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Have you cheated in your school tests or exams?

Have you cheated in your school tests or exams?
 66%  [ 22 ]
 33%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 33

Please answer the question honestly. Twisted Evil
I haven't cheated before,but my classmate Alex has cheated,and after that no punishment is given to him because the school did not have enough evidence.
yes i have.... not so much.. but yeah surely sometimes.. you cant really cheat in the exams which are really important and which do matter... so you end up cheating in petty class tests and the kind... Smile of no use whatsoever !
For the smaller tests, yes. Just once for a big and really important one, and in the end it didn't turn out the way I planned.

You see, for this test we thought we could keep our books for the subject, the teachers told us this... so everyone brought their books. When we were finally sitting there, they said it was a mistake or something and they had to take our books. My cheatpaper thingy I accidentally put in my book when I was busy with other stuff... when the teacher came to pick my book up, the small piece of paper fell on the floor... but he didn't notice, luckily. So that was a really close call, haha.
Yes I've cheated on a test before, but I think most people have at one point or another.
Michael B
You only end up cheting yourself, so what is the point?
Yes but only smaller ones in some things like quiz's where we get small prizes.
Of course. Not because my version was wrong, but it's tranquilizing to see your neighbour has the same. Smile
nah... i just take the test... if i fail i fail.
Yes for small test.
And I cheat on my neighbourd too, but she cheats on me too so it's alright.
I once cheated in German on vocabulary test, I had an A but I didn't feel right, you know like if I didn't deserve it, so the next time I didn't cheat and I got a A too. So I kept on cheating because it was easier :'
Yes I do cheated on my test before but not on exam. It was too riskly.
I was the best cheater in our school.
All of my exams was 100 points.
I was the first in our school Laughing
I only tried it 1 time!And regretted!Because the teacher also cheated.
In general there are 2 different sketchs..They think It can block the cheating.But that was looking that there was only 1 sketch so we were in happy...I've coppied 5 options from one of my friends(1-A,2-B,3-C etc..He whispered)
Then the exam finished..Anyway when the results anounced We were really surprised,the teacher had changed the options!I mean the papers have the same questions in the same queue but the options are different!So I had 5 mistakes!
Anyway I will not cheat!
I haven't but I have wanted to many times Laughing
i cheated in exams for many times already.. normally i brought my handphone to school(which is illegal) and sms answers and question to my frens.. but seriously... almost all my schoolmates cheated b4. Twisted Evil
I will cheat if I need to, and it is a small test.
otherwise, no.
i think i should not confest here
someone could be report your cheat and you'll got your graduation certificate taken back Laughing
Here is cheating photos of my class
I never felt the need to cheat on any exam, the answers were right in front of you if you cared enough to look. Cheating on a simple exam may possibly lead to cheating on larger things in life. Best to avoid the situation and either pay attention, find the answers on your own, or simply seek for assistance (ask questions)

None of which is anything to be ashamed of. The only dumb question is the one that is not asked.
I cheat in class test only. Usually I write the answers up my arm or on the back of the calculator. But it all depends on what teacher it is too. If its a retarded teacher I have no problem cheating but if its a strict teacher I wouldn't chance it.
ofcourse i do Smile
the best method for me is to make a tiny note and wrap it in you pen...
or you just keep it in your hand...

writing the stuff you dont know on the table works too
But after the test, if the teacher notices the writing, which they usually do, you could get disqualified.

I hate to sound cliche' here but, "Cheaters never prosper"

If you are willing to cheat for a small gain, it will soon grow. I don't need to cite presidence here, history has done that for me.
Of course! We used to have italian writing tests, where we had to memorize a bit passage that we had written ourselfs and then write it out with only the aid of a dictionary.

I can guarentee 3/4 of the class had a copy of their passages hidden either in their school diaries, dictionarys or under the table somewhere. It was so easy to cheat!

But ive never cheated in like big final exams in the main hall. Not worth risking it!
Slammer wrote:
Of course! We used to have italian writing tests, where we had to memorize a bit passage that we had written ourselfs and then write it out with only the aid of a dictionary.

I can guarentee 3/4 of the class had a copy of their passages hidden either in their school diaries, dictionarys or under the table somewhere. It was so easy to cheat!

But ive never cheated in like big final exams in the main hall. Not worth risking it!

Why? becuase of a moral issue, or just fear of getting caught?

If you study properly the answers are there, if you don't....then you feel the need to cheat.
I think most people would have cheated at one time or another when they are young. WHat matters is that once they grow up they develop better morals and learn that having the knowledge is more important than getting high grades. But ofcourse the pressure is to get high grades.

When's the last time a parent said to the kid to gain knowledge? The demand is always to get high grades. And that can be achieved by cheating.
I can honestly say I cheaped on alot of exams and test's, I would cheat like if I'm having a hard time or a problem. But I remember this one time when I was taking a final and everyone in the class was cheating like it was nothing we were just asking people across the room at first just to play around but then the teacher was keep on saying that we were wrong but there was only like 10 kids in my class and the teacher would always do things like that.
I haven't cheated in like eight years. I only cheated when I was really little and only in Chinese school, which I didn't really care about.
I've done a simple little look over my shoulder onto the next persons paper, but I have never prepared cheat sheets or anything similar to cheat. When I cheat, it's spontanious.
well i dont really see myself using the skills we learn i nthe future, so yes of course i cheat. Most times when i dont revise much for a exam, i right forumla's on my hand or ruler, or on the inside of a label on my bottle of water.

Else if it's just a normal test in a class.. me n my mates just text each other with our phones under the table. Smile
Cheaters and liars walk hand in hand, if you are willing to one, then the other is that much easier.

Cheaters ultimatly lose, what happens when you enter the real working world and you can't cheat or lie your way out a get fired from your job, you lose your income, and (god forbid) your family goes hungry.

This may all seem so easy to copy ones test, or cheat in another fashion, no matter how creative....but you ultimatly lose in the long run because you don't have the knowlege, or answers you may need at a crucial time. What do you do when your boss asks you a direct question...can't run, can't hide, and can't copy your buddies's real life, and your screwed.
I'm sure almost everyone here has cheated at one time or another on a test.

I think that schools are getting better at this by using scantron tests instead of written tests - as they can make up several versions of the test, like I get Version A, the person next to me gets Version B, and then the person on the other side of me gets Version C. With written tests, I have cheated. I used a small slip of paper which would be called a "Cheat Sheet", that helped a little, but not much because there's only so much you can put on that small piece of paper.

- Mike.
But really i think everyone has cheated at one point or the other, god knows i have... but i only do it durin like quizzes or tests amd such. Wont go to a major exam and try it.... the oconsequences are too scary!
I think that you only make a damage to yourself when you are cheating. However, there are some times that I can't avoid cheating because of different reasons, for example: too many tests for one week, to hard test, etc.
i have twice cheated but only coz i was ill and hence was not fully prepared... but i tell answers to ppl if they ask me... but i m against it.. i show them answers coz i dont want to be called rude.. but tehy are doing damage to themselves only!!
Its hard to say but yes unfortunately, i believe that almost everyone has aleast cheated on a school test in primary school and secondary. For some people its hard to not look at another persons test and for some other people its easy to forget about it. Im already use to not looking becasue i realised that cheating was not the key to success. Exclamation
yes and a no

yes coz i did in some exams and no coz i didnt in others Wink
*looks up at poll*

Hm, that's kind sad, really. Then again, the question seems deliberatly vague. If you cheated once in third grade and then regretted it, confessed, and redid the test never to cheat again - you'd technically answer yes.

Anyway, I can honestly say I've never cheated. Crammed at the last minute, yes, but never cheated. And yes it's a cliche but people who cheat only cheat themselves... OH WAIT, NO THEY DON'T! They cheat everyone who did it honestly, cheat society and slowly bring about the corruption of the human race. *****s Rolling Eyes
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