable in this position. I like also playing with my friends and thats stuff.... I love this game!
well,i dont play very well .but just in attack. in defense i am great.I am not very big but i have very good movement so i play defense great.

My favourite team was always L.A. Lakers with amazing Bryant and i also like Wade he is great player
we played a lot of "baschet" as we say here in Romania when I was in hi-school. I usually play in the week-ends now ... but not to much. Anyway, it's a very good sport and you can stay in shape by playing only this.
I love this game. Keeps you always in tension. Score can change from second to second. It is not like soccer. I really love this game.
The repetitive nature of the game makes it less tense than a low scoring game like hockey or soccer/football, but it is captivating in its own way. Just marvelling at the giant athletes performing is a wonder in and of itself.
Basketball is the best sport that I ever had.. When I was till a child it was the first sport i loved that started my passion to play and appreciate the game itself. Because of the game, i started to admire and idolize people behind this sport and that includes the best basketball players of all time.
Players like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O Neal, KObe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. J, Dominique Wilkins, Kareem Abdul Jabar are people that dominates my room with their posters... hehehe.. Aside form that i had this collection of the best team plays, slam dunks and top 50 great players of all time....

But the player that i appreciate and idolize the most is Michael Jordan. As of everybody knows that his man stands out among other players when it comes to leadership, grace and passion when playing.. When he stands and plays infront of the crowd, everyone will really appreciate Basketball because of this man...

This player plays and leads his team with his courage... even the time when he is still a rookie, he still stands out among the great players at that time and they themselves appreciate Michael Jordan... I appreciate the way he moves and make the crowd alive.

that's why i had a DVD about his life and great plays in Basketball
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